Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Do you still remember Marina, the soap opera that started the trends in Philippine Fantaserye? If you say yes, I hope you could still recall the character of Dugong, ang babaeng shokoy.

Believe it or not, Dugong was soooo dear to my heart. Not because of her perky villain aura, but because the person who played the character is my beloved professor back in college. Yes, Malou De Guzman, also known as Aling Lucring in Ober Da Bakod, was my professor in Television Speech and Performance at UP Diliman.

I love Ma'am Malou's class. Not only because I like the way our class interact, but the pressure to perform in front of the camera is just nerve wracking! As I remember, in one session, she asked us to act out as an insect. We were tasked to show how a hungry, thirsty, sleepy and even horny insect would move. In my case, I didn't even know what insect I was portraying. All I knew then, I was a big and crazy insect.

I never imagine that I will survive in her class. Thankfully, after all the production and sleepless nights, we all survived. In fact, it was in her class that I imbibed a firm and decisive directorial skill. Believe it or not,  we exchanged screams whenever I direct a shoot. Surprisingly, at the end of the day or the class production, we would laugh and part ways with so much chikahan.

I owe my performance skills to Ma'am Malou. She has always been my inspiration whenever I host events or participate in any type of production. Through her, I've learned to internalize or feel the character.  She's also my idol whenever I brief some celebrities when I was still working with ABS-CBN. More than the passion, performance in her class is about artistry.

me and Ma'am Malou a.k.a. Dugong
The photo was taken when the cast of Marina performed in ASAP. I was a staff of ASAP then.

 And guess what, Ma'am Malou even recommended for my MA in Media Studies at UP Diliman in 2007. Soon, I got in for my Masters in Media Studies (Broadcasting). Apparently, with the coming of a job offer in Brunei, I shifted to Open University under the Master of Development Communication program.

For all the things I've learned, thank you very much Ma'am Malou! You're one of the best mentors I had at the College of Mass Communication! Cheers!

More CelebPast pictures are on the way. So seat tight and enjoy the show!

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