Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love reading books. I just find books so amusing. By simply reading some fictitious narratives, I get to enter a world far from where I live; a world that I never thought exists. Just like dreams, books bring my imagination at its unexplainable state.

I am late bloomer in reading books. More than holding the microphone and belting out some songs in our neighborhood, reading has been my constant companion in enjoying wee hours or simply to keep myself busy.

Although I enjoyed reading when I was in highschool, I started to voraciously read when I stepped in college. I had to read in order to survive UP. Good thing, reading a lot led me to appreciate books more and enhanced my communication skills.

I specifically love literary books. In fact, I love reading Filipino novels. On the side, while I can jump into the "bookworm" bandwagon of availing new and talk-of-the-town commercial foreign novels, I super like reading the works of Murakami and Gaiman. I just love how they creatively stitch the plot of their stories; not to forget, the mind-boggling characters and the smoothness of the language! On a different note, I also collect books on Mass Media, Advertising, Popular culture and Communication. Having said all of these, you can now imagine my room packed with a plethora of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction types.

Interestingly, yesterday, while I was contemplating on my so called "wishful academic venture" and future house, I came across to this website that showcases some creative bookshelves. I must say, I was impressed. And with my future plan of designing my own home, I just thought that the designs deserve to be shared. And so, here it goes.

1. Stairway to Knowledge. I like this idea of combining the functionality of a bookshelf and a staircase. This can surely save more spaces while it can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of books.

2.Infinite Sign. The first time I saw this, I imagine how Powerbooks would creatively orchestrate some Big Sale of Books. Cool eh! Just a naughty thought, maybe we can have some "dancers" dressed in school uniforms who are dancing on this shelf! LOL!

3.Chairman of the Books! Now, you don't have to stand up and get your book in the shelf. By simply sitting in this chair, you can now access all your favorite reads. Indeed, this is gonna be relaxing and time saving.

4.Tree of Knowledge. This design definitely piques my taste. While the design is inspired with some "Go Green" theme, the layout will surely blend perfectly with my goal of maximizing spaces. This is kinda ideal of Condo lovers who want to inject creativity and functionality in their hubs.

5.The Womb. The first time I saw this, I thought, it's a womb. Frankly, the design gives me a relaxing feel as it utilizes the comforting concept of the womb. It's simply clever and comfortable! On top of that, this bookshelf won't eat much space should you want to have it in your house. And there's a built-in light which may inspire you more on your reading quest.

6. Thought Balloons. Whenever we read, we use our mind to articulate the narratives or messages of the book. On top of that, as we give in to the discourse of the book, our thoughts also pop out uncontrollably. Looking at the design below, perhaps the designer realize that thought balloons connote creative reading. See the design? I love the wood, the different sizes and how it can be placed in the wall.

7.Tricky Shelf. Okay, you are not having some hallucinations. What you see is real. Seriously, among the book shelves that were featured by the website, this is the least I like. Why? Perhaps, after a long day of making love with books, looking at this furniture would just be a sore in my eye. I won't be prepared for some optical illusions especially with my tired eyes. Although, it's one-of-a-kind and creatively 'creepy?' LOL!

Hopefully, in the near future, I'll have one of these creative bookshelves in my house. Plus, I just wish I can fill a bookshelf with books that have my name on it - as the author! =)

Just a thought, do you think bookshelves will be phased out as Digital Novels or Books get in the way? I hope not. Honestly, holding and reading books gives a different high in me. Plus, seeing bookshelves adds inspiration to a bookworm like me.

Images are from: http://www.davison.com/creators/2010/05/


  1. hI~ i like the tricky bookshelf~
    bumista at nakibasa~

  2. Hi! Salamat sa pagbisita at pagbasa! =)