Friday, October 22, 2010


I am temporarily "pausing" my regular programming on posting horror stories in my blog, just for today. I know that you want to know the two remaining katatakutan stories as part of my Halloween treat. Don't worry, just stand by and that two spooktacular stories will be published, soon! So, watch out!

The reason for the regular programming interruption in my blog is that want to thank some groups and individuals who (in so many ways) make me perky, happy and absolutely inspired over the past days! Frankly, there's so much things to be thankful for in the past days of my sem break!

Now, let's get the thank you list, rolling!

First, my blog entry titled "The [Bitter] Sweet Life Abroad" is nominated for the 2010 Expat Blog Awards.  While there are other criteria for judging, 10% of it goes to online voting.  With this, while I get to religiously knock on my friend's online hub just to ask them to comment and vote for my entry, I am so proud and happy that my father is also campaigning, intensely. Obviously, he even posted on his wall something like this:

Papc, maraming maraming salamat! As of the moment, we already garnered 281 votes which make my entry lands in the TOP 9 of the overall online voting. Should I win or not, I am very happy to know that I am the winner to the hearts of my family and friends! Maraming Salamat! To those who are not yet voting or who wants to support my entry, simply click the link below!

Second, a website for Pinoys in Brunei featured me as this month's "Pinoy Celebrity." According to the website's administrator, they feature Filipinos in Brunei who are successful in their chosen field. 
Seriously, to my surprise, I don't think I qualify for the said spot! I haven't proved anything with the two years and a half of my stay in the Sultanate. However, looking at the bright side, I can share my simple life story and be an inspiration for the thousands of Filipinos in Brunei, or across the globe. 

Now, as I browse the pages of the website, since the administrator asks me to refer other Filipinos, I've started to make a list of people. Let's see! =)

Want to visit the feature article? Simply (CLICK)

Lastly, I would like to thank two of UBD's Powerhouse Professors,  Mam Betsy and Dr. Joey! Mam Besty is a Lecturer at the Language Centre, while Dr. Joey Santos is a Chemistry Programme Leader and Senior Lecture. Both of them are from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).

Mam Betsy was my college professor in a language elective class in 2002 at UP Diliman. I took her class in two semesters - one for basic Cebuano and one for advance - as a required subject for my undergraduate degree. Luckily, despite the tongue-twisting and mind-stretching requirements for the class to learn, speak and write in Cebuano, I passed her subject with a bang. Thanks to the bonggang bonggang class production that we did, Mam Betsy was convinced that we're cut to have embraced the language.

Now, who would have thought that after 8 years, we will see each other again (not in the Philippines) and in Brunei. Small world, noh? As expected, our meet up in the Abode of Peace is overflowing with lengthy updates, food trippin, mall hopping, and a lot more!

Actually, as I was writing this entry, just last night, we had some "recording" for her class. She asked for my help to record a script that she made as an exam for her students at UBD. And guess what, before we recorded, I asked her to taste the Satay (Bruneian BBQ) and my favorite Mackarel fish that I bought from Pasar Gadong. Mam Besty also prepared some veggies (that I soooooo love talaga! Kinda miss home tuloy) and let me taste her "Tanglad" tea! All I can utter that night was, PERFECT! (Insert: SIRA ang DIET! Thanks to the tea, I'm convincing myself that flushing out some toxins will help me reduce my weight? haha!)

I met Dr. Joey Santos when I attended the UP Circle Brunei general assembly in June 2010. The moment he spoke to introduce himself, I must say, I was impressed. Why? I look up at professors/teachers/mentors very much! Plus, knowing that's he's a program leader at Brunei's premier University (like UP), I expected that he's really smart!  I was right!

My curiosity and interest to either study, teach or research at UBD paved way for my formal introduction to Dr. Joey. Through our yahoo groups for UP Circle, I got to communicate with him.

On our first meet-up (YEY!), he treated me for lunch @ Charcoal BBQ Grill. As I enjoyed my plate of steak and veggies, I knew Dr. Joey as a very humble, God-fearing and responsible father! On top of that, he shared to me his life story (CLICK to read) that truly made me see how he's truly an inspiration among others!

Mam Betsy and Dr. Joey (and his super cute and amiable family) make an impact in my life.  Apart from the dinner or lunch treats they made for me, their down-to-earth personality and their diverse view of the world somewhat help me once again dream big. Indeed, we are the masters of our ambitions, the captain of the ship called life.

Interestingly, both of them demonstrate the selfless love for their family. Both of them believe and serve God without asking anything in return. And more importantly, they touch other people's lives with their story of greatness and kindness. Having said, I want my life to unfold just like how they navigate their way toward happiness.

With my encounters with Mam Betsy and Dr. Joey, I realize that God let us meet people who may influence and shape us to be a better person. For this, I'm so thankful.

Life is full of challenges. No life is perfect. No life is made in a vacuum and will move just like how fairy tales go in happy endings. However, despite the unpredictability, we can hold on and find strength to things and people around us. We may not know it, they make our universe evolve in an explosion of positive experiences.

With this, I thank the Lord for all the good things that are happening to me right now. I thank him for all the blessings that he has been giving to me. And with the love and care that I get from the people around me, I seriously can't ask for more now.
Yes! Let me thank God for the gift of life, love and for the people I meet in this world.


  1. uve got a cool dad! :D

    to be honest, im not really excited with the katatakutan series hahaha.. matatakutin naman kase ako kuya.. everytime na magattempt ako to read your blog post, gabi na lagi natataon pa na katatakutan stories ka... :D

    Goodluck with PEBA! hope to see you this december 16 for the awarding..


  2. Yanah! Salamat sa kumento!

    Hahaha! Hindi ka pala fan ng horror stories. Ngayon lang naman yang mga posts ko in connection with the upcoming halloween!

    I'm so proud talaga with my Dad! Super supportive.

    Salamat! I'm also looking forward na makapasok sa TOP 10 para makauwi ako. =)