Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The past week and this week have been packed with unforgettable and life-changing celebrations; my eldest brother just turned 30, my friend Daniel fabulously celebrated his 30th birthday, and my super friend Joy Anne gave birth to a 6.7 lbs healthy baby boy whom she calls with a monicker of Baby Kulot.

KUYA'S BIRTHDAY: 9 August 2010

Here is a picture of me and my brother. This photo was taken in December 2009 during his wedding. PAK! We love you Kuya Eamon! =) See you next year sa ating GALAAN 2011! PAK!

Kuya, I wish you all the best in life. Basta keep the faith and God will be there to guide and help you!


Here is a photo of my friends Ivy and Jho visiting our very own Joy Anne and Tita! PAK! Miss ko sila!

A photo of now turned 'HOT MOMMA' Joy Anne! PAK! Congrats!!!!!!!

Joy, your Baby Kulot is lucky to have a mom like you. Truly, you are blessed with a wonderful family!

DANIEL'S BIRTHDAY: 7 August 2010

Here is a photo of me and Daniel inside his specially made phot obooth! Honestly, Daniel's party was uber fab that I forgot I was in Brunei! There were yummy foods, drinks (all kinds!), laser lights, well-designed dance floor, heart stopping music, smoke machines and a lot more of awesomeness! PAK! Aside from the fact I met a lot of friends, I got to drink too. Say hello to BAILEYS! Yeah! PAK!

Daniel, thank you for inviting me to your uber bonggacious na party! Speechless ako sa pagkamangha!

To Kuya, Joy Anne and Daniel, CHEERS!

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