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In the 'eerie' spirit of Halloween, I would like to post the trailer of Paranormal Activity 2. I just want to give everyone a scare!  In relation to this, you can also check my 2009 blog on my personal experience with real paranormal activities! Simply (CLICK). My 2009 entry made me believe that ghosts really exist.


Matapos ko kayong takutin, segue naman tayo sa isang happy gathering. Yes, it's the Happy Kaarawan of Dr. Joey. I must say, wala na naman akong ma-say.  Superb food, inspirational talks, amazing people and rousing words of wisdom from the celebrant and the guests. The way I see things, Dr. Joey is indeed a blessing to the many Filipinos in Brunei, including yours truly. Happy Kaarawan again Dr. Joey!

Me, Dr. Joey and Ma'am Betsy!

Me, Ms. Jing, Dr. Joey and Ma'am Betsy!

The guests in the parteeeee!

Dr. Joey blowing the cake!


This is it! As we all know,  voting for the 2010 PEBA will close on 31 October 2010. I know you're busy preparing for some Halloween party or some fright night out with your friends. But, in the spirit of love and love to a total stranger like me, I invite you to please vote for my entry titled "The [Bitter] Sweet Life Abroad." Tandaan, vote for #22, Rated E! You can also click the image below! Go naaaaa!


As I've said in my FB page, I am personally raising funds for a possible project that I may want to put up as linked to my thesis under the University of the Philippine Open University. As a Development Communication Postgraduate student, I am putting my money-saving skills in a 30-day or one month long challenge that will be called THE SAVEVIVOR CHALLENGE! I will be putting everything here in my blog. So, better watch that out!

This is the logo that I personally designed:

Now, it's time to unveil the program! Here it goes!

Dare to Save and Survive!

Nowadays, with the high prices of commodity, the mass media’s influence on prodding us to live a “cool” lifestyle, the changing needs of our family, and our impulsiveness on purchasing whatever piques our fancy, saving a portion of our hard-earned money has become a big challenge for most of us. Given this scenario, have you ever wondered if there is a money-saving program or a solution that will let us keep a monthly saving without compromising our right to enjoy our most wanted lifestyle?

As part of my personal campaign on the importance of smart spending, I am stepping up to take the 30-day SAVEVIVOR Challenge which I created. Designed to show the importance of living and spending within your means, this 30-day challenge aims to put my budgeting and savings skills to the test. As I'm reflecting on this campaign, I can now imagine the challenges that an impulsive buyer like me could encounter. Geeeeeesh!

Known as an ambassador of impulsive buying, I will be given TWO HUNDRED BRUNEI DOLLARS (six thousand pesos) to spend on my daily needs for the whole month of November. Initially, I have planned to allot one hundred dollars. But with my friends influence, he told me that a maximum of two hundred dollars is more ideal and will let me save. Since our company pays for my rent, electricity, water and transportation, the given amount is expected to keep me sane for the challenge.

The main challenge is to budget, spend smartly and be able to save some extra. While some of the extra money that I will be able to save will be used in a rewards night out, the main priority is to save dollars and be carried over to the next month. Given this situation, I am not allowed to touch my ATM. Yes, I am absolutely forbidden to withdraw.

Interestingly, since I’m going home this April 2011 for my summer vacation, I’m thinking of a contest to reward individuals who embody the winning SAVEVIVOR character, some who is thrifty and spend smartly without compromising the essentials of enjoying life!  The mechanics and prizes are still discussed. So, you better watch out.

Having said all of these, now, I’m ready to face the SAVEVIVOR Challenge! Yes, at this point, I am a guinea pig of my campaign. I’m really looking forward to surviving this money-saving challenge!

On a positive note, should I be successful for the first month, a follow up shall be made. This time, the money that I will be able to save will proceed to the THESIS Project fund that I may think to put up.

It’s time to roll out my coins and spend smartly!

At the end of program, I will be able to get this logo: I am a SAVEVIVOR! I personally designed the logo too!

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