Friday, November 5, 2010


Nagbabalik ang SAVEVIVOR series, Dare to Save and Survive!

Gooooooosh! Yesterday was unbelievably a magastos day. Seriously, I spent more than my budget. 

The other day, I just spent BND2.50. With a budget of BND5.00 per day, the remaining BND2.50 will be carried over to the next day. I was happy to know that. Because of this, I had BND7.50. Unfortunately, yesterday, I overspent!!!!

My Spending:

BND5.00 – Lunch for Roasted Chicken
BND1.80 – Tea C Special
BND1.00 – Ticket for the Tomorrow Land at the Tech Expo
BND1.00 – Nagaraya


Having spent BND8.80, I’m left with BND 124.30 for the next days of November. Now, I must say, I really have to spend wisely. I can’t just spend because I want to. However, if there is any consolation with my spending, I can say that I truly got a good value.

Good value on every spending is important. This is what I learned from yesterday’s SAVEVIVOR Experience. OFWs may look at BND1.00 as a small amount, but if to convert it in pesos, it’s seriously big. Take note that current exchange rate hits at 32 pesos per BND1.00. Given this amount and the rising inflation rate, still, every penny plays a critical role in addressing the basic needs of a working Pinoy.

While others may say that I should not convert every dollar to pesos, apparently, I can’t help but convert (sometimes). Especially now that I’ve come to the SAVEVIVOR Challenge, conversion has become inevitable at times. I guess, the conversion is just tantamount to a realization of the sacrifices as equivalent to building a bright and comfortable future. Sabi nga nila, dugo’t pawis ang inilalaan sa bawat dolyar na ipapadala.

I must say I’m still blessed as an OFW. As a professional, I am able to generate some savings whilst invest. On top of that, I am blessed to have a loving and caring family. My family has always been supportive of me, especially my Father. He’s always there to not only remind me the importance of saving early, but he also patiently understands if I’m unable to send money for the family when grad school enrollment comes in and I had to pay the monthly fee for the land I got. As he always say, “Huwag mo kaming intindihin dito. Basta bayaran mo lang yung lupa mo.” Of course, even if my father doesn’t oblige me to send money because he’s fine with his pention, it’s still best to give and help. For this reason, bumabawi talaga ako pag umuuwi ako ng Pinas. Yes, it’s family first.

My SAVEVIVOR Experience has taught me a lot of things for the past days. First, I become sensitive with what I buy. Not to the point of starving or depriving myself, but it’s more of spending smartly on my needs rather than wants. Second, SAVEVIVOR is a support experience in my weight loss program. Yes, with a few dollars in my wallet, I’m not tempted to buy pricey snacks and whatnots. Thus, less eat, the better way to loose weight. Third, I learn to work on a budget (except yesterday). I also imbibe the notion that lavish spending can put my savings or my future at risk. Especially now that I have financial obligations, it is best to think ahead and develop a money-saving strategy. Realization at times, I may spend more but there’s a dearth of value. And this leads to the fourth thing I learned from this money-saving challenge. To enjoy every dollar I spend, great value should be considered.

Truth is, despite yesterday’s spending, I cut loose from the challenge. For people who undergo a diet program, yesterday was a CHEAT DAY. Although I consider it a CHEAT DAY, I enjoyed great value with my spending. It started during lunch time.

I ordered Roasted Chicken for lunch. I paid BND5.00. Seriously, the whole set didn’t look worth BND5.00. With the soup, the sawsawan and the big roasted chicken and big serving of malasang rice, it was more of like BND10.00. It was sooooo enough to fill in my big appetite.
The roasted chicken rice set!
Big Chicken!

This is the new sauce of the roasted chicken which the waiter asked me to taste
Free soup!

After lunch time, my officemate suggested for us to cover TECH EXPO at the International Convention Centre. The Tech Expo held was the first tech-themed exhibition that featured a wide array of technological innovations in Brunei ranging from its Information and Communication industry, Government Programs, IT Schools, and a lot more. While some international brands participated the event, a robot creation and demonstration was the highlight of the event.
The main entrance

This is where the 'ribbon cutting' was initiated on day 1!
Since it was a Friday which means no work for Government offices and no classes, ICC was packed with people. Good thing, we found a good parking area. Yes, we're so blessed that we parked near the entrance.

Parang lost boy lang ako rito!
I must admit, my expectations for the said event was high. As I saw in the newspaper, there were featured robots and some futuristic inspired products.I wasn't wrong. I saw robots, nice booth displays, colourful exhibitions, a line-up of products to spice up the tech geeks' appetite, and a lot more. However, after I visited the Expo, I must say that it's quite average yet a promising start to initiate Brunei's program toward achieving an ICT-rich nation.

Now, let's have a tour.

Once you got inside, big panels will welcome you. It's where you can see the description of the organization that initiated the Tech Expo. There's also the organizational structure and objectives printed on the panels.
Panels that describe the organizers organization structure and objectives
 The booth of Widget Warehouse was a stand out. Not only it had piles of boxes which had online icon, but it was also sparkling with vibrant colours! Seriously, this booth had the most number of people.
The booth by Widget Warehouse. Cool design!
Merchandise item

Apart from mobile phone booths, there were booths that offered security services ranging from surveillance cameras to computer generated systems.

While strolling around, I saw this Sparkling Turtle. I'm not quite sure how does it work.

 Electronic stuff were exhibited. There was an electronic bed and an interesting massager for the back.

Gadget booths were all over the Expo.

There was a stage where lego formation and robot demonstration were executed.

More booths!

Flat Screen!

Nokia featured their N8! Cooool!

 A booth that showed solar panels!

There were other booths that showcased environment sustainability projects.

International Brand participated.

 There was a booth that showed how children can draw using electronic generated boards.
 Technology invaded cooking as well. Some demonstrations were made.

More products!

 A guy talked about the basic of Robotics. He also demonstrated some Robot operations.

The floor for the Robot showcase
 Some cool stuff!
Paper Wii?


There is the Robot Vaccum Cleaner


Watch the video and be amazed with the Vacuum Cleaning Robot!

What I love most about the Tech Expo was the Tomorrow Land. Designed with a vision for the future, the exhibition had sculptures of aliens, spaceships and robots illuminated by neon lights and back dropped with futuristic landscape. I'm pretty sure, kids will love the planetarium inspired hall which can be visited by paying BND1.00 fee.

The ticket

Let's take a tour!

Before you reach the Tomorrow Land, there's a signage that gives you a glimpse of what's inside.

Prepaid card vendo machine
 Tomorrow Land had a luminous and futuristic design. The entrance was designed with a circular opening.

 A payment booth is situated near the entrance.
 Inside Tomorrow Land, you'll be mesmerized with the hanging spaceships, futuristic landscapes, astronauts and even aliens.

Apart from Tomorrow Land, there was an area which had a mini go kart and an exhibition of Toyota's Hybrid car.

Toyota's exhibition was nature themed. And so, they had green design and some cut outs of clouds.

A mini go kart was also part of the Tech Expo. Watch the video below! =)

So for those who are interested to visit the Tech Expo at ICC, please do come. The exhibiition will be open from 10 am to 10 pm, 4 to 7 November. 

My day capped off with a PASTA-LENCE treat from Ma'am Betsy. PASTA-LENCE means a turbulent appetite pacified with a plate of irresistible pasta! (Earvs Dictionary).  

Yesterday, before heading to choir practice, Ma'am Betsy invited me to come over at her place. She asked me to join her for dinner. Of course, without further hesitation, I grabbed her offer. Soon, I was in her room like a small kid waiting to be served with a yummy treat.

apple/carot juice!
Ma'am Betsy cooked a healthy Tuna pasta. She also had some Cheese Bread Sticks which I adoooooored and some garlic bread which I didn't have the chance to taste because I was fuuuuullll. We drank a special shake - a mixture of apple and carrots.

After our dinner, we attended choir practice. Believe it or not, Ma'am and I went back to her place after the practice and found ourselves 'devouring' the pasta and some fish. I had second round of the tuna pasta and she had rice with fish. Hindi naman kami gutom, di ba?
Pasta and Cheese Bread Sticks for Second round!
As we enjoyed our plate, we also some exchange of stories ranging from education, family life and a lot more. And I must say, I enjoyed the food and conversation!!!!!!!!!!!






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