Saturday, August 14, 2010


As a reward to myself for finishing my journal ahead of the set deadline for one of my postgraduate class, I went Jalan-Jalan (walk-walk or lakwatsa) at the Mall, Gadong to enjoy a snack, grab some movies, check some books and try to feel the pre-Hari Raya ambiance in Brunei. Yes. The Mall in Brunei is called THE MALL. Take note of that! PAK!

As I walk and enjoy the sunny afternoon, I realized that there were few people malling and most of the restaurants were empty considering Bruneian's big appetite. And then I realized that it’s that time of the year again when our Muslim Brothers observe Puasa or Fasting. Obviously, everyone was in there religious practices. Interestingly, as most of the Muslims do their fasting, a lot of stalls mushroom inside the mall to not only accommodate tourists but also spice up the appetite of some shopaholics.

This is the aerial shot I got just today at the Mall here in Brunei. Fashionable clothes, posh slippers, tudong, gadgets, appliances, furniture, and a lot more are everywhere.

After tiring myself of window shopping, I grabbed my favorite sweet delight at Chill-V. This is a crisp waffle sweetened with a blueberry and chocolate jam. I also had a choco ice cream drink! One word to describe it, heavenly! And oh, I intentionally forget about my diet! This is a "value meal" that costs at BND3.90 or around almost 120 pesos. Take note, that's already considered a tipid meal! PAK!

Going to the Mall is not complete without passing or buying some CDs at my favorite cheapes CD shop. Interestingly, I took a shot of the Filipino Section Movies. Cool eh? Sayang, wala pa ang ibang tagalog movies.

After checking out some movies, I passed by at one of the best bookstores around the place. This is Booker International. I was actually looking for some social marketing or mass media books to inspire me more in my research. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any. Plus, some of the marketing books were pricey. And so, I ended up thinking of the books I had in my room. Perhaps I can just leaf through some of the pages of my untouched books! PAK!
6:30 hit and I drove home. As I reached home, out of the blue, I suddenly realized that I actually collect Top-up Cards. Interestingly, I’ve been collecting these top-up cards since I arrived in Brunei. On top of that, just two years ago, I won in the Best Hat competition in our Red and White themed Christmas Party in the office. I made a hat made of top-up cards! Isn't that what you call environmentalism? PAK!

Now, I’m set to focus again in my school work in a while. But thank god, it helps a lot to unwind first before grinding my brain cells in scholastic adventures! All I can say is PAK!

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