Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I’ve been to Jerudong Park for three times already. Having been amazed with the recreational park’s (barely surviving) allure, I tagged along my dad in one Sunday afternoon. This is the day my father and I had our Chinese lunch out with some of my Filipino choir mates.

At Jerudong Park, I asked my dad to pose in some of the popular places that well convey ‘tourism.’

Here is his picture in the ever famous dome. I’m not quite sure if everything is gold plated.

Then, there’s the entrance of the park, some benches and hallways.

I also asked my dad to pose with the horse statues, the bench carried by animal statues, the tiger, in the bridge near the grand carousel, and even in the closed ticketing area. Interestingly, these amenities open in full glow at night.  

Right after our pictorial session in the recreational park at the peak of noon, we went to the barn where the horses of the royal family are taken cared of.

It was my first time actually to be at the Horses’ ground. We actually got lost. Instead of turning right, I went straight. And so, what a best way to find happiness on being lost is through exploring the unknown. Luckily, we discovered the stretch of land with the Royal Family’s horses. We even saw the vast grounds for golfing and equestrian training!

Believe it or not, I even stopped in the highway just to have a picture with the horse. Yes, I parked in the middle of the road because there was no car passing by.

Capping off our Jerudong adventure was having a picture with the magnificent signage of the Jerudong Park. Cool eh!

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