Saturday, September 11, 2010


As a blogger, I know, I have a responsibility to at least update my blog for a week. Unfortunately, because I’m so packed with touring my dad, juggling work, finishing some school paper, and planning of things that will truly make my Dad’s 10-day stay in Brunei a memorable one, I can’t get my hands on my laptop to…BLOG!

 So, what’s my point? My point is, you better watch out for the explosive things that I’m about to share for the next days (probably next week). Why?

 (1) Due to some reader’s request, I will try to make a continuation on the fiction story that I wrote titled “Pulubi!” If you haven't read it, you better check it now! (CLICK)

 (2) Speaking of continuation, I will reveal the part 2 of the fiction that I wrote titled “Peanut Bitter.” Haven't read it, simply (CLICK)

 (3) I will share to all of you the adventures that you can explore in Brunei should you visit to take a visit in this clean and green hub.

 (4) I will share the life and death experience we had in Bukit Shabandar, one of the tourist places in Brunei wherein you can “enjoy” Hiking. Imagine, apart from the 5 hours of hiking, we got some “emergency.” The full story will be revealed.

 (5) I will also share the Sungkai and my insights on it. Sungkai a Muslim practice wherein our Muslim Brothers eat at night in an opulent banquet. When I mean opulence, it definitely means, BUFFET!

 (6) The Sri Lankan Dinner my Father and I experienced.

 And so the list goes on and on and on….

I guess, as my avid reader, you better watch out for the upcoming exciting entries! Surely, it’s gonna be explosive! Paaaaaak!

That’s it for now. I still have a TERM paper to finish which is due on 18 September. Oh, I can’t wait for the semester to end! After MA, Phd? Just got a push from my professor in my postgraduate studies. Hopefully, overseas naman! =)

By the way, thank you alllllll for reading the "blog-serye" that I started writing last year. Based on my statistics, bestseller ang PBB: Pasabog sa Bahay ng mga Bruneiyukis! If you haven't read it, basa na sa (CLICK) Don't worry coz I will try my best to put EPISODE 4 and more...

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