Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The week is not yet over and I'm kinda feeling that it has been hitting me with big and varied waves.

1. Holiday. Holidays give thousands of reasons to jump for joy. Unfortunately, in my case, I didn't spend my free times in a relaxing way. Since yours truly panicked for his upcoming school work, I ended up soooo tired. But if there's any consolation on what I did last Monday, it was sharpening my mind with all the readings I devoured. So does that mean I'm way ready for school? Hopefully. I just need some rest.

2. Sleepless. After receiving my package from OU and seeing the course requirements via online, I was rattled. With that, I had some slight panic attack. I didn't get enough sleep for the past days. Seriously, for some days, my body wanted to rest yet my mind was still up and working. You know that feeling? Oh well! In my analysis, such condition was triggered by my body clock adjustments. As we all know, I'm now on my first month of doing Taichi. I'm used to it already. However, with the school load knocking in my door, my well-ironed routine was jolted. Viola, hello hello sleeplessness!

3. Big Bang. I miss Big Bang Theory. Seriously, I fell in love with the series. It's the only series I watched that made me laugh super loud. On top of that, it's not dragging to watch because it only has a total running time of 20 minutes per episode.

4. Desperate Housewives. Yeah. I also miss the intertwining stories of the girls of Wisteria Lane, Fairview. Each episodes mesmerizes me with surprises!

5. Ugly Betty. Oh yeah. Bye bye Betty. I'm not quite happy with how the series ended; it's kinda lousy. It started with a bang (patterned of course with the Original Mexican Series) and ended up with a bland twist. It could have been better, but not. Then again, I thank Betty for being part of my first two years in Brunei.

6. Brown Rice. Yey! My taste buds have finally loved the Brown rice. Interestingly, I'm now on my second week of eating it! Weeeener!

7. Choir. After one month of hiatus, I'm back on the musical lane. I just returned to attending the choir rehearsal last week. Similarly, I got the chance to sing in the Responsorial Psalm last week. With an overwhelming feeling I had, some people approached me and congratulated me after I sang the piece.

8. Bills. Last month, I started to pay the land I got in the Philippines. Seriously, I can feel that paying such investment makes me mature and financially responsible. Gone are the days of splurging on things. At least now, my money can go on something worthy and wise!

9. Taichi. Good! Great! After a month of doing Taichi, I can now wear some clothes that are small for me. I better get a weighing scale to monitor my weight! Weeeee! Isn't it great to lose weight without going to the gym. After all, my objectives are all tied up on simply enjoying a healthy or active lifestyle.

10. Threats. There have been some threats around in the office. Yes. I heard like a second recession is about to hit our pockets (while the world is already tight and stable!). Thankfully, such mayhem didn't push through. We're saved!

11. Development Communication. I'm now liking my masteral. I'm not only learning about the mass media and its impact on people, my masteral also aides me to build and develop communities. Hopefully, once I'm done in Brunei, I can take my share in the Philippines.

12. Hari Raya. The September holidays make me excited. It's kinda far from now but the reality of my dad and younger brother visiting me here in Brunei is just energizing! I can't wait to tour them around and let them experience Brunei!

13. Client. Finally, it's settled. I don't want to elaborate. I need my bread and butter.

14. Cebu Pacific. Filipinos have now more reasons to visit and enjoy Brunei; that is because Cebu Pacific is now operational. Imagine, for as low as 899, you can be at the Abode of Peace. On a different note, while the sale seats are all taken, I still got my Father and Brother a plane ticket. Two way, each has to pay 6500! Not bad compared to the 20K my dad paid when he went here in 2008! Mabuhay ang Cebu Pacific! Yahoooo!

15. DVDs. My room is packed with DVDs. I'm thinking of selling them. Garage sale? =)

16. Birthday. This is my birthday month. Up to now, I'm still think of what gift I should get myself. With no "extra" money at hand, what shall I do?

17. Competition. I'l be competing this June for Talentadong Pinoy in Brunei. The competition is organized by the Philippine Embassy in cooperation with the Filipino Association in Brunei (FAB). I'll be singing "Go The Distance" by Michael Bolton. Hopefully, I give justice to the song and bring home something. Weeeee!

18. Write. I have to update my blog and I'm thinking of writing a script.

19. Glee. I sooo love the Lady Gaga episode. And the Madonna!

20. American Idol. Congrats Lee Dewyze. But I still like Krystal!

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  1. Bills... I know the feeling. I know it very well. Hehehe. Especially house payments.