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Corporate Social Responsibility has not only become a buzzword in the corporate jungle. It has become an effective strategy for most companies to support and give back to their community.

In my two years and a half of stay in Brunei, it’s only today that I thoroughly immerse myself with a charitable programme or corporate social responsibility initiative. Thanks to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Brunei Darussalam, we were able to launch the Caring Cup campaign.

 The Caring Cup initiative is one of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s worldwide programme that aims to help communities through various programs ranging from fund-raising to educational themes. Finally, it is initiated here in Brunei Darussalam.

As a jumpstart of the Caring Cup initiative, a mural was set-up at the CBTL branch in the newly-opened Times Square. As guests came in, they registered, received a welcome gift and were asked to sign on the mural. Moreover, the guests were invited to show their support through donation in the Caring Cup, wearing the Caring Cup Badge or purchase the Caring Cup shirt/cap. The profit from the purchases will be given to the selected charitable institutions.

Stuff inside the welcome gift!

Aside from the exciting and upcoming promotions CBTL have prepared, there will be Caring Cup donation boxes that will be distributed in all CBTL branches all over Brunei. Customers can show their support by Donating.

The three charitable institutions that will benefit from the Caring Cup is Pusat Ehsan, SMARTER Brunei and KACA.

My Personal Journey

Months before the grand launch, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf informed our agency that we will be doing their event. Upon receiving the confirmation, I got excited. As I said to myself, finally, after some proposals, they’re getting our creative services to run their grand opening. What interests me more was the launching of the Caring Cup.

As the round of creatives fired up, the budgeting and coordination ran. As the event manager, I was assigned to coordinate and spearhead the event. Thankfully, with my skills earned from organizing events and Kapamilya Days experiences, I was able to put up the event, successfully.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Staff after the event!

First, I called all the guests prior to the release of the invitations. Most of the guests confirmed. Unimaginably, I used a different strategy to make awareness on this grand launch. Apart from calling and traditional sending of invitations, I utilized the powers of Social Media, specifically, Twitter to get people talk about CBTL’s upcoming grand launch. On top of that, I had a countdown. It was an everyday reminder. I also prepared a Media Brief which I distributed to the press, bloggers and other guests.

 Interestingly, in my quest of organizing this event, I met and befriend a lot of Bruneians. They are not just ordinary people in the country. Most of them are well-known bloggers, celebrities and radio DJs. Oh yes, I loved dealing with them. They’re not snob. They’re all accommodating.

Now, let me acknowledge the bloggers who made the event truly successful:

Rano Iskandar, Maurina Hamid, Delwin Keasberry, Tiger Lim, Tina, Zul Fadly, Thanis, Kamarul Ajimain, Pablo, Reeda Malik, EmmaGoodEgg/ Hani, Syahreen Metassan, Mudyami and ProMaestro. Thanks guys!

 As the event gets near, everything was set. The invitations were sent out. The souvenirs were packed. More importantly, the guests from charitable institutions were very much excited for the event.

18 December 2010, the big day surfaced. Based on feedbacks, it was a successful event. The kids from charitable institutions enjoyed the coloring activities, the food, the magic show, and free ride inside the mall. On the side, the press, who I contacted, covered the event ranging from broadcast to print. Outside of the branch, the other guests enjoyed the food and mingled.

Soon, the event ended, on the dot. Yes. We were able to follow the schedule.

In the end, everyone who attended the event brought home a welcome gift. Inside the welcome gift are vouchers, badge, car stickers and testing tea bags. Of course, I went home with one.

Despite the tight space for the kids inside CBTL branch at Times Square, the kids enjoyed interacting with each other. I was also pleased to see how big smiles surfaces on each kid as the Guest of Honor gave away gifts for them. On top of it, there was a presentation of mock cheque. Each charitable institution received a donation.Nevertheless, the grand opening of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and the grand launch of the Caring Cup were a success. For this, I am happy not only to please the client but also share my time and effort with the kids from KACA, SMARTER Brunei and Pusat Ehsan.

Cheers! =)

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