Monday, December 27, 2010


Being away from my family, my Christmas Eve celebration is not bad and sad after all. With convenience and accessibility provided by technology, my personal creativity and a bunch of loving friends, my Christmas celebration has been very blessed and fun-filled.

Here are the TOP 10 Ways on how I enjoyed my Christmas Celebration in Brunei!

1. I learned to cook Tuna Carbonara. Yes! After years of ignorance on cooking pasta, I finally braved the kitchen and concocted by very own Tuna Carbonara. Thanks to my supah friend Lisa, I got to know and follow the easy steps. Of course, let me thank too my officemate Jomai for giving me some tips. And more importantly, to my brother Jeron, my role model who cooks the best pasta in our family. Now, I have something to share with my family and friends on special occasions.


1. Tuna flakes in vegetable oil
2. Sliced Green Pepper
3. Diced Carrots
4. Salt 
5. Pepper
6. One can of Cream of Mushroom
7. Two Nestle Cream
8.  Sliced Mushrooms
9. Olive Oil or Butter
10. Parmesan cheese

Easy-to-follow instructions:

To prepare for the pasta:
1. Boil water.
2. Put butter or olive oil in the boiling water. Dahil sa butter or olive oil, hindi magdidikit-dikit ang pasta.
3. Put the pasta. Let it cook for some minutes. Then, try to get a piece to check if its soft.
4. If the pasta is soft already, it's time to drain. 
5. Wash the cooked pasta. For some, they put in cold water para hindi magdikit dikit.

To prepare for the sauce:

1. Drain the tuna flakes in can.
2. Saute in pan some onions and garlic.
3. Add the drained tuna flakes.
4. Put the sliced green pepper and some diced carrots.
5.Pour in the sliced mushrooms
6. Add the cream of mushroom.
7. Pour in the Nestle cream.
8. Mix and add some salt and pepper.
9. Simmer for a few minutes over medium fire.

For the final output.

1. Put the sauce in the pasta.
2. Top it with Parmesan cheese.

And this is what you get: Tuna Carbonara!

The roasted chicken in the picture is what I bought from Supah Save! Yum yum!

2. I distributed some Christmas cards and gifts to some of my friends in our choir. I believe, Christmas is about extending our warmest thanks and appreciation to those people who have touched our lives.

3. I sang in the church together with my choir mates. It was the Christmas eve mass. And guess what, our choir was mentioned in Brunei Times! Cool eh! Check the article.

Yes, that's me in the upper right corner!
4. My night was blessed with yummy food. I had chocolates all over, some garlic bread, a roasted chicken from Supah Save, a colorful cupcake, drinks, and my ever favorite Lava cake. Seriously, I feel accomplished after setting up my dining table for Christmas Eve!

5. Thanks to Skype, despite being alone in my room, I felt I was with my family. We chatted for sooooo long while I was eating and everyone was busy exchanging gifts. Parang kasama ko lang sila. Naka-loud speaker pa ako so rinig talaga ang asaran at tawanan.  

My Family!

Everyone in raging red!

My family, too!
6. The next day, I was invited to attend the Santos' Christmas celebration. Doc Joey and his family have been so dear to me. Frankly, they're like a family to me. So, in return to their good deeds, yours truly hosted the event. Seriously, I enjoyed singing to the guests and getting everyone join in the games ranging from the ever simple stop dance for kids and trip to jerusalem for adults.

The whole gang!
Trying to mimic James Ingram!

Tired yet still singing!

And my energy is UP!

Love the day with the kids!

Hitting an Air Supply song. I kinda lost some AIR!
7. Received gifts from the Santos family. Got two gold boxes and another box with a Tito Earvs on it. Well, I haven't opened the gifts. In our family tradition, we only open gifts given by friends on New Year's eve. Having said this, I feel so happy whenever I look at my Christmas tree in my room. It's now packed with gifts! Loooove it!

8. Received a Christmas Card from my Papc. Actually, the card was with me as early as October. Thanks to our family friend, the card was delivered to me. And yes, my dad never fails to surprise and inspire me. I'm just blessed to have a father like you, Papc!

9. I sang in the church last 24, 25 and 26 December. I just feel fulfilled whenever I serve the church. What's more, some strangers commend my singing. Seriously, if only I can throw a concert in Brunei for the benefit of an organization, I would be honored and glad. Just PM me. =)

My Choir in Brunei!
10. Lastly, I'm just sooooo excited coz I'll be home in the Philippines on April 2011. This has just been in my mind since my boss' approval last week. So now, I just want to fast forward time! =)

Okay. Now. I have to ponder on my 2010 and look forward to my new year's resolution! =)

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