Friday, January 28, 2011


For the past days of this week, I've been busy gathering data for a graduate school paper. And just recently, I joined a group of "young scientists" who are conducting a study in the quality of water in Kampong Ayer. Actually, I am required to join them because I have to observe and critique their gathering methodologies.

The study on the quality of water in Kampong Ayer is not a pure scientific approach.I heard, they will also employ some social science methodologies wherein they will interview some residents of Kampong Ayer to track the patterns or routines of throwing wastes in the river. Plus, interview among foreigners or tourists will be made to gather data on perception and recommendations. This methodology shall be implemented, soon.

On my part, I loooooved the trip. While I had to take a half day leave from office, I found the "water sampling" methodology as more of cultural immersion as well. The young scientists were all locals and I just enjoyed how they interact to gather data in 13 sites. Yes, I was with them. After an hour, the team finished the water sampling and we parted ways.

This Friday night, I attended UBD's Speaktacular Week! Live the language and culture of the future! I must say, I am enjoyed this event. Why? There are just countless reasons.

First, I was able to help my dear friend professor Ma'am Betsy come up with a Name of the Event and the Tagline. Yes, I am the person behind the "SPEAKTACULAR" name. Obviously, the word is a combination of two words "SPEAK" and "SPECTACULAR." I created this name last year, early December. Moreover, the tagline "Live the language and culture of the future" is more of a rhyme and an articulation of getting languages in a global shore.

Second, I am so proud to see a Filipino Booth in the event. I loved the displays ranging from traditional Barongs to Filipino Language books and hand woven baskets. More importantly, I was delighted to taste a free caramel bar from Max's Philippines!

Third, apart from the Filipino booth, there were other booths which articulated the language and culture of their country. There were a booth of Korean, Japanese, Thailand, Spain, Chinese and French. And as I walked around, I got to digest the creativity of each booth. The two stand out booths to me were the Korean and the French one. The Korean one had the head of a mannequin. I think they demo how to fashion your hair in a Korean way. While the French Booth had the ever popular tower made of cans. Cool!

A tower made of cans!

Japanese Booth!

Koren Models!

Korean Hairstyle, anyone?

Fourth, I soooo loved the performances. Actually, Friday night was the culmination of the event. And so, there were around 20 students who competed in a ala-UBD's Who's got Talent. The students performed songs and dances in different languages. And for me, it's just sooooo amazing how Ma'am Betsy's students gave justice and even IMPRESSED ME (as a Filipino) with their performances. Ma'am Betsy's students sang "Pipit." Plus, her other two students sang Regine and Ogie's Hanggang Ngayon. Seriously, I was blown away! They got the voice, they got the character, and they got all the diction, right!
Bruneian Students who performed a Philippine Song

The performance hall

Bruneian Students sang "Leron Leron Sinta"

Bruneian Students sang "Pipit"

Bruneian Students sang "Hanggang Ngayon" by Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid

Lastly, attending UBD Language Centre's Speaktacular event was a breathe of fresh air and a realization of something special. As I roamed around, checked on the booth, watched the performances and mingled with other students, a spark of pure happiness surfaced. I said to myself, hey, it's just like college days. In fact, I kept on saying to Ma'am Betsy that the experience was very much the same when we were college and trying to make a presentation in front of a big crowd. Truth is, I remembered our college effort when we were in Ma'am Betsy's language class. We created a production number which we presented in the end of the class. And as Ma'am Betsy remembered, we ended up laughing!

Left to Right: Tita Mabel, Ma'am Betsy, Kida, and Me!
Ma'am Betsy and I capped off the night with a scrumptious dinner at Farm Basket. And as I headed home, my heart was filled with so much happiness. Seriously, I'm just so thankful to have people like Ma'am Betsy in my life right now. More than the tips and treats, I sooooo appreciate the advices in life, career and a lot more.

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