Wednesday, February 16, 2011


After lunch, I tweeted in my twitter account that I was wondering what are the newest restaurants in the Philippines that are a must-try. Being in Brunei for more than two years now, I definitely deserve to taste a new set of appetizing treats for myself when I get back to the Philippines this April.

My dear friend Brian replied. He was suggesting to check out Makati, Ayala Triangle. As soon as I got his tweet, I jotted down in my notebook the name of the restaurant he suggested.

Surprisingly, my other dear friend Thirdy suggested something. He tweeted not a list of restaurants but some strange websites, which he asked me to check out. In his tweet, he recommended Ensogo, CashCash Pinoy and Buyanihan. Honestly, I'm not familiar with the websites he's referring.

But of course, there's no harm in checking out the website. And so, I clicked.

And gaaaaaaawd! I was so happy to realize that the websites he tweeted are budget-friendly sites that offer the best and cheapest deals in the Philippines. And I mean jaw-dropping and half-the-prize promotions ranging from food, fashion, and even travel! Actually, some offers were like up to 70% off!

Cash Cash Pinoy: CLICK

 BUYanihan: CLICK


As I browsed through, I also read some reviews about these sites. Apart from the good reviews on customer and merchants participation, the innovative online strategy provides a practical guide to practical and thrifty Pinoys. While you may overwhelmed with the lowest price offered, the quality of the products are assured at its best. And because most people go online, most merchants benefits from a large number of consumers through reservations, which is definitely more compared to traditional walk-ins.

Although I haven't tried purchasing any deals in these sites, my friend told me that he already availed some promotions before and he was just happy. He used his Paypal account and it was soooo convenient, fast and secure.
The payment scheme!

Buying deals in these websites is as simple as any Online purchase procedures. In these sites, you have to sign-up. After, you can check on the deals. If you like it, you click the buy button. Eventually, you'll be asked on your payment - credit card, paypal, etc. Then, you will receive your electronic voucher, which you will present on the merchant/outlet of the deal. Isn't it a breeze?

What's hot? Travel for 4 to Boracay with round-trip Airfare via Cebu Pacific Air (Manila-Kalibo-Manila) and 3D/2N accommodation at La Carmella de Boracay Resort Hotel with Daily Breakfast for 4! Travel period is from March 1, 2010 until September 30, 2012. Total price is 6,667/pax compared to the original price of 12,500/pax!

So what are you waiting for? check it at BUYanihan, now!

Happy Shopping!

PS: This is not a paid advertising. The blogger would just want to share the websites.


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  2. wow! great sites! lapit na uwi mo earvs, countdown na ahihi

  3. Thirdy! thanks for sharing more sites!

    Tita Joy! Oo nga eh! Suuuuper lapit na. Excited na ako.