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I can’t deny that I love hosting. Ever since I was a kid, I was trained to either host or sing on stage. On a simple family gathering, I normally do the talking. On some big events like street parties that happen in Fiesta celebrations, I always take the center stage and run a show. Bottom line, I live entertaining people.

Growing up, the microphone has been my best friend. It is a tool that helps me project my voice in different characters.  Despite the projection with the microphone, nothing beats my natural voice especially if I get excited in hosting or delighting the crowd. Yes, I scream a lot, like a super ecstatic winner of 1 million pesos in a game show.

The stage serves as a big world where I can unleash my craziness and wit. Someone might ask if I still feel nervous whenever I go on a show. Yes, I feel nervous and I should. I would rather imbibe the nervousness rather than feel numb. Nakakatakot na hindi kabahan dahil ibig sabihin ay masyado na akong komportable. In short, wala ng challenge. This also applies on my singing performances.

Last night, on a cold and raining Sunday evening, I hosted a party. It was a sweet Sixteen Birthday celebration of Shantelle, the daughter of my co-UPian and friend Dr. Joey Santos, a Chemistry Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer at University Brunei Darussalam.

Dr. Joey sought for my help last weekend. I was on queue for my Jollibee dinner right after my hosting at the Mall when I got Dr. Joey’s message in my Facebook. Right after reading his message, I immediately responded to come at his daughter’s birthday and host the event.

A week passed and the celebration walked in. I arrived at the humble abode of the Santos Family at around 7. I thought the party was cancelled because the house was very quiet. Yes, I was the early bird, the first to arrive. There was no guests, yet.

Soon, the guests came in. Gifts were given to Shantelle and the house was packed with happy people. Since the theme of the party is to wear something with “s,” everyone had their outfits with “s” like Sinturon, Singing, Sumbrero and more. Dr. Joey thought of the event’s theme. All I can say is, ang KULET!

I enjoyed hosting the event. Shantelle was very cooperative. At first, I talked to her to get some information that we can use in the game. We ended up with 16 interesting facts about her that served as questions in the game.

As part of the night’s game, we had "Bring Me." The objects that we asked were all funny and unique ranging from wedding rings up to socks that had to be worn out. We also had the famous “Stop-Dance.” For a change, the players were asked to dance when the music stops. Last but not the least, we had the “Pahabaan ng Hininga” game. The guests were challenged to say ‘Happy Birthday Shantelle’ in their lung-stopping rendition. My friend and choir mate Kuya Lito emerged as the winner. He even sang a melodious Happy Birthday to our celebrant.

Yours truly was unstoppable and uber outrageous. I don’t have to elaborate. The guests went home with “kabag” and “sakit sa panga” because of my hosting.

The family prepared a host of appetizing cuisine ranging from pasta, veggies, chicken and to some desserts. I was so FULL talaga ng major major, good enough to raise my energy before I hosted the gathering.
A glimpse at the family's mouth-watering dish!

Some homemade dessert made by Dr. Joey!

Pasta Overload: Bihon and Spag! Yum!

My plate: Bihon, Rice, Spag, Chicken, Veggies and Buttered Prawns! Diet ako!
The prizes were unique. Dr. Joey and his wife Ms. Jing really prepared for the event. With the theme of “s,” they had prizes that starts with letter “s” such as Sabon, Shampoo and “Supur” branded kitchen wares. Yes, the family generously awarded the top 3 guests who had the most “s” in their fashion statement!

As the guests one by one left the place, I packed my stuff and bid goodbye to the Santos family. They gave me some packs of food.Yey! =)

There is no perfect formula in hosting. However, if you are thinking of venturing in this entertaining field, read on as I share my TOP 10 Hosting Tips.

  1. Be Natural, be yourself. Most of budding hosts act unnatural on stage. Some of them are outshone by their nervousness. Truth is, tt’s normal to feel nervous. However, the key to a good hosting is to enjoy the event and be natural. Let nervousness be a motivating factor in unleashing the "star" in you!
  2. Get rid of the Script. People think that hosting is a scripted job. At some situation or event, yes it’s true especially if the event is time-bound. However, it is best to get rid of the script (not totally). You can use the script as an outline. Simply get the key messages of the lines and deliver it in your personal and natural way.
  3. Presence of Mind. Hosting is about being spontaneous. In most times, while there is a program to follow, you may be tasked to deviate from the sequence. As they say, there are inevitable circumstances that may happen – the performers haven’t arrived, there's the current trend of a wardrobe malfunction, and there’s some technical difficulties. In these times, it is best to be prepared and quick. How about put more banters, interact with your audience, make some instant games and simply throw some witty insights to cover up the situation. At least you can turn disastrous incidents into marvelous and unforgettable ensemble!
  4. Interact to your audience. Hosting is not only about presence of mind it is about interacting to your audience. As a host, you are tasked to entertain not only the celebrant but the guests as well. The best way is to move around. If you can get your audience actively participate in the event with big smiles on their faces, you can say that you are on your way to developing a career in hosting.
  5. Pep Talk. In most events, it is best to talk and establish a rapport with the celebrant. As a stranger who is hired in an event, apart from the courtesy, establishing a strong communication with the celebrant will make you be more comfortable in running the program. Plus, you may find useful information about the celebration that may spice up the event.
  6. On Pronouncing the Names. Hosting a big event may be overwhelming that you may forget small details such as how to pronounce the names of the guests or even the celebrant. To avoid this, get a minute in reviewing your program and the people who are part of it. Who would be happy if their names are wrongly pronounced? No one. So get your ‘tongue’ straight!
  7. Put a run through. Any event won’t be successful without a proper run through of what will happen on and off stage. To avoid glitches as the program progresses, a run through can help in either creating back ups or simply keeping everyone organized and relaxed.
  8. Don’t be Late. You are a host and not a VIP who must be waited by everyone before the program starts. Bear in mind that you should be at the venue for at least one to two hours earlier.  Of course you don’t want to cram and end up harassed looking on stage. Plus, should you consider hosting as a career, being late can be your pitfall. So better be punctual.
  9. Dress Properly. Hosting is not about showing off your fashion. Sometimes, it is best to wear an outfit that you are comfortable with yet blends with the event’s theme. Of course, you wouldn’t want to steal the night away with a wardrobe malfunction.
  10.  Modulate. It is a common perception that a host should have a deep and modulated voice. That applies if you specifically work in a radio station or you’re into dubbing. However, in live events that require a perky host, a deep voice can just be a part of the overall criteria. Believe it or not, hosting is also about modulating with a personality. Sometimes, by creating witty spiels, you can accent the program with your character. Just be conscious not to offend someone or go overboard.

I hope these TOP 10 tips on hosting will help you. Should you have that itchy feeling of being on stage, it’s never too late to jumpstart and head on with the world of entertainment. Who knows you could be discovered and truly make a career our of your amiable wit, authentic zest and impressive talent. 




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