Monday, September 20, 2010


On the same day of Mama Mary’s birthday and on a Japanese night out,  my father and I went to one of Brunei’s ever popular seasonal and costly tourist attractions – NBT’s Hari Raya Display.

The Hari Raya Display is financed by NBT or Toyota Brunei. According to some of my friends, the cost of display is equivalent to the combined price of three Lexus unit. Take note, LEXUS!

As I remember, last year, there was no display. The H1N1 scare  was the reason of the hiatus.

Interestingly, the display is open to the public from the whole month of Hari Raya. Families of different nationalities are the usual audience of the enchanting and colorful display.

But here’s the more interesting deal, Toyota does not charge any fee among visitors who would walk in and have their pictures taken. More or more, the overwhelming design has become a branding mechanism for Toyota. How? It’s already ingrained in the people’s mind to expect an incredible display at Toyota whenever the festive season comes. And guess what, according to some of the rumors I got, the CEO of Toyota Brunei, a Chinese national or PR, was granted a Bruneian Status because of the generous deeds or contributing to the country’s tourism foundation through the Hari Raya Display. Why not!

This year, the display is again well lighted, spectacular and uber iconic as it best represents the richness of the Muslim culture.

There were beautiful doom shaped panels with an intricate design. And on the other side, the main festive design mesmerized everyone’s attention.

There were camels and arches.

The whole display offers an elevated setting. There are stairs leading on each floor. And believe it or not, everything- from floors to stair handles and ceilings- is lighted with sparkling and bubbly colors.

In a corner, there is a seat and chair surrounded with some hanging cloth. It’s also paired with Arabic inspired sulo.

Of course, the display won’t be complete without the wall that shouts “Hari Raya Aidilfitri.” It is placed in the middle of the backdrop with some colourful and Arabic inspired swirls.

Another eye candy is the luminous design of “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.”
Papc with the luminous Hari Raya!

After 30 minutes of running after some cool spots in the Hari Raya display to have our pictures taken, my father and I decided to head home.

Just a tip, if you are planning to visit Brunei on the Hari Raya season, the NBT Display is a must-visit!So, go now! Plus, it's easy to find. It's situated in one of the business centers of Brunei - GADONG.

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