Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yeah! It's been a while. It's been a while since I last posted an entry. So what's keeping me busy? Well, here are some random thoughts that I would like to share to all of you netizens!

1. SCHOOL. I've been so busy since the semester started. Seriously, most of my free time are now converted to reading books, online articles and doing research. I'm not complaining. I'm not complaining. Yes, I'm not complaining. Perhaps the Masochist side of me is starting to pop out. I kinda enjoy keeping myself busy!

2. NEW BOOKS. I attended a client meeting sometime this week which capped off with yours truly buying two books in a nearby bookshop. Seriously, I soooo panicked when I saw the books in the shelf. To me, it's just rare to find media studies and advertising books in Brunei. Thank God, I finally found it. Up to now, I always feel a rush of excitement whenever I leaf through the pages of the two books I bought. It's just exciting.

3. FACEBOOK. If you'll observe, I kinda stop posting shout outs in my Facebook account. Why? (1) I'm busy with school stuffs and my work, (2) I don't want people lurking in my personal life and (3) Contrary to number 2, I converted myself to a twitter addict. So maybe you're wondering what's the use of my Facebook account? (1) An update to greet birthday celebrants, (2) a special board for announcement - for school, mostly, (3) a source of information on the latest happening in the Philippines, (4) event update, (5) A platform to vent out thoughts through clicking the 'Like' buttons on my friends' post, (6) a place to somehow chat with my family, and (7) to study the behavioral patterns of my generation (naks!).

4. SIOMAI. There's something in a siomai that makes it addictive! I just can't figure out. Perhaps, I'm just attracted to the healthy benefits of the steamed food! Di nakakataba?

5. TAICHI. Thanks to my Dad, after two months of everyday Taichi session, I have now lost a lot. I can feel it especially wearing some of my 'used-to-be-super-sikip' clothes. On top of that, I can now pull my belt to its last hole! Isn't that great? And speaking of great, I didn't pay any fee for a gym. For the last two months, doing Taichi helped me lose weight and gain more savings! Now that's what I call, a healthy and practical way to lose weight. And here's the magic; I can eat anything as long as it's in moderation- chocolates, cake, pasta, and more!

BEFORE TAICHI: 17 April 2010, Philippine Vacation

AFTER TAICHI: 18 June 2010, My Birthday

6. ENERGY. I'm also surprised with 'me' being so energetic in my online class. Frankly speaking, I'm not this energetic last semester. Then what possibly led me to such jolly and robust character? (1) A talk with my professor made me realize my potential, (2) three of my subjects in Media Studies are credited to my current Masters Program, (3) I see the program (Master of Development Communication) as a springboard for me to teach in the future, (4) I love my supportive and active classmates, (5) I just set up a virtual org which seems to be running smooth and participative, (6) It just excites me to know that after this semestre, three subjects to go and I'm done with school, (7) I will pursue another Masters degree overseas after my current program or perhaps a Phd, and lastly I enjoy learning new things in life especially on helping others to improve their lives.

7. PAMANGKIN. Seeing my pamangkin seriously takes all the stresses out of my body. Especially now that Baby Gab can show his cute smile, I can't get off my eyes on the webcam. Ang cuuuute! I can't wait to be home in April for his 1st Birthday Celebration. See his picture below, ang taba taba! Cuuuute!

8. FRENCH. Just a plan. I'm thinking of enrolling myself in a French Class this September after the first semester. Why enroll? (1) Learn a new language, (2) Meet friends, (3) Keep myself busy, and (4) an opportunity to share my talent.

9. SEPTEMBER FEVER. As early as now, I can't keep the excitement on the fact that my Brother and Father will visit me here in Brunei on September. They'll stay with me for 10 days! Exciting!

10. REALIZATION. I have just a lot of realizations for the past weeks: (1) I can be very productive if I'll manage my time, wisely, (2) My day's moods will largely depend on how I start with it, (3) Enjoy each day with the people around you and positive energy shall surface, (4) All I need is to be myself in order to succeed, (5) at the end of a long and tiring day, inspiration can surface on the little, little things around, (6) We cannot blame anyone for our mistakes but ourselves, (7) It's better to keep quiet than say things that may hurt others, (8) My family will always be at my side, no matter what happen, (9) It's better to invest while we are young, (10) No pain, no gain, and lastly, God will always be here for us.

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