Sunday, September 19, 2010


8 September 2010 was the birthday of Mama Mary. With this, my father requested for us to hear mass. And so, after work, I picked him up in the staff house and went to the church.

After 45 minutes, the mass ended and we went out to look for some dining place to have our dinner. Yes, a great idea popped out in my mind. Since I thought my dad had already tasted the Bruneian cuisine, I considered bringing him in a Japanese restaurant. Yes. I tagged him along at Escapade Sushi.
Happy Papc ready to eat the Salmon Bento!

Luckily, despite the absence of a reservation in dinner time, my father and I got some seat at the coziest place I imagined. We sat near the window.
Me and Papc!

My Dad had a bento of the salmon and the complimentary tea. I had some set of sushi, cheese rolls, and more (I’m bad at remembering the food’s name!)

After an hour of chit chat and my father’s inspiring words for me to carry on with my overseas life, we left the Japanese restaurant.

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