Monday, January 31, 2011


Back in 2005, I was a segment producer/writer of At Home Ka Dito. In those days, we normally roamed around in the building and tried to catch celebrities on our free time.

In those times, luckily, I had the opportunity to have a picture with some of Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 housemates who were in the building for some shoot or taping.

I guess, being a staff of a Television network is such an advantage especially on taking a snapshot with the hottest celebrities. For this reason, I made sure to have that sparkling moment.

Now, check out my pictures with some of the celebrities I encountered. In this entry are Uma, Cass and Jason of Pinoy Big Brother Season 1.

First on my list is Uma. What can I say about Uma? Oh well, he has the looks that could launch a thousand ships. In short, he's handsome. In terms of character, he's very quirky and cool to hang out with. I didn't have any specific encounter with him. However, whenever I see him in ABS-CBN, I always see him playing around with other celebrities - both male and female. Plus, his deep voice sometimes contradicts his jolly personality.

I know that Uma still has a career. He hosts a Travel show with Katherine de Castro.
The man of the hour!
Second is Cass. As I remember, we did an At Home Ka Dito Episode for Cass.

In terms of looks, her complexion is her advantage. Plus, she has a very Filipina look. Question, where is Cass nowadays?
Yes, we act to fight?

Lips oh lips!
And lastly, Jason. One word to describe this guy: Witty! And because of his wit, no wonder he's the most bankable comedy actors in Philippine showbusiness.

Trying to be Pacquiao! Paaaaak!

More CELEBPast pictures to come. Watch out! =)

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