Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The past days have been CRAZEEEEEEE! Well, I'm not complaining. I must say, I'm too blessed to complain.

My graduate classes have officially started and part of that is the avalanche of paper works and deadlines to beat. 

Just last week, I checked on UBD's library. I'm happy to say that I found lots of books that I can use for my research. Sadly, borrowing books are allowed among students and members. To be a member, a BND260 membership fee is charged. The membership shall last for 3 years. 

As I browsed the books, I ended up with some pages to be photocopied. Believe it or not, photocopying in UBD is in self-service. With that, I photocopied the pages. Namiss ko naman bigla ang UP Library na may nag-pho-photocopy!

So how's my sem treating me? Call it a blessing or a different challenge, my professor in my other class suspended the traditional requirements for the class. In exchange of no TMAs, Mid-term and Finals, we (two or three in class) shall submit a 'publishable' paper. The paper compromises 60% of our final grade. The other 40% will be based on our participation in class discussion. Currently, I religiously read all the assigned readings and do some research in preparation for the final critical hurrah!

In my other class, the professor didn't suspend the submissions of TMA, but cancelled the date of submission. Meaning to say, we are granted the freedom to submit our assignments anytime of the semester. Looking at the given liberation, there are two possible impacts on this among learners. First, laziness may get along and a student may be piled up with assignments and hence cram. And second, a student can enjoy more time in research and revisions of all the assignments, hence producing best quality submissions. Well, in my condition, I prefer to go on the later. 

I still prefer to follow the time line which the professor gave us. Knowing or setting a deadline to myself will help me to work double time, research properly and stitch my social life with my academic sojourn. Yes, at this point, having a social life is important to survive the call of insanity. Seriously, there's just too much to read and write.

I must say, I am too blessed to complain. First, despite the work load in the office, I get to study and improve my skills. Of course, I want to challenge myself and hopefully bring positive changes by 2011. Work is okay. Yes, it's okay. It's just that I need to find a field where I can fully exercise what I learn from school. Perhaps, I could go teaching or work (as my friend suggests) in an interative field. But for now, I'm just a worker trying to earn and pay my bills. Practicality is very much needed. I can't just walk away and bring a bag full of ego!

My thesis topic has been approved. It's a blessing. As my professor said, my topic is a promising one. I also consulted Mam Arms, my 'nanay-nanayan' and UP CMC's graduate school head at UP, after my topic was approved. She was happy that my topic could be a benchmark in utilizing new media in advocacy work. At least, I am able to combine what I learned in my media studies class and all the strategies in development communication. With that, I'm more inspired to conduct my research.

Conducting a research does not only entail endless reading and digesting of resources, I may also file a leave in our office to go back to the Philippines for a week to gather resources. Unless I find everything in UBD's library, still, I need to talk or interview individuals significant for the development of my study. Still depends on the direction of my methodology.

Take note that the semester has just started. If there's anything to look forward in this semester, that is this sem is shorter. In four months, everything will be finished. Plus, next year, we will have our Grand Kita Kits. Finally, I will meet my virtual classmates.

I've been with UP OU for three semesters now. I have learned a lot. Apart from the exposure on various readings, theorists and on my classmates' views, I've imbibed the critical role of discipline, hardwork and patience in my personal, social, professional and academic life. As much as possible, I don't want to cram and so I manage my time wisely.

To manage stress, I promise myself to attend choir practice and serve on Sunday mass. Singing has always been my outlet to at least pamper my mind. Plus, it's just fulfilling to serve a community by sharing one's talent. On a different note, I also promise myself to give in for some adventures with friends. I can't just detach myself from other because I'm busy. I just have to make time and balance everything. Interestingly, with the vibe I give, my friends seriously know that I'm a busy bee for the next months. With that, both parties are on the verge of testing the social butterfly within. LOL!

So how's my SAVEVIVOR? The last time I blogged, I was left with BND16.20. Now, don't ask. I'm broke! That is relative to the BND200 budget for the month. 

I don't regret the fact that I overspent. In reality, magastos ako. But in theory, I can save. Oddly, I try to combine theory and practice on saving. Currently, as I added BND100 in my budget, I'm back with watching my spending. Hopefully, before salary day comes, I have a few dollars in my wallet. 

If there are things that enjoy for the past days with my savings, here it goes:

1. I spent on grocery and not on DVDs. As you all know, I love buying pirated DVDs. Yes, I think, pirated CDs in Brunei are just pricey compared to the Philippines. Well, I'm not encouraging you guys to buy pirated, it's just that I don't have a decent internet connection which may allow me to watch online or download, online? So going back to what I was saying, I spent on grocery. A total of BND13.95 was spent. I bought chicken and some fruits. These shall last for a week. 

2. Birthday Treat. Birthdays come once a year. And as a way of saying thank you to my best buddy in Brunei, Cecil, I offered her a dinner treat on her birthday. We enjoyed the night as we brought back the good old times. Indeed, it was a priceless moment.

3. Movie night out. For the past days, I've seen two blockbuster movies; Megamind and Harry Potter. The former, I watched it in 3D which costs BND11.00. In 2D for Harry Potter, I paid BND7.00. Given these movie night out, my moviegoer self was pampered. Moreover, I got to calm down and think right for my research stuff.

Salary day is coming next week and I'm looking forward to it. My Savevivor challenge will continue. I intend to do it until April. At least, I'll have enough budget to enjoy for my summer vacation. Plus, I'm thinking of building a project with my classmates at OU. Budget will definitely be needed.  






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