Saturday, October 16, 2010


As usual, in this Saturday afternoon, right after eating, my officemates and I are waiting for the office bell to ring. Well, we don't have a real office bell. Figuratively, we're waiting for 4 pm to strike and we're off.
 Today, I'm sad and happy. You heard me right. I am sad. What's with the sadness? Today is the wedding day of my cousin Joy. She's exchanging her 'I do' with her long time and perky boyfriend, Red. I'm not sad because she's marrying someone but I'm just a bit regretful that I am here in Brunei as the ceremony takes place in Manila. In a related event that will make my heart break, tomorrow is the Fiesta Celebration in Laguna. My family and some relatives are bound to party in Laguna. Yes, I am feeling that I am left out, a spectator waiting for the pictures to be uploaded.

 Perhaps you might be wondering why I didn't go home to attend my cousin's wedding? The answer is I don't have enough budget and time to do so. Although there's Cebu Pacific that offers budget fares, my money went to paying my school tuition. Another factor is the lack of time to travel and be back soon.  I just sent my cash gift to the Philippines for the newlyweds. My father is to extend my congratulatory gesture for them.
Joy and Red in their Pamamanhikan, April 2010
To pacify my emotional baggage, thinking positive thoughts is the only way I find will suffice. As of the moment, I'm looking forward to my summer vacation. I will really take lots of time to bond with my family. Babawi talaga. 

And so, let me congratulate my cousin Joy and her boyfriend Red! Best wishes!


Last night, I had a chit chat moment with a friend who was my professor back in college at UP Diliman.  What a small world, we got to meet again after 5 years.

I kinda miss the critical discussion. Seriously, apart from my exchange of ideas with Cecil, my close buddy in Brunei, and some banters with Jomai, my officemate, last night's coffee talk was truly invigorating. It's so refreshing to hear insights about education, popular culture and even about survival in life.

I didn't know that Mam Betsy battled with Breast Cancer. As she shared her story, I didn't feel any sadness as I felt her determination. I was even moved with her deep faith with our creator, God. Truly, she's an inspiration.

Thank you very much Mam Betsy for sharing your story! =)


I have a bad feeling that I'm gaining weight. It's not paranoia but I simply feel it. Seriously when I looked in one of my photos in one recent event, I was so shocked to see how I appeared so "HEALTHY." I guess it's about time to take action. It's time to get back in adding some minutes in my Taichi routines. As I observed, I started gaining weight when my Dad went here in Brunei to visit me. Perhaps my dad's love for me and the series of eating out contributed to my ballooning figure. Oh God, spare me from being a cast of Teletubbies! 


The microwave in our office is broken. I'm not an electrician or a fixer of appliances so don't ask me what's the reason. All I know is, when I plugged it two weeks ago, it didn't work.

As a result, I end up eating in different restaurants during lunch time. I have no choice. If I won't eat, I'll starve. But seriously, forgive me but I think that the food I eat in restaurant is contributing (much) to my weight gain.  I'm eating so much white rice! I'm not happy with this, at all!

I already talked to my boss about the broken microwave. He promised to take action on it. Hopefully, by next week, I can start bringing my espesyal less salt and brown rice 'baon.'

My officemate is thinking of deleting her Facebook account. And I'm considering such action in my account. Truth is, if not for the connection that I get to constantly communicate with my family, I've already deleted my Facebook long time ago.

Seriously, as I weigh things, social networking is becoming creepy. As I posted in one of my previous shout outs, social networking represents the touted Big Brother that watches us by entertaining us without letting us notice the underground idea planting, stalking and control through information gathering. Come to think of it, in the digital era, social networking has become an easy-to-access legal drug that caters to all ages. What's more shocking, our dependence may lead to something else, which I hope could be positive and beneficial. 

Oh well. Now I appalled to conduct further study on social media. Let's see where my curiosity and theorizing will bring me, in practice.


As I'm writing this blog entry, my friend message me in Facebook. I was so surprised to know that Noralyn, my classmate in my Master's class, passed away. As soon as I got the message, I checked her FB wall. I got a confirmation.

Based on what I read on her friends' posts, this is the information that may explain her cause of death: 

"Please pray for a miracle for my college classmate Noralyn Mendoza Lina . Noralyn has been comatose since yesterday afternoon due to a blood clot in her brain. According to classmate Maureen Mauricio, she has a 5-10% chance of survival. However, she still responds and moves her hands. Nothing is impossible for our ...Heavenly Father, so please keep Noralyn in your prayers, especially you batchmates of ours from PWU-ABCA '97."

To all my UP Open University Classmates, please pray for the repose of Noralyn's soul. May she rest in peace. 


Lately, I enjoy watching the series Drop Dead Diva. I just find the main character named Jane so bubbly and confident. I also love her singing voice. I like the way she stands and dodge her detractors. Plus, her composure as a lawyer kinda makes me dream of becoming a lawyer. Okay, becoming a lawyer is and will just be a dream. I'm more excited to have a PhD. 

I like Drop Dead Diva because it empowers Plus Size Women. Although in communication theory, the series is defined as "negotiated," still its attempt to uplift the Plus Size Women's feelings are bold and brave. I just wish that it will last for more seasons!

 I am a Gleek. Episode 1 of Season 2 was stunning. I was blown away with Charice's performance. I just didn't like the specs on her. She looks like Picachu!

The Britney Spears episode was all about sex and drugs. Yes, Spears is the iconic representation of the rebellious subsconscious.

Episode 3 gave me goosebumps and put me in tears. Seeing Kurt's dad in the hospital reminded me of how our family hoped for God's miraculous hands to extend the life of my mom. I guess there are things you can't control. God has a reason for everything. In this episode, I love the song that was performed by Mercedes! =)

My two cents worth always go to Mercedes! Love her voice and her projection! Simply natural! Plus, based on my friend's observation, and I noticed too, Mercedes is losing some weight! =)




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