Tuesday, September 21, 2010


For the past days, my Father had has his experience of the Bruneian and Japanese dish. Interestingly, in one evening, I tagged him along in the thanksgiving dinner of my Sri Lankan Officemate named Nish who's blessed with a new born healthy boy.
Nish and His wife with the healthy baby boy
In this rare evening, my father and I felt that we miss the baby in our family. As you all know, our family is blessed too with a healthy baby boy this year; our baby’s name is Joaquin Gabriel, the first grandson of my father from my eldest brother. Having said that, there was a connection on seeing how Nish and his family excitedly and carefully carry the baby around.
Troy, Jomai, Nish with his Baby and Papc!
Our group!

The evening was packed with Sri Lankan food. They had the Viryani  ( Is the spelling right?) Rice which I kinda like. I guess there was a coconut milk in it. Then, they had the ever famous curry dish, more onions, and some potato rolls.

On this night, I tried eating the “Dates.” It is an appetizer that Muslims take before they proceed with the main course of the Sungkai. Based on what I tasted, the “dates” tasted like castanas or kamote.

After two to three hours of eating non-stop and hanging around with Nish’s family through a “you-sing-a-song-and-I’ll-sing-after” activity, we all headed home. 

Overall, the experience was wonderful. The house of Nish shows their culture – valuing family members as conveyed in the family photo album and some portrait shots in the wall and in a tall standing frame. Interestingly, on the same night, the moon was sighted in Brunei which indicated the start of the Hari Raya or Festive Season, the much-awaited moment for all Muslims.
The wall with the portrait of each family member
Jomai, Troy and Papc. We just arrived.

Nish, his wife and Soc

Nish, Soc and her childhood bestfriend Diana

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