Thursday, January 27, 2011


I worked as a segment producer/writer in Philippine Idol back in 2006. Those were the days when the Idol competition was still under the franchise of ABC5, now TV5. Apparently, right after season 1 of Philippine Idol, GMA7 got the franchise and changed it to Pinoy Idol. GMA7 obviously used the talent search to compete with ABS-CBN's Pinoy Dream Academy.
Moving forward, I was lucky to be part of the Philippine Idol team. Apart from the live performances and elimination round, the segment shoots were just unforgettable. And it all started during the Manila, Cebu and Davao Auditions.

Positively, my training at ABS-CBN helped me in enduring all of the happiness, hype and horrors of production work. And also, thanks to my team mates, I survived. Not until the end part of the season wherein I was tasked to handle the I Love Philippine Idol, a 30-minute daily show that featured exclusive interviews and features among the contestants. I was harassed and I resigned. But of course, past is past. If there's anything that I wouldn't trade off with my Idol journey, that would be the friendship I've had with the people, from celebrities to ordinarily insane production mates.

And speaking of celebrity, I will never forget the day I was assigned to interview Jasmine Trias. Yes, you heard it right, Jasmine Trias of American Idol. In my interview, I juiced out the humble beginnings of Jasmine in her Idol journey. Mind you, despite her popularity that time, Jasmine was very humble and sweet. She definitely has the star factor!

Now I wonder, is there any news about her?

Watch our for more CELEBPAST pictures, soon.

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