Sunday, July 4, 2010

EXPLOSIVE ENCOUNTER: Here comes Love-on-Line

Over the weekend, despite the loads of paperwork I had to do for school, I ended up watching two funny and truly Pinoy Flicks. Okay readers, I am a self-confessed Filipino movie lover. I just don't know why. To me, there's a certain joy in watching the local flavour unfold either in the cinema or my mini entertainment system.

1. Here Comes the Bride (under Star Cinema together with together OctoArts Films and Quantum Films)

The Story at a glimpse!

The movie tells how one accident changes the lives of the four major characters: Angelica Panganiban plays the role a shy bride who is about to marry her fiance, Harold, played by Tom Rodriguez of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up fame. Angelica Panganiban's soul ended up with Eugene Domingo's body; John "Sweet" Lapus plays the role of a a gay make up artist whose soul ended up with Angelica Panganiban's body; Jaime Fabregas, a 69-years old man whose soul ended up with John Lapus's body; Eugene Domingo, a powerful attorney whose soul ended up with Tuesday Vargas' body; and Tuesday Vargas, a maid whose soul ended up in Jaime Frabegas's body.

1. Super funny dialogues!
2. Consistent portrayal of characters!
3. Angelica Panganiba's surprising flirtatious and all-natural acting!
4. John Lapus' role playing of a woman-hungry guy!
5. Super funny cast!
6. A lot of unforgettable scenes!
7. Fresh Dialogues!
8. The usage of Espanol and Visaya to portray romanticism!
9. Keeps me curious on the Magnetic Field in Tagaytay (if there is)
10. Kuya Kim's appearance.


1. Kinda see Kimmy Dora in Eugene Domingo's character.
2. The usual fairy tale ending.
3. Stereotypical representation of homosexuals as parloristas
4. Typical plots of heterosexual relationship and conflict.
5. The concept of waiting for two years before restoring each and everyone's soul.
6. Flat visual direction.


2. Love-on-Line (Under Octo Arts Films,
M-Zet Films and APT )

The story at a glimpse!

Tot (Jose Manalo), as an 'eye-ball' addict uses Samson's (Vic Sotto) picture (without consent) online to attract more girls. Fortunately, a girl named Paula (Paula Taylor) falls in Tot's online account. Without Tot's knowing, it's Paula's cousin Bunny (Manilyn Reynes) who runs the online account and uses Paula's picture. (with consent) Soon, the four of them meet in an eye ball which changes the path of their lives.


1. The eye ball concept that makes the plot a 'bit' interesting.
2. Vic Sotto's natural acting
3. Gina Pareno's unparalleled character portrayal.


1. Manilyn Reyne's ala-Ugly Betty acting
2. Jose's exaggerated acting
3. Pairing up Vic Sotto with a Young Fil-am. He looks like a DOM!
4. Dragging story.
5. The concept of magic is like an Okay Ka Fairy ko approach.
6. Stereotypical Pinoy comedy love flick.
7. Definition of discriminating beauty
8. Why change the voice of Jose and Vic whenever they'll exchange souls? It's kinda disturbing. Perhaps they just act according to the characters.
9. The usual teen love teams to spice up the story.
10. Old fashioned incorporation of Fil-Am actresses in movies.


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