Friday, July 2, 2010


We all know that every morning, I exercise. It has been a part of my routine. Interestingly, in one morning, I decided to walk after one session. Here's the catch! Guess what I got in trying to walk on the nearest road from our house! Yours truly just saw a big foot mark of some three-fingered creature. Honestly, I'm sooo surprised because it was really big and a bit deep!

Okay, this is the place where I walked.

This is the shape:

Shoot in full: (see the figure?)

This shows the direction of the foot mark.

This is the possible place where the big bird may be hiding! Scary!

Here's my speculations with the mark:

Assumption: Probably, a car stopped by the place.
Rebuttal: The shape does not have a "tire" figure.

Assumption: A big creature may have landed which made the mark
Rebuttal: Is that possible?
Possibility: Knowing Brunei's rich ecosystem, a big creature is possible. But that big?

Conclusion: The mark on the soil definitely borders on the truth that a big bird landed on the soil and flew. Gaaaaaawd! What if, it's more than a bird?

How about a Baby Godzilla? Waaaaaaaaaah!


  1. Maybe Big foot is having a vacation here in Brunei. :)

    hi! just wanna finally say hello after months of lurking. arrived here 3 months ago and learned a lot from your blog before coming here. my hubby and i think that you're hilarious.

    I'm from UP too (English Studies). hope we can be friends. :)

  2. Oh! natuwa naman ako at talagang may 'lurking' na naganap to help you!

    Cool! Taga-UP ka pala! I want to invite you sa UP Circle Brunei.