Thursday, May 20, 2010


April 17 to 18 - Our family together with the Pimentel and Pierce family went to Subic. Thanks to the Pierce family, we got a good rate at Abarro Resort where we stayed.

some shells for sale!

Our Subic adventure was planned a month before I went for a vacation. Since Stacey and her family have been a constant visitor at the resort, we got really good rates.

We stayed overnight in Abarro Resort. We arrived in the place at around 9 am on 17 April and went back to Manila at around 11 in the morning on 18 April.

Frankly, I enjoyed the beach. Our place was not crowded compared to other nearby resorts. On top of that, the scenery was so relaxing.

On an interesting note, a resort packed with foreigners was beside the place we stayed. Obviously, with Subic as a known US Naval Base, one should not be surprised seeing US men lurking by the seashore and flirting with some Filipinas. Seriously, we were so surprised to see them. And we couldn't help it. The flirtations wafted like a newly cooked pancake toward our place.

The place where foreigners stayed. It's called as Blue Rock.

an interesting signage:
The balsa that brings the foreigners and the Filipinas to the floating bar.

On top of that, while we were swimming under the heat of the sun, a few girls came by and rode the "balsa" to go to the floating bar. Yeah. There was a floating bar where most customers were foreigners. And inside that bar, you can hear alluring laughter among men enjoying the company of their girls. There was even one Filipina wearing a two piece suit giggling in a sexy beat while soaked in the water and talking to one of the men.

This is the floating bar I'm talking about.

I have nothing against the Filipina hospitality. It's in our culture. But apparently, what I saw was beyond being friendly. Sadly, it was more of prostitution. It's kinda sad.
Despite the steamy scenes made by the foreigners and some Filipinas, we enjoyed our Subic Adventure.

me and my auntie Susan!
The gang waiting to plunge in the waters!

goofing around in the room!

We had lots of food. Tita Menen cooked Tom Yam (the paste which I got from Brunei). We had the ever famous adobo. We also had lots of chips. Relyenong bangus and some tinapa (smoked fish) doubled the outdoor dining adventure. Of course, to enjoy this, we didn't use any utensils! Kamayan talaga!

I started swimming at around 11 in the morning. With that, I got a serious tan! I was so dark by 2 pm hit.

On the side, as part of our water adventure, the youngster (ang mga bagets) planned to take some island hopping. Paying 700, we experienced more than what we expected. We toured around 3 islands including white rock and stopped over a castle like spot.

Here are some shots of the scenic view!

The Castle!

Cam whoring in the castle!

Our island hopping was truly unforgettable because the boatman let us experience some big waves. Seriously, the waves were so naughty that almost pushed out our hearts out in our body! We were all screaming!

At night, we had pork barbecue together with the food we had for lunch. After our dinner, we some youngster family bonding. In short, ang mga bagets had the traditional inuman. What's new? I didn't drink despite the prodding of some to take one shot of the liquor.

The next day, before packing our staff, we had a one last chance of swimming. And that capped off our day in the beach.

After leaving Abarro resort, since Stacey's dad knew the place, he toured us in Subic. We stopped at some shops. And that meant shopping.

Yeah! I shopped. I bought a Gola shoes. My dad also got one. Moreover, I shopped some chocolates to give to my friends.

After almost two hours, we found ourselves in Pampanga. Yeah. Stacey's Dad brought us to the original Razon's! Finally, I had the taste of its popular halo-halo paired with the creamy palabok!

By 4 in the afternoon, we're finally home wearing our dark skins and big tummies! I sooo enjoyed our Subic adventure!

See how I gained, MUCH? (see me now and you'll be surprised I lose some weight because of Taichi!

* Thanks Stacey for letting me use some of your photos! =)

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