Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just want to share to all you my dear readers that my Father is here in Brunei for the next 10 days. he's here to take sneak peak of my working/social life and check on the Hari Raya celebration. With that, expect some personal entries that will talk about his adventures in the Abode of Peace.

Speaking of adventures, yeah, My Papc, my monicker to my Father, had his adventurous shot last Sunday. Since it's Sunday, we started our day with thanking the Lord. We attended the mass.

Right after the mass, my father and I passed by Mum's Bakery. I wanted him to get a feel of the bakery where I normally buy my bread.  I ended up buying my favorite Chocolate Cupcake and my father had some corn bread and the beef tepanyaki!
Lunch time came and so we went to CheezBox. He tasted the chicken chop, beef stew and yang chow fried rice. Seriously, it was just relaxing and enjoyable to eat with my dad. Normally, on Sundays, I just eat alone in my room as I watch a movie.

After eating lunch, we headed down to Jaya to buy his much-awaited Taichi outfit. He bought three colorful pieces. At the background is the ever popular mall in Brunei. It's called "THE MALL!"

Right after shopping for some of my Dad's Taichi outfits, we went to Pelangi De Mutiara where we wore the traditional Malay dress and had our pictures taken. It was a very "Regal" experience. As a souvenir, one picture was printed and placed in a special paper frame. The souvenir costed BND5.00!

More photo ops! In the background are specially handwoven crafts. The other picture had some stone paintings. Yeah, that's the face of the Sultan on the rock!

After buying some souvenirs at Pelangi, we went to the Omar Ali Saiffuden Mosque and did some strolling matched with photo ops at Kampong Ayer! Omar Ali Saiffuden Mosque is one of the biggest Mosques in Brunei. The Kampong Ayer is called the water village. A row of houses in stilts surround the vast waters.

Soon, we hit the road and headed back home coz I was already tired from driving and walking! Yeah, I was tired but very HAPPY! Paaaaaak! =)


  1. Wow! that is one great photo ops for your father. I bet he is enjoying his vacation.

  2. Dimaks! Nako, ayan binubusog ko ng pagkain! And tour ng tour! Umuuwi ako pag lunch time para bonding kami. =)