Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Philippines has a new president. "Major Major" has become one of the household words after the "almost" winning of Venus Raj of the Miss Universe Crown. Manny Pacquiao has once again made the country proud with his jaw-dropping winning. The first automated voting was made successfully in the Philippines. Unexpectedly, the Azkals showed how the Philippines can explore football as a new sport among basketball-crazed Filipinos. The verdict on the Vizconde massacre case was out and acquitted Hubert Web. Hayden Kho was also acquitted in the sex video scandal case. A bloodbath culminated the Hostage taking in Rizal Park. The Philippines got a new bank notes. The new tourism slogan Pilipinas, Kay Ganda was lambasted to bits and was soon pulled out. With these raging events that have shook the country, indeed, 2010 has been packed with good and not so good memories.

Personally, despite the stretch of challenges, my 2010 has been blessed with so many things. Come and walk with me on memory lane.

This year, I turned 28. What's different about my birthday this year, apart from deviating with thinking much of my age, I threw a Jollibee Party. Thanks to Jollibee Kiulap, I got free party hats and balloons. Feeling ko, bagets na bagets ako. Pagbigyan niyo ako. I never had a Jollibee Partee when I was a kid. My parents cook so well and that's enough to spice up any momentous events in my life.

This year, I'm halfway on finishing graduate school. 3 more subjects to go and I'm done. However, as of writing, I'm already thinking of enrolling myself in a PhD Programme of Communication. Perhaps, I'll take it in October 2011. I'm also thinking of another MA degree in another University. For now, one step at a time. Marami pang stress ang kailangan i-handle especially now na malapit ng matapos ang sem. On a positive note, school is cool dahil I meet a lot of friends.
It was my first time to vote as an absentee voter. Although I didn't experience the automated voting as we only had the paper and pen, still, I felt so accomplished after participating in unfolding a new administration for my beloved country, the Philippines. I voted for Noynoy! =)

This year has been packed with royal parties. Thanks to Faith, I was able to attend a birthday party at Istana. And in a different occasion, thanks to Elna for giving me BND150 ticket and attend the ever popular annual event Toyota Classics.

With the Royal Family
At the Toyota Classics
My dad visited me in Brunei for the second time. He was here with me during the Hari Raya festivity. Interestingly, apart from going in the Palace's Open house, we hiked together with my friends at Bukit Shabandar.

Believe it or not, it's my first time to experience watching a movie in 3D. Megamind was the movie that I watched. Isa itong kasaysayan!

I expanded my circle of friends. Thanks to UP Circle Brunei, the Santos Family, Ma'am Betsy, Tita Malou, the Brown Family, and more importantly, the Expression Peeps, I'm so enjoying my stay in the Abode of Peace. At siempre, thanks to Elna and Lisa. Their presence is supahriffic!
Ma'am Betsy and Me

The Expression Peeps with my Dad!

UP Circle Brunei

Me, Ms. Jing, Dr. Joey and Ma'am Betsy

Xmas Partee with Expression Peeps!
Supah Friend Lisa, Faith and Elna.

During Tito Des and Tita Ming's Birthday Bash
I fall in love with Taichi. Thanks to my dad, I'm now able to stay fit and healthy without cashing out to pay gym fees. 
My Dad and his passion for Taichi!

To match my healthy lifestyle, I started eating Brown Rice. Seriously, sanay na ako!
I am able to finally invest in one of my biggest plans. I'm able to get a land at Eton City. Eton City is touted as the next Makati of the South. Hopefully, with more years of hard work, overseas or in the Philippines, I will be able to build a house on the land I got.

My family and I spent Semana Santa in Bicol. I sooooo loved the solemnity. At siempre, bonding na rin with relatives. We had a family reunion. At ang food, sorry, nakaka-sira ng diet!

It was my first time to be in Camarines Sur Water Complex (15 mins from our relative's house) and Caramoan Island. Summer na summer! Weird lang, di ko sinubukan yung wakeboarding. Maybe next time na uwi namin! Pero bago yan, kailangan ko muna matutong lumangoy.

Finally visited SM Naga. Grabe, parang wala ako sa Bicol when I was in SM Naga. Parang Manila lang.
Our family went to Cagsawa Church in Bicol. The Mayon Volcano was just amazing!
The Mayon Volcano behind me!
After enjoying Subic, our family stopped by at Razons. Grabe ang halo-halo, heaveeeeen!
Subic Fun!

I will never forget 2010 because this is the year God has blessed us with a wonderful angel. Baby Gab is born! At siempre, ang saya saya rin ng binyagan. Dahil diyan, tito-ninong na ako. I can't wait to be home on April 2011 for Gab's first birthday celebration.
new born
6-month old
Four of the most closest people in my life tied the knot this year. First, my bestfriend Apes said I do to her loving Mario. Second, my cousin Joy got married to her long-time boyfriend Red. And third, Faith and Pete made their vow of marriage in Bicol. Fourth, it's my kapamilya ate Izah's wedding too! 
Betsfriend Apes
Faith and me
My cousin Joy and Red

Stacey, the girlfriend of my brother, graduated this year. Congrats Stacey! At mas congrats sa Job mo! So proud of you!!!!!!! Weeeeee!
Stacey's Grad Photo! Pahiraaaaam! hehehe

Sadly, three persons who are dear to me passed away this year. First, my classmate at OU, Noralyn. Second, the son of my cousin, Andrei. And just recently, my highschool batchmate KD. At this time, napapaisip ako, indeed life is soooo short and we should make the most out of it, everyday!
And before the year ends, I had a successful event at the opening of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Times Square and the launch of the Caring Cup Programme. If there's any reward I can get out from this event, that's the wonderful people I meet in Brunei ranging from bloggers, djs and the perky staff of CBTL.  
Indeed, my 2010 is a year to remember. And before this year closes, I would like to thank those people, my family and friends, who truly inspired me to be at my best and let me succeed the many challenges around. Hindi ko kakayanin ang Buhay OFW and grad school kung wala ang inyong suporta. For that, I wish more blessings for everyone this 2011. Cheers!

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