Sunday, September 19, 2010


During the stay of my father here in Brunei, the Muslims were fasting.Having said that, my father had the chance to experience the ever famous “Sungkai,” a Muslim food eating tradition wherein all dishes ranging from the main course to the desserts are served in a buffet set-up.

Considering the budget and the enjoyment my father could experience, I joined my officemates in their Sungkai adventure at TT Blues. Actually, I was the one who reserved our seats. Yes. It is mandatory to reserve you seat on a Sungkai set-up. Walk-ins have the rare chance of getting a seat and food.

And so, with an amount of around 9.90 per head, my father and I had our simple sungkai experience. We had a roster of malay dishes, desserts and drinks.

This is my plate during our sungkai!

Left to Right: Soc, Jomai, Troy, Papc, Me, Aaron, and Alice

On my end, I had a hard time looking for a parking space. Yes. Yours truly was looking for a space for almost an hour. Yes, that’s right, for an hour.

Thankfully, when I arrived in the restaurant, there was some still food and not TULANG (the malay word for “bones”). Of course, they refilled the setup.

Left to Right: Soc, Jomai, Troy, Papc, me, Aaron, and Alice

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