Sunday, December 12, 2010


 December is one of the much-awaited months of the year. It is not only the month to cap off the 12 months. It is also the much-celebrated month of Christ’s birth. And so we have Christmas. 

While everyone goes gaga on shopping for gifts and preparing for the festive season, here I am, feeling the spirit of Christmas in a flickering chance.

This year, I am not privileged to go home in the Philippines. Most of my officemates, both foreigner and local, will take a leave. That left me with no choice but to stay behind and work.

I am in Brunei, an Islamic country. I must say, this year is very different or distinct compared to last year. There are more Christmas decors around. I can hear a set of Christmas songs in major malls or even in restaurants. More interestingly, there is a Christmas Display in a newly-opened mall called Times Square. Well, aside from these visual treats to commend the Christmas Season, I’m very much looking forward to the annual Festive Display or Exhibition of NBT.

My December has been very busy. This applies on my work and on my school load. Relative to work, I am organizing an event. It’s the grand opening of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Times Square on 18 December. In terms of school work, unbelievably but true, I haven’t touched any of my books. Positively, I have researched in advance. All I need is to read my research materials and compose my Review of Related Literature and Methodology.

In synch with the festive season, our company, a small advertising company, had a lunch treat for the staff. With only 12 in the office, we had a scrumptious treat at Tarindak D’ Seni. It is a restaurant which offers authentic Malay food. Actually, I recommended the restaurant to my boss when she asked me on where to best eat.

Our company lunch treat set the festive fire. Happy yet craving for more, my officemates and I went for a small Christmas dinner. We went to Aiko Sushi. Aiko Sushi offers buffet for as low as BND6.00. On one hand, you may go for ala carte. They serve Japanese food.

With BND6.00, I was impressed with the taste and presentation of the food. Seriously, we loved the food. From soup to main course and desserts, we kept coming back for more. On the same night, I gave my gifts to my officemates. I will do a separate blog on this. But for your information, with only spending BND75 less, I was able to purchase 22 items. All items were below BND3.00. Well, it’s still part of my SAVEVIVOR Series.

I must say, I can feel the spirit of Christmas this year. Aside from putting up my creative Christmas/ Family Tree, I also shopped and wrapped gifts. And wherever I go, the presence of the festive ambiance is just calming.

Speaking of the festivity, I am just delighted to see a stretch or rack of Christmas Decors being sold in malls. The line-up of Christmas trees gives me so much excitement. The garlands and buntings enliven my sleepy mood. And the perky music unleashes good and happy memories with my family. Parang Pilipinas lang din.

In terms or work, I’m busy lately. As I’ve said, I’m organizing an event for a grand opening. Interestingly, my experience on this event is just amazing. Why? I get to meet people especially popular and kind hearted Bruneian bloggers. Moreover, doing event work is just a breather from my highly-academic journey. This is my second to my last semester in graduate school. I am in the stage of research proposal work. Seriously, going light and creative simply is enjoyable at this moment of my life.

Despite the festivity, I can’t deny the fact that I really miss my family and friends in the Philippines. This feeling does not only surface at this time of the year. It’s a continuous struggle for an OFW like me. Positively, instead of whining or delving on the sad facts of migrant living, I just put my attention on school work and on saving more for a better future. Minsan lang talaga, ang hirap matakasan ang homesickness.

Speaking of homesickness, I bought the newest Christmas album of Mariah this afternoon. And yes, I got emotional. Tears rolled down on my cheeks as I listened to the melodious voice of Mariah. Good thing, after the crying, strength always arise.Thanks to some bubbly selections, I got my happy self.

Now that Christmas is two weeks away, and if I’m given one wish, I would wish nothing else but to be with my family. Looking on the bright side, thanks to technology, everything seems to be near. Perhaps, we can just go for Skype on Christmas eve.

It’s never too early to greet everyone Merry Christmas. But it’s never too late either to share and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas; that is through giving and loving family and friends.

Capping off my week is another Christmas Party. This time, it's a loud, perky and simply fun-filled party with the supah Expressive Pips of Expression Music School. I sooooo love the theme and noise! We all wore red, green and yellow. Aside from that, we exchanged gifts through a draw. Thanks everyone. Sa totoo lang, hindi ako makapagsalita nung gabi dahil sa ingay at saya! Ang saya saya!

The night was also a celebration of Carem and Ian's Birthday! 

Facilitating the Draw!

Wacky Shot!


We're so happy with our gifts!

Carem and Ian

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