Sunday, December 5, 2010


There is something special today. Apart from I sinfully indulged in my newest sweet discovery named Lava Cake, I also built my personalized Christmas Tree made of recyclables, some Christmas garlands and loads of family pictures.

The past days have been very tiring for me. You know reason and I don’t have to elaborate. For those who don’t have any idea, I’m into graduate school and I’m just preoccupied with lots of readings and researches. Obviously, I always end up in a library on Saturdays. That’s the only available time I can go for some printed research.

As a treat to my dedication on school work, I passed by Lof Bakery and bought a surprising treat. I bought a Lava Chiffon cake. It’s called Lava cake because the melted chocolate topped on the chiffon cake is like a hot lava coming out of a volcano.

Frankly, I love this cake. The chiffon cake is soft and not too sweet. The chocolate topped on it is delightfully mouth-watering. Seriously, after one bite, I began digging for more. It was unstoppable. It was heavenly. Nasira diet ko pero deadma!

After enjoying my dessert at lunch time, I took a rest, watched a movie and had a nap. At 3:00, I picked up the mop and vacuum cleaner to trash away the mess inside my room. I also cleaned the toilet.

As I mopped the floor, creativity hit my mind. Since I was so itchy to decorate my room for Christmas, the spontaneity popped out. I grabbed the metal sticks which my Dad got from our long walk in one Sunday morning when he was here. I got the plastic container which I filled up with some newspaper. Soon, I built the body of the Christmas tree.

Some Christmas accents in the wall!
I embellished my tree with some metallic buntings which I bought last week in a nearby shop. And to spruce it up more, I hung some pictures of my family. In exchange of the traditional star on the tree, I put our family picture taken during the wedding of my brother in 2009.
Family picture as the star!

With this, I can now feel the spirit of Christmas. But seriously, while I was setting up my incredible fancy, I got teary eyed. Yes, I miss my family especially on this family-themed gathering like Christmas. However, looking on the bright side, malayo man ako, parang malapit na rin. That’s because whenever I’ll look at the Christmas tree I made, I can see happy faces of me and my family, together.

The final output!

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