Thursday, July 8, 2010


Just a quick note, a very life changing note.

Yesterday, I already got my grade in one of my major subjects in my graduate class. Seriously, the grade that I got was unexpected. It was high. To my opinion, perhaps I nailed our Final Examination which comprises around 40 percent of the overall class requirement criteria.

Now, I'm waiting for my other subject to give me my grade. I'm more excited to know my grade in this subject because this is the subject that I took a lot of risks! Guess what, I made a gender sensitive documentary. More than the 'taboo' topic, I worked alone - writing the script, voice over, video research, case study research, directing, shooting, and editing.

Moving forward, if I'll base my class standing on the grades I got (3 elective and one major), I should be very happy, veeeery happy. I should be with a GWA of (secret). As Melay, my former classmate and now a graduate of our program, always reminds me: "target the Chancellor's List." For me? Let's see! Yes. I don't feel any pressure right now (not)!

Right now, all I want is to finish my degree with all my best, apply for a scholarship overseas (Australia) or perhaps take the Foreign Service Exam in the Philippines (as my Dad suggests). Whichever materializes, I'm gonna grab it. I know God will be there to guide me. And of course, all of these won't be possible without the love and care of my family and friends!

Saying that I am HAPPY is an understatement. My graduate programme is not only opening my eyes to a different world out there that needs change, but a lot of opportunities to ponder and be thankful for!

After this sem, three more subjects and I'm done. Hopefully, I can graduate with a BANG!

Indeed, God is good. And, he never fails to feed me with surprises.

Thank you Lord


  1. Congrats on the unexpected but rather good result! i think Australia is a good choice to proceed with your academic life.

  2. Thanks Dimaks! I'll keep that in mind! =)

  3. Congratulations earvs!!! :)

    may twitter ka ba? add kita ksi mukhang di na ako magplurk :P

  4. Rachiel! Na-follow na kita! Keep in touch ha! Uy grabe na ang freelance writing mo. Kamusta naman?