Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's been a while since I posted my entry. To be specific, my latest entry is registered on 12 November!  Now, it's time to bring out the virtual feather duster and clean the dusts!

Here's just a quick update on what's happening with my life. Just some random thoughts and experiences that have turned my life into a rollercoaster ride.

1. I'm happy with my performance in school. My research topic is finally approved. I'll be focusing on Blogging as a form of Digital Narratives in articulating Advocacy. Well, apart from the research, we are tasked to conduct evaluation on some DevComm project and a pretest of some communication materials. Gosh, this sem is just packed! Minsan iniisip ko na lang ang bakasyon para sumaya naman ako sa dami ng dapat tapusin. Dahil diyan, summer-rampa talaga ako sa April. No books, all kain, tulog at gala!

2. I'm happy to know that my professor in my other class is impressed with what I submit. Normally, we are just tasked to post our insights on the Moodle, a virtual classroom. However, since we're just two in class, I make it to point to not just post insights, but submit well-researched entries. Actually, I enjoy the subject. It's a refreshing input on communicating scientific and technical concepts to non-science based individuals.

3. The library has been my comfort zone for the past Saturdays. Yes, I am geek. I stay in the library to do research and read a lot. And seriously, I read a lot. Hopefully, this pays back well. On a different note, I'm back to being a Gleek. Up to now, I can't get over with Gwyneth Paltrow's guesting in Glee. Love na love ko ang productions and the mash-up. Oddly, kakabasa ng theory on hybridity, every time I watch Glee, naiisip ko ang impacts ng capitalism on genre convergence sa media. Glee is a perfect example of Hybridity in modern setting. Isa siyang combination ng variety/musical at drama. With that, expect more hybrid shows in the future. Naisip ko lang, baka magkaroon ng voting element to. Parang AI converges with drama shows.

4. I was homesicked last Sunday night. Anxiety has been running in my mind for some days. As I see it, perhaps I'm just a bit pressured (self-imposed) with school work. Thank God, everything is running smooth, at the moment. Ewan ko ba, masyado lang siguro akong paranoid which I always feel whenever the semester starts. Kailangan ko ng pampakalma. Chocolates? Isa lang masasabi ko, miss ko ang Buchi ng Chowking at yung Salad ng Wendy's. Oh, haven't I told you na break na kami ni Jollibee? Kinda cool off coz I've wholeheartedly embraced my compliance on no-Fastfood-meal vow. Sana mapanindigan ko to. Sarap kasi ng bawal eh.

5. I just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last week in 2D. The main stars all grown up. It's just amusing to see them grow with the development of the movie. And believe it or not, there's a lot of scenes where Harry showed "skin!"Well, movies have to sell. But in terms of story, I was at a lost. I told my friend, perhaps it's better to watch again the previous installment to connect the pieces and understand the plot well. In the end, I got teary eyed with Dobbie's death. Mejo odd lang dahil kakabasa ko ng theory on Postmodernism, naweirduhan ako sa shift ng mga eksena from city (muggle) life to Fantasy (Hogwarts) land.

6. I was shocked and saddened with the recent news of North Korea's bombing of some areas of South Korea. Plus, the stampede at the Water Festival at Cambodia is just devastating. Let's all pray.

7. I'll be in Brunei for Christmas. Sad truth, I'll be celebrating here. Actually, the other day, I was contemplating on skipping Christmas. But I realized that Christmas is not only about get togethers, parties with friends and reunion with family. It's about Christ's birth. So, on Christmas Eve, I'll go to church and perhaps celebrate after in virtual space. Yes, my family and I will just chat over Skype. Iniisip ko  na nga ang food na ihahanda ko. Well, bibilhin pala. Basta dapat may small cake. Thanks to technology, Christmas sadness won't be that hurtful. On a different note, parang gusto kong magpunta ng Empire Hotel to engage in some dinner or lunch. I better check it out. Who wants to join? You know how to contact me!

8. I've been having a hard time to sleep lately. Blame it to my uber excited academic self. Seriously, my research topic is haunting me, mula pagising hanggang pagtulog. I don't think it's bad because it reminds me to work and beat deadline, but it's just disturbing at times. Buti na lang, nakakausap ko family ko at times of pagkalunod sa research. Honestly, doing a research is like conceiving something, like pregnancy. Oh well, I just can't wait to give birth to something that will contribute to the body of knowledge in Communication.

9. It's been a year since the Ampatuan Massacre in the Philippines. Sadly, justice is not yet served. And this aggravates the grief for those people who lost their loved ones in the blood bath. I hope the new administration will take the right and accurate decision into the most-deserved actions.

10. How's my Savevivor? Forget it. I've been stressed for the past days and I got so magastos. Well, not naman uber magastos but I just felt that my expenses were all over. Plus, I haven't monitored it well. Fortunately, at the moment, I think I have saved around BND20.00 from the BND100 emergency fund that I added. Hindi na rin masama yon. At least, I got to save some.

If there's any consolation that I earn from my experiences for the past days, that is very linked with the old adage,"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Despite the sleepless nights, some pockets of anxiety and the ever-feeling of going back to the Philippines, I can still manage and smile at the end of each day. Sabi nga ni Papc, unting tiyaga lang. Moreover, kailangan magrelaks paminsan-minsan. Yes, tao rin ako at napapagod.  I just don't understand where do I get my energy. Dahil ba yan sa Fern-C?

I think that's all for now. I hope to post something informative soon. Pardon me. I just need more time for research and writing. Plus, I have a work to address especially now that we have an upcoming event to organize and some campaigns to do. So, help me God.

Before the year ends, I'm waiting for something good to happen. As you all know, I joined a blogging competition. Moreover, I also joined an essay writing competition in Brunei. The results are not yet out. Hopefully, manalo. Cross fingers, think positive! Thank you for all those who supported me. Salamat ng major major sa pagboto sa aking blog.

How about you? How's the remaining months of 2010, treating you? Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Heller!! Natuwa naman ako sa updates mo :) andami ngang pangyayari saiyong buhay huh! :)

    Ako, sana 2012 na? hehehe para makauwi na kami at ng maharap ko na ang aking kinabukasan?! :P

  2. Rachiel! Salamat sa pagbasa! Oo nga, puno ng happenings! Lalo na sa school ko, tambak ang papel! grabe na! Wala na akong social life!

    Wow! Excited ka na for 2012. Na-e-excite ako sa 2012 kasi graduation ko. hehehe. Then from there, hanap ng oportunidad. =)