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Our creative ad of the day is about a music party. Check out below the creative and hip ad by FNAC Festa della Musica!" FNAC Music Party. For those that can't live without it."

COPY: For those who can't live without it!

Agency: Forchets, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Francesco Montella
Art Director: Livio Grossi
Copywriter: Luca Regonesi
Photographer: Davide Bellocchio


1. Hip and Funky Ad
2. Quirky usage of earphones as a life support tool.

1. More colours can be added to make the visual attractive.
2. The cropping of the image is bit too tight.
3. The text could be placed lower.
4. Context and location could be enhanced through photo enhancement.


 Going back to the Philippines for either a short or long vacation is the much awaited moment or event in an OFWs life. Just like me, a vacation does not only cap off a year that passed. It is also a moment to once again bond with my dear family and friends.

Today, I have listed the TOP 10 Signs that an OFW is up for a Vacation. Seriously, the thought of being home after a year or more is just empowering and exciting. At this time of the year, I can just go absent minded with the nearing of a vacation.

 CAN’T SLEEP. One of the first signs that an OFW is now on Vacation Mode is having a hard time to sleep. An OFW thinks of what to buy as pasalubong, where to go for vacation, the happy times with the whole family, having fun with friends, and a lot more. Most of my OFW friends say that the excitement gets into their nerves. Their mind is just nowhere to be found.

 DREAMING OF PINAS. Being absent minded for some is another sign of an OFW who is excited for a much-awaited vacation. An OFW may be dreaming of what food to eat, what places to visit, who to meet, and a lot more. On top of that, an OFW may be thinking of an investment that he/she has been growing for the past year or even years. 

BUDGET. One of the most obvious signs that an OFW is going home for a vacation in the Philippines is the process of budgeting. For some, saving up for a vacation starts a few months back. However, for some, the salary on the month before the vacation is usually allotted for one’s vacation expenses in the Philippines. Given this, an OFW who will be going home tends to spend less as to save up. He/she brings “baon” for lunch and opts not to go out and spend.

 PASALUBONG. It is expected for an OFW to give pasalubong. The pasalubong syndrome does not only delve on the immediate family, even relatives, friends and strangers come to an OFW who just has arrived from the airport and ask for pasalubong. To cope up with this, an OFW either shops in Duty Free for chocolates or buy some chocolates in the host country. Take note that this is all on a budget roll.

 MESSAGING FRIENDS. Apart from thinking of family, an OFW also looks forward to meet up with friends. With this, messaging friends via online manifests as a sign of someone who will go for a vacation in the Philippines. Most of the time, you can see an OFW chatting with either his/her family or simply engrossed with friends invitation for a reunion or some coffee chit chat.

 HIDE. With budget constraints and the trauma that most OFWs experience when they go for a vacation in the Philippines, some tend to practice the strategy of hiding. Hiding as a sign shows through ignoring messages via online or sms. On one hand, some don’t announce or even talk about their upcoming vacation.

 UBER PERKY. Because of excitement, some OFWs become uber perky. They tend to be productive each day especially as the day of flight comes near. And for some, they spend most of their night not talking with their families or friends, but they go out and bond with friends overseas. Such chit chat over a coffee or food simply strengthens the reason for an OFW to go back in his/her country. That’s in consideration of a pseudo-family who adopts him/her, through thick or thin.

 HOT SPOT HUNTING. Enjoying a vacation in the Philippines for an OFW is not only synonymous with watching the now defunct Wowowee show or watching a live variety show in ABS-CBN or GMA7. A vacation is also enjoyable through tours and visits at some tourist attractions. With this, an OFW tends to look on hot spots that his/her family can enjoy for either a day or an overnight. From Palawan to Batangas, an OFW is ready to cash out money just to ensure that his/her stay will truly be unforgettable, apart from the fact of being with loved ones.

 CHEAPEST FLIGHT. One of the signs that shouldn’t be missed for an OFW who is going back to the Philippines is the hunt for a cheapest flight. An OFW checks on a booking agent or even airlines websites for the fare rates. Of course, the farther you book your ticket on the selected day of flight, the cheaper the fee that you could get.

 TO DO LIST. While some OFWs don’t plan on what they’re supposed to do for a vacation, some are just OC to plot out their to-do list ( I raise my hands!). In my case, I try to map out my schedule and squeeze in the family time, outing, shopping and meet up with friends. My priority is my medical, dental and eye-check up. Once I get these all clear, I can now proceed with my other to-do list.

Photo credit:


 When I checked on my blog site this morning, blogger informs me that they're offering new layouts. For testing, all I have to do is add /view/ (type of design) in

With so much curiosity, I tried some. Blogger offers 5 interactive and very simple designs; the views are Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. Among the five, I personally like Timeslide and Flipcard for my blog.

Check it out:

(1) Flipcard

1. Very interactive
2. Clean and simple
3. Refreshing

1. Videos are not shown on the main page.
2. May look like google image search.

(2) Mosaic

1. Clean layout
2. More eye movement for readers because of different the shapes of boxes

1. Videos are not shown on the main page unless you click on the post.
2. Almost similar with Flipcard.

(3) Sidebar

1. Clean and straightforward
2. Reader friendly especially on clarity and spaces

1. A bit boring especially on using the outline form.

(4) Snapshot
1. Creative design using a snapshot

1. Doesn't fit other blog themes. But may fit well for travel or photo blogs.

(5) Timeslide
1. Works on a Newspaper Layout
2. Clean and very straightforward

1. May not suite other blog content and design

OVERALL Evaluation:
The views are very simple and clean, yet interactive. However, the producers should consider the customization of each views. For the longest time, bloggers have accustomed themselves with their design based on their contents, objectives and theme. This shall be addressed with the proposed views by blogger.

Speaking of evaluation, there's form that could be filled up to gather comments and suggestions from bloggers.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Kris Aquino, touted as the Queen of all Media, is an icon for Philippine Pop culture. Apart from being one of the highest paid celebrities and most sought after star in Philippine show business, she also carries the Aquino's political legacy.

Admit it or not, her presence has influenced you at different levels. From her fashion to her smirks on The Buzz and to her high pitched voice in hosting game shows, she surely has become part of our lives as Filipinos.

Today, I have listed the TOP 15 Elements how Kris Aquino affect our pagka-Filipino. Whether you are a guy, girl, gay, butiki or baboy, the Queen of all Media has a say in your private space, a reason why Kris Aquino could be considered as a bankable and powerful celebrity.

 (1) GAME SHOWS. When you think of game shows, you synonymously think of Kris Aquino. And by merely saying Game ka Na Ba, or The Price is Right, you embody Kris Aquino’s energy on stage. Of course, apart from mimicking Aquino’s energy on stage, you fantasize or aspire to become a contestant and walk away with the grand prize.  Because of Kris' presence on stage, some Filipinos have thought (especially those who are uneducated) that she is the one who gives away big cash prizes. Some people don't know that the money thrown in each episode is provided by sponsors and by the producers of the show such as the television network.

Whether you are a guy or girl, you somehow buy a corned beef endorsed by Kris Aquino. Why? Not only dahil sa komersyal na halos lumalabas na ang dila ni Kris Aquino at nakumbinse kang masarap ang corned beef, purchasing the brand makes you to identify yourself or align yourself with the Kris Aquino's superb taste on food. Products are all the same. But through positioning or branding the corned beef as Kris Aquino's choice, you are attracted to the idea.

 (3) SHAMPOO. You never aspire to posses a long and black shiny hair. But when Kris Aquino endorsed Pantene, you felt that it’s time to buy Pantene. You buy it not only because of a long and shiny black hair that you could achieve. You purchase one because you feel like a diva, just like Kris Aquino. 

(4) SMART. When Kris Aquino started endorsing SMART, you somehow feel that the product become appealing. By Kris Aquino's wit and spontaneity on television or wherever she may appear, you thought that such personality is relevant to the credibility of SMART communications. And so, you jump into the Kris mobile bandwagon and even subscribe to update from Kris Aquino! Gaaaaawd! I can't imagine why people would do that. Talk about, FANDOM! 

(5) HAHAHAHA. No one could ever beat Kris Aquino’s kolehiyalang pasosyal na tawa. Delivered in a high pitch and staccato tone, Kris Aquino’s hahahaha doesn’t only signify kaartehan, it also beats the hahahaha of a popular busina on Philippine road. With this, should you feel that you are kolehiyala and pasosyal, imitating Kris Aquino's laugh could come handy. Apparently, such laugh from trying hard beings is somehow irritating.

(6) BELO. Before the “Hope” controversy rattled the seemingly Kris-Aquino-craze culture, Kris Aquino was the flagship bearer of the Belo Medical group. Because of that, men and women are attracted to try whatever Kris Aquino says on national television. This ranges from liposuction to tummy tuck and a lot more. Surprisingly, despite the dropping off by Kris under Belo’s beauty regime, we can still associate Kris and science-project based beauty to Belo. And so the magic of science beauty continues and empowers those who aspire to look good or even BEST.

 (7) PLASTICITY. Showbizness is all about flaunting your assets and hiding your flaws. Kris Aquino has always been phenomenal in exposing both her assets and liabilities. From wrecked relationships to new found love and booming career, Kris Aquino has just opened her life to the public in an uncontrollable phase. Unfortunately, because of her transparency, some people have associated her smiles and blank reactions as somewhat Orocan. Remember Kris Aquino’s banter with Ruffa Gutierrez? Or by simply observing her gestures, indeed, actions speaks louder than words. And this plasticity somewhat transcends to the real lives of real people. In a more casual setting, plasticity goes well with showbusiness or denying accusations that are obvious.

 (8) WHITENING. In a country gifted with a tan or brown skin color, possessing a white skin is an advantage. Kris Aquino is one of those who are gifted with a natural white and healthy skin, which is even highlighted with some medical attention. And with Kris Aquino’s radiant white skin, everyone would just want to wear her skin.

(9) BIMBI. When Bimbi comes in the Aquino family and soon enters showbusiness, some mothers would think their young ones as a prototype of Kris Aquino’s Bimbi. And so, whatever Kris endorses for Bimbi, everyone would just buy that product. On the side, there’s another “B” in Kris’ Life. Guess who? It’s BAMBI Fuentes, her ever loyal make up artist.

(10) LOVE LIFE. No one could ever beat Kris Aquino’s love life battles and exposures. From showing her abandoned and super heartbroken self on national television up to crying in joy, Kris Aquino has just become an icon of Pinoy Relationship at its prime complexity. She even released an album to share her story of struggles and triumph in her love life. And with this, people can relate what she had and has undergone for the past years. Believe it or not, she is the only Filipino celebrity (not even associated with her family’s political background) who had once become a headline in print and broadcast media just because of a break-up. Powerful!!!! 

(11) A HOUSEHOLD NAME. From product endorsements, to hosting games shows and up to producing her own magazine named Kris, Kris Aquino could be considered a shadow on every Filipino’s private self. No one could escape her. Even if you ignore her, you can’t. That’s because her presence defines Philippine culture. In fact, she is an amalgamation of showbusiness, politics and even sports. And with all the intrigues or controversy that she has surpassed, she’s surely a persona to always watch out for. She just sizzling noticeable!

(12) TAGLISH. Remember PIDO-DIDA Days of Kris Aquino with the departed Rene Requiestas? Yes, those were the days when Kris Aquino started "Taglish," a combination of Tagalog and English. Pampered in a rich clan of the Aquinos, Kris Aquino has showcased and has contributed a new form of language in Philippine culture through Taglish. Her dialogues or lines during interviews are just natural. From banters like "You're so nakakatuwa" or up to "I think, you're bagay with him," Kris Aquino possesses the innate character to deliver the sometimes annoying statements paired with her naipit na dagang tono. 

(13) FASHION. Whatever Kris Aquino wears, it will surely be incorporated in Pinoy fashion. From her different hair styles up to overflowing dresses which she normally wears in her shows, Kris Aquino is one of the most influential celebrities in defying fashion. To date, Kris Aquino has even expanded her fashion line from perfumes to even household stuff.

(14) SPORTS. With Kris Aquino's relationship with James Yap, she has opened the doors to "much" popularity of Basketball in the Philippines. Given her unstable quest with Yap, people around her doesn't only connive with her emotions, but also watches basketball with a high and intense level of anticipation; it's as if James Yap would throw a three-pointer banters on all the intrigues that surround their chaotic relationship. 

(15) ELECTION. I'm not quite sure if how Kris Aquino has turned the wheel during Noynoy's campaign but her mere support has contributed (at least a fraction) to Pnoy's winning in the Presidential candidacy race. With all the drama and entertainment linked to Kris Aquino, an umbrella of representation for the Aquino has been established to articulate the real conditions of the Filipino. Just like every Filipino, Kris Aquino embodies a vocal, nagpapaka-totoo and courageous persona in every personal battles. For that, whatever she endorses, the people are influenced that what has been picked or chosen is a smart choice.


Our creative ad of the day is about Flower Power. The visual talks about an air freshener and its ability to fight objects that stink.

Agency: McCann, Thailand
Creative Director: Theerapol Koomsorn
Copywriter: Sorn Manawanitcharoen
Art Director: Akaroj Vorabunpott
Photographer: Chubcheevit
Studio: Chubcheevit

1. Creative Visual
2. Good interplay of contrasting ideas: flower/freshness and fishes/shoes that stink
3. Empowering concept of freshness that topple down bad odour

1. Dark Photos
2. Perhaps the visual could play around with the pollen?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Despite our Filipino movie’s kakornihan, I still love watching Filipino flicks. Apart from its star studded cast, Filipino comedy movies complement my knack for the kababawan. Some are simply entertaining and can get me big laughs. But some are just offensive and discriminating if further analyzed.

Today, I have listed the TOP 15 Elements of Filipino Comedy Movies. From “Blonde” girls to a parade of encounters gone bad, Filipino comedy movies are just irresistible to bits. And just recently, a new trend of dialogue is emerging in these witty flicks; credit it to Vice Ganda who pull out sarcasm in comedy bars and put it in national television or in cinema.

  1. ‘BLONDE’ GIRLS. Filipino comedy flicks will never miss to have ‘blonde’ girls. They are sexy girls who are not gifted with brains. At times, they deliver the out-of-this-world dialogues which are definitely out in context and of unimaginable IQ. As you go along in watching the movie, these ‘blonde’ girls would just make a mark in a viewers mind as an icing on top of a cake. They are eye candies and are just present for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Imagine Ethel Booba, Keana, and even Ruffa Mae Quinto for this portrayal.

  1. ODD JOBS. We live in a culture that value corporate jobs. However, in some Filipino Flicks, odd jobs have been used as a source of entertainment. From embalsamadors to policemen and janitors or even traffic enforses, these odd jobs make the call to create the biggest laughs from the audience especially delivered in extreme banters.

  1. GAY CHARACTERS. Gay characters have always been used as an object of entertainment. They are represented to be loud and simply uncontrollable. And in some movies, showcasing their feelings to the same sex definitely becomes a laughable material (stereotyping-slash-homophobia). Gay characters also get the punches and all the physical abuse as to represent the “straightening’ of their acts as synonymous to disciplining (not good, right?). I guess, producers should evaluate how they really portray gay characters in Filipino comedy movies. Come to think of it, gay people share a portion of the industry and somehow contribute in bolstering the economy of the country.

  1. BUGBUGAN PORTION. Big fights are normally exaggerated in Filipino comedy flicks. The scene is shot in fast motion wherein you can see all punches and kicks go all over the place. Culturally speaking, big fights in movies represent the baranggay leveling of fights. From someone who want to fight back from being bullied up to someone who comes to claim a debt, big fights are incorporated in Filipino comedy flicks as a representation of a society that is drowned with different battles that are not even solved properly. So, through movies, problems are sugarcoated in a fast phase.

  1. POLITICIANS. Politicians in the Philippines have always been a central figure in most communication channels. In Filipino comedy flicks, these politicians are not represented in their true colors. They are portrayed through mimicry. With hot issues anchored to their names ranging from corruption to nepotism, Filipino comedy movies articulate “politics” into a spectacle of fun yet layered with in-depth and real insights.

  1. SARCASM. Sarcasm has becoming a prominent ingredient in Filipino comedy Film. To my understanding, Vice Ganda has started this irritating banter. Culturally, Filipinos love to kick off a conversation with saying what is obvious. Apparently, through Vice Ganda’s influence, conversations are turned upside down and are presented in a sarcastic tone. Then again, in a Filipino’s belief, ang pikon, siguradong talo. Through this paradigm, Filipino Comedy Flicks are now moving into a form of subtle bullying! (which is nooooot good)

  1. CHEESYNESS. Should you watch a Filipino Comedy Romantic movie, cheesyness is the number one ingredient to spice up your viewing pleasure. Have you watched the movie entitled “My Amnesia Girl?” That movie perfectly shows the concept of cheesyness which could somehow be associated with John Lloyd’s endorsement of Cheesy Pizza from Greenwich.

  1. PLAY WITH THE DEAD/SPIRITS. In some Filipino Comedy flicks, a character who plays with a dead or could be possessed is also an element that generate grins among viewers. Situated in Horror Comedy Films, a character may excite the viewers imagination through heart-stopping chases with a zombie or funny exorcism.

  1. PHYSICAL DEFORMITIES. Sad but very true, physical deformities have been the longest running element in any Filipino comedy flicks. We laugh with small and big sizes; speech problems; from dwarves to excesses in body. Perhaps, this is the reason why our industry has produced an Ai Ai delas Alas. She was made and packaged not as a convincing star or actress. But during his early years in showbusiness, all eyes are programmed to zoom into her pointed chin (not good). Perhaps, this could be patterned with the Perya’s concept of “Freak Shows.”

  1. TOO MUCH, TOO LESS. Filipino comedy flicks delve on exaggerations. For this matter, anything that is too much and too less could be packaged as funny. In most movies, fewer teeth are funny. More body fats are witty. Grandiose clothes worn in simple gatherings are definitely entertaining. Sadly, a viewer’s eye is being trained with exaggerations that sometimes border on stereotyping and subtle discrimination.

  1. STUPIDITY (KATANGAHAN). In real life, we are taught not to laugh when someone slipped on the floor. Unfortunately, in some movies, accidents are articulated into ‘katangahan,’ hence, the laughter is provoked from the viewers. In some Filipino flicks, when someone accidentally set the house on fire or someone hit an ailing patient during a chase in a hospital, everything is treated as an entertaining stupidity (which by the way teaches a subtle reinforcement of negligence without proper accountability).

  1. DESPERATION. Desperation is a powerful emotion. And in some Filipino comedy flicks, desperation is portrayed by weird characters such as gays, ugly people, and a lot more (too bad, right?). In the plot, that character may be desperate to love or get someone. With that, he/she will desperately make ways to find love in an unrequited setting. Too bad, in some flicks, the build up of desperation from the character somehow creates spectacle to the viewing public who always believe that ang maganda ay para sa maganda.

  1. MALFUNCTION. Apart from accidents inflicted by the characters, there are situational malfunctions that are incorporated to enliven Filipino comedy flicks. Either a wardrobe malfunction, electricity failure or as simple as some coffee spilled on an important document, these scenarios are peppered on the movie’s entertaining appeal.

  1. IRONY. There are a lot of ironies in life. And in Filipino comedy flicks, ironies are interplayed to articulate extreme fun and idiosyncrasy. Take for example, a blind character that does photography. How about a handicapped who can dance. Or how about a promdi who has to live inside a mansion. Sadly, though ironies may empower others by showcasing unique talents, the scenario is framed in a humorous and annoying taste.

  1.   DANCING. Nothing could ever beat Regal Films’ dance productions that are added in most of its movies. Seriously, the rowdy dance routines paired with colorful outfits simply define a whole new setting for comedy and entertainment. What’s more, the character’s who are mostly delivered as love teams give the viewers more cheesyness and cap off the movie with a fairy tale kiss.
Call it part of irony or oddity, one of the entertaining moments in Philippine movie is pairing a closet male actor with a beautiful actress. As these "love teams" kiss, questions run in your head; "WTH!" or "Are they serious?" What's more, when they appear in press launches and these characters get cheesy and touchy, then the real comedy unfolds! Obviously, this is not fun, this is craziness for the sake of fame and fortune for the producers and the cast!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Our creative ad of the day is from the Philippines. Made by BBDO Guerrero, the Anlene Print Ad talks about Osteoporosis.

COPY: "Osteoporosis causes 1.7 million wrist/1.6 million hip fractures every year."

Agency: BBDO Guerrero/ Proximity, Philippines
Chief Creative Officer: David Guerrero
Executive Creative Directors: Tin Sanchez & Brandie Tan
Head of Art: Paul Anderson
Art Director: Dennis Nierra
Copywriters: Meggy De Guzman & David Guerrero
Producer: Al Salvador
Photographer: Abet Bagay, Paolo Gripo
Retoucher: Manny Vailoces
Illustrator: Cherrelle Consulta 

1. Powerful imagery
2. Impressive art direction
3. Visually stunning
4. Straightforward message on "fragile" bones

1. Creepy imagery which may actually be effective in warning people.
2. Some blank spaces that can be utilized


We threw an intimate despedida lunch out for Eleven yesterday. Eleven is bound to leave Brunei on 1 April. He will come back to the Philippines (for good?) after 8 years of stay in Brunei.
Eleven and Me!
 Our lunch out was held in Misato, Kiulap. Present were the expressive and loud peeps of Expression Music School namely Matet, Regie, Michelle, Franz, Chin, and Sheila. Dan and Mark of Studio Scene also joined the long stretch of laughters and pictorial.
Salmon Bento! My Faaaaaave!

The gang!

More photo op!

Eleven is the author behind the ever popular blog named Meditation of an Asian Bimbo (CLICK). His blog primarily talks about his ala-reality TV documentation of his fashion frills, inspiration of the day and a treasure trove of entertainingly personal experiences in the Abode of Peace.

How did I meet Eleven? I first saw him and was amazed with his fashion entourage during Daniel’s 30th Birthday Celebration. Eleven was just perky yet very composed in bantering with his friend from Expressions. And because he just loves posing for the camera and the camera definitely loves his aura, he’s just natural in giving that stellar projection. As I told him yesterday, he better audition for Pinoy Big Brother Philippines. As a former producer and writer in a television network, I am confident that he can make it and he’ll even make the loudest impression among his housemates! Naks!

Anyways, Eleven, I wish you all the best. We’ve never had much time to bond in Brunei but our little chit chats and encounters will surely be treasured. I am fortunate to meet a person like you. You best represent GRACE under PRESSURE (as in!!!)! Plus, you are the only person I know who can wear pants in high waist and still can deliver beauty and define fashion at its best! Again, thank you very much and gooooodluck! 
Rock the Philippines, by STORM! =)


Last Friday night, my officemates and I threw a BBQ Night. It had been a while since we planned to have a BBQ night out in the staff house. And with so much energy and availability, we all went out and bought some stuff to fulfill an exclusive gathering.
Alice and Celynn Preparing the grill!

Contemplating on the fire starter!

The grillers? LOL

 There was no deep reason for the BBQ night out. We all just wanted to relax and veer away from our daily office routine.

Everyone helped in the BBQ night out. We all prepared roasted chicken, fish, shrimp balls, hotdogs and corns. On the side, my officemate brought a home-made mee goring. Jomai cooked tuna carbonara for everyone. I also made a garden salad as appetizer while Soc prepared her best selling leche flan.

Despite the hardship in roasting the chicken because the fire didn’t work that fast with the charcoal and fire starter, we all enjoyed our scrumptious dinner.

Our guests were the family of our former officemate Nish and the friends of Troy. Good thing they came because there were just a lot of foooooood. We asked them to bring home some food!

We capped off the night at 1 am. Zzzzz.z….z.


Have you watched Willie Revillame's talk of the town episode in Willing Willie of TV5? If you haven't, we'll check out the video below and see how Willie Revillame poked fun on Jan Jan, a six year old boy and a contestant of Willing Willie.Nakakarimarim!

While I was watching the video, I can't help but feel pity to the boy and to the family. As we all know, the dance moves of Jan Jan, a six year old boy, are similar with the dance routines of 'macho dancers' in gay bars. Unfortunately,Willie Revillame, who is notorious in bringing in entertainment through bullying contestants, never stops the kid from dancing and even asks for more. The kid is crying and Revillame is just insensitive to act accordingly. In fact, should you watch the video, Willie asks the boy to dance in intervals and keeps on laughing. And in the end of the segment, the show even highlights Jan Jan on a mini crane as girls go gaga over him.

What we have seen is a complete exploitation of the impoverish conditions of some of our kababayans or Filipinos in the Philippines. Individuals who are in power or in position like Revillame banks on asking someone's weaknesses. A poor person is asked to show off craziest and inappropriate "what you can do" talent just to earn a cash prize. This is what has happened to Jan Jan. Ano pa nga ba ang pinagkaiba ng perya sa palabas ni Revillame? At least sa perya, may respeto pang natitira.

Honestly, I'm amazed how some people tend to love Willie Revillame despite his rudeness. Perhaps, the people are blinded with his charisma in reaching out to people by giving out money. Or, some people think of him, especially those who are in soaked in poverty, as a messiah or a savior. Today, with the exploitation with a young boy, believe it or not, people would just ignore the incident and go in with their lives (hopefully not). For some, they may consider the boy's dance as courageous act which earn him some money to buy food and feed a hungry family.

That should not be the case. The government should take action not only among the producers of the show, but on Revillame as well. The show and the management should be accountable. It is also an issue on child abuse and exploitation as shown in national television. Seriously, this is not just a baranggay incident that the culprit can getaway. There are a lot witnesses and the right punishment shall be imposed.

Finally, below is the letter of Soliman in response to Revillame's exploitative acts!

ABC Development Corporation

Dear Mr. Pangilinan:

This is with regard to the 12 March 2011 episode of your show “Willing Willie”, which was brought to my attention by several concerned citizens and groups. In the said episode, a six year-old boy named Jan-Jan Estrada was made to repeatedly perform dance moves usually done by adult dancers in indecent shows. The poor child was in tears and looked scared the entire time, as show host Willie Revillame poked fun at him and the audience laughed and cheered.

Under Republic Act No. 7610, also known as "Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act”, the term “child abuse” includes the following acts: “psychological and physical abuse, neglect, cruelty, sexual abuse and emotional maltreatment,” and “any act by deeds or words which debases, degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of the child as a human being.”

Given that definition, it is unmistakable that what happened last 12 March 2011 to Jan-Jan Estrada was child abuse.

Persuading a little child to dance sexy adult dances in exchange for a measly sum, while he is being laughed at and ridiculed will definitely traumatize the child. What kind of values are we teaching our children through these shows, especially after Willie Revillame pushed Jan-Jan to do something against his will and then told him that it’s alright because he will receive money in exchange for it?

Given the foregoing, I am requesting that:

(1) Young children not be allowed to appear in Willing Willie and other similar shows in the network that cashes in on poverty;
(2) Host Willie Revillame be rebuked for his insensitive and deplorable actions.

There are limits to children appearing on television, and clearly, your 12 March 2011 episode did not respect the rights of the child and traumatized the six year-old boy. I also wish to raise my concern that the show tends to cash in on the plight of the poor. There are other ways of helping the poor without having to degrade their dignity and earn money out of it.

I hope you can act on this swiftly and I would appreciate a response from your good office.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,


Cc: Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares,
       Chairman, MTRCB

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Here is ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID!

1. Very colourful and has a summer feel.
2. Where are the newscasters?
3. The jumping shot is appealing.
4. Less show of skin for summer but the video shows summer at its best.
5. I just feel that there are a lot of new faces in ABS-CBN.
6. Where is Judy Ann, Sharon Cuneta, Tito Boy, Kris Aquino?
7. I still love the Otso-Otso Station ID.
8. I don't think Gloria Romero, Dolphy and even Korina or Ted Failon would do the jump.
9. The football influence is obvious.
10. I don't see the link of some celebrities doing some sports like Luis and even Derek Ramsey. And what's the point of Zanjoe doing some painting? FAIL!


Our creative ad of the day is about a Breast Cancer Campaign. Apart from highlighting purchases of a pink ribbon, the campaign basically encourages regular breast checks to detect and fight cancer.

The visual plays around with the concept of vanity that overshadows the "right things" such as health concerns. In the succeeding visuals, the image articulates obsession on pimples, a bad hair day and having a big butt. 

HEADLINE:"Are you obsessed with the right things?

Agency: DDB, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Joji Jacob
Creative Director: Thomas Yang
Art Director: Andrea Kuo
Copywriter: Khairul Mondzi
Illustrator: Andy Yang Soo Kit
Digital Retoucher: Agnes Teo
Photographer: Allan Ng (Republic Studios)

1. Powerful imagery
2. Catchy tagline
3. Good association of obsession with vanity 
4. Simple message but engaging
5. Straightforward

1. Visual may be sexually offensive for some conservative people
2. May be mistaken for a tattoo campaign if not understood properly


 Last Saturday, the world observed Earth Hour. Everyone was encouraged to switch off their lights from 8:30 to 9:30. Yours truly observed Earth Hour last Saturday. 

Oddly, while waiting for the clock to hit 9:30, I fell asleep and woke up the next day. With that, my Earth hour turned into Earth HOURS. The lights in our staff house were out from 8:30 until morning.

Prior to Earth Hour, my officemates and I went out to buy some grocery items for our planned BBQ Night in the staff house. Believe it or not, we brought our own eco bags in shopping.

As we were paying, I felt good as the girl behind the counter packed our grocery items. The cashier even commended our deed in showing to others the initiative to use an eco bag.

Shopping at SKH with our HSBC Eco Bag!
On one hand, on the day of observing Earth Hour, I passed by in a nearby grocery store. As the people queue to pay their groceries, I observed that most people brought their own eco bags. In Brunei, there’s an initiative to practice using eco bags in shopping especially on weekends. To my surprise, those shoppers who forgot to bring their eco bags were either asked to carry their items without plastic or were asked to purchase an eco bag. Most of the shoppers opted to purchase instant eco bags.

If there’s anything that we can learn about the practice of Earth Hour, it is about the divide interest and participation among people. During the moment of Earth Hour, here in our neighborhood, most of the houses didn’t switch off their lights. And as I follow some tweets from my friends in the Philippines, I observed that few houses participated in the advocacy.

Saving the Earth is a matter of compassion and decision. Anyone can take action. But anyone can be pathetic as well. But the truth is, the Earth is here to stay. We, humans, should make ways to save our existence. The phenomenon that are happening around us do not only articulate the big changes that the Earth could be heading to. It may also threaten humanity. Just look at the consecutive natural disasters that have hit different countries across the globe.

Can you imagine the Earth for the next 100 years? What if 2012 is real? Have you weighed natural disasters in a scientific approach?

Let us turn EARTH hour practices into a daily routine. Use eco bags. Try to recycle. Save electricity. Conserve water. There are a lot of ways and it doesn't have to be boxed in an hour. 

Love the Earth, Save Humanity. It all begins within ourselves.

Friday, March 25, 2011


We are all familiar with flash mobilization as a strategy in advertising or marketing. For our creative ad of the day, we will be featuring a flash mobilization that campaigns against nuclear plants!

Agency: Walker, Switzerland
Creative Director: Pius Walker
Art Director: Stefanie Huber
Copywriter: Martin Arnold
Graphic Designer: Rahel Witschi
Film Production: Pumpkin Film & Cobblestone
Producers: Caro Büchel & Pieter Lony
Director Of Photography: Manuel Mack
Editor: Alex Kut
Music: Malte Hagemeister

1. Attention grabbing
2. Massive
3. Disturbing but can happen in real life
4. May articulate sudden death as an alarming status

1. It needs a follow-up to expound on the threats of Nuclear Plants.
2. It may look odd for bystanders who think the rendition as a joke or prank. Something like "just for fun" episodes.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Our advertisement for today is a video. It showcases a brand named Panda.

Agency: Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Directors/Copywriters: Ali Ali & Maged Nasar
Art Director: Hossam Fawzy
Production Company: The House
Director: Ali Ali
Producer: Hossam Fawzy
Editors: Mohsen Abdel Wahab & Azman
Sound Design/Arrangement: Hosny Ali
Lighting: Pedro Belray
Post Production: Azman


I find the visuals and the rendition of the print as disturbing. It may get you to laugh with the aggressive character of the angelic face of the bear. But at the end of the advertisement, the message that it gives you work on the element of getting harm or putting your life in mayhem if you don't get the Panda brand. Actually, the ad reminds me of someone who is dumped and who gets after for a revenge.


1. Funny and attention grabbing.
2. The bear's face us just cute.
3. The terrified on the people's face is just classic.

1. Disturbing depiction of a Panda's Behavior
2. Hard sell at its scariest.


Our creative ad of the day is not an advertisement. It is a strategic communication collateral that conveys green living in the city. In conjunction with the upcoming Earth Hour, the creative rubbish bag is definitely a hit. This creative rendition is delivered by Colenso BBDO in partnership with the Auckland City Council, New Zealand.

Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Creative Director: Levi Slavin
Art Director: Kia Heinnen
Copywriter: Zoe Hawkins
Agency Producer: Gabrielle Buckle
Additional Creatives: Lisa Fedyszyn & Jonathan McMahon
Photographer: Stephen Langdon
Retoucher: Kevin Hyde
Designer: Renee Lam

1. Creative and stylish.
2. The bushy design is visually appetizing.
3. Could be effective to paint the town "green."
4. Innovative.

1. Production could be costly with the green paint.
2. Might be mistaken by rubbish collectors as a bush and could be missed for collection.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My Friends and I decided to have our first ever GARAGE SALE this 2 and 3 April 2011. Dubbed as "Go Go Go Garage Sale," the clearance of items is definitely a markdown madness! From DVDs to Fashionable items, we've all got cool finds at the cheapest price!

What items you can find? DVDs, Jeans, Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, bags, slippers and a lot more. Unfortunately, we don't have big items like fridge or a television.

Sales Schedule is as follows:
April 2, Saturday
5 to 8 PM only

April 3, Sunday
1 to 8 PM only

Our place is located at Unit A Block 21822 Simpang 179-16 Jalan Kiarong Brunei Darussalam. We have attached a map below for your convenience.

Seeeeee you all there! Surprises await you! =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Our creative ad of the day is China's Adidas Ad.

Tagline: Impossible is Nothing!

Agency: TBWA, Shanghai
Creative Directors: Yang Yeo, Elvis Chau, Sarawut Hengsawad, Lesley Zhou & John Merrifield
Copywriters: Leslsy Zhou, Sarawut Hengsawad, Nicky Zhang & Michelle Wu
Photgrapher: Mark Zibert
Illustrators: Luming & Lance Ma

1. Powerful ensemble of image manipulation
2. Visually appetizing
3. Timely for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
4. No need for body copy to explain or support the visual
5. Stand alone visuals
6. Good interplay of colour to highlight subject

1. A bit common tagline
2. Bordering on extreme surreality


Starting today, as an advertising copywriter, I will be featuring a creative ad for a day, either for viewing pleasure or to ignite my creativity. I will also share my insights on it.

This print ad is from Amnesty International France.
Tagline: Forced Expulsion are still fashionable.

Advertiser: Amnesty International
Advertising Agency: TBWA/Paris, France
Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Rémi Noel
Art Director: Mohamed Bereche

The commercial titled Expulsion was done by Tbwa\paris advertising agency for Amnesty International (for Amnesty International) in France. It was released in the March 2010. 

1. Emotional and truly depict violence.
2. Creative in using the runway to signify "fashion."
3. The tagline goes well with the image.

a. It's a bit cluttered.
b. In a fashion show, the model goes back to the backstage. So, did the concept of expulsion compliment the idea?

Monday, March 21, 2011


I started singing when I was 7 years old. If I’m not mistaken, Michael Jackson’s “I’ll be there” was the first song I learned and sang in front of a crowd. It was in our town fiesta that I performed the song.

Years later, I honed my singing talent by joining the church and school choir. On the side, I joined some singing contests. I lose and won in some competitions. Apart from my exposure in the church and in my school, my neighborhood was my earliest witnesses on my attempt to master my songs using our microphone and karaoke. Sooner, that microphone was replaced with a magic sing.

Today, I will share to all of you the TOP 10 Tips on how to become a good singer/ performer. Let’s start the ball rolling.

1. IDENTIFY YOUR VOICE RANGE. The first step in becoming a good singer is to identify your voice range. This is the stage where you figure out how high and low your voice can go. You can also reflect on the thickness of your voice. By knowing all of these, you can know what type of songs you can sing as complemented with the image you can explore in becoming a star. Plus, this shall help you gauge the styling of your voice. Styling means the “kulot” or the “twists” which you can incorporate as you sing a song.

2. PICK A SONG THAT IS WITHIN YOUR VOICE RANGE. Believe it or not, song choice is very important if you want to become a good singer. After knowing your voice range, you can pick a song that’s within your voice’s reach. Be sure to get a song that will make you comfortable singing it. Be sure that the song is not that low and not that high from your reach. Bear in mind, you can “copy” your idol singer at some point in your voice training. However, just be sure to inject your originality once you start building your voice.

3. KNOW YOUR IMAGE. After all the song selections and the pulsing of your voice’s reach, you can also start building your image. An image is how you will project or sell yourself as a performer. Do you want to be a Diva, a rocker, an RnB artist, or a Balladeer? As you establish yourself, song choices and your voice range reflect you image. Just be sure to be original and not become a laughing stock with an image that doesn’t fit you at all.

4. PRACTICE, WHEREVER, WHENEVER. Whether you are in a toilet or in a studio, it is best to practice singing. However, be sensitive with your environment. Should you feel that most of your neighbors are already irked with your singing, I suggest, STOP. Better yet, you can leave the microphone and practice by listening first to the original singer of the song you’re trying to hit.

5. EXPOSE YOURSELF. One of the best practices to develop your singing skills is by exposing yourself to the real world. You can join a choir, compete in a singing contest, or even join a band. Should you want to become a celebrity, then join television singing contests. Through this, you get to develop your voice. Plus, performing in front of a crowd develops your confidence and presence of mind especially in technical glitches.

6. ENROLL IN A MUSIC SCHOOL. If you have some extra budget, you can enroll yourself in a music school. But before enrolling, identify if you want to do Opera or Pop Singing. Should you want imbibe that Luciano Pavarotti’s Performance, an Opera school is for you. However, if you want to venture in becoming a Pop Star or some Boy-next-door Singer, then go for Pop school. You can also go for threater schools that offer courses on acting paired with singing and dancing. In these music schools, they’ll harness your voice, provide you advices, train you on stage, and expose you through recitals.

7. MOVE ON STAGE. Blocking is very important on stage. When I enrolled in a pop school, one of the basic elements in stage performance that I learned was blocking. You move from the center, to the left, to the middle, then to the right, and back to the middle. By creating some movements or blocking on stage, you get to establish your confidence and appeal to your audience. Just make sure that you don’t shake as it will reflect on your knees.

8. CLOSE YOUR EYES ON HITTING HIGH NOTES. One of the techniques in singing is closing your eyes in hitting high notes. If you will observe it, most singers who hit high notes close their eyes on reaching high parts of a song. Why? When you reach a high key, the tendency is your eyes get big. Aesthetically, it is much better to see a person reaching a high note with an eyes closed rather than someone who has a soon-to-pop-out eyes. Plus, closing your eyes creates an impression to your audience that you wholeheartedly feel or enjoy the song.

9. USE HAND GESTURES. One of the keys in a good performance of a singer is incorporating hand gestures. Hand gestures including swaying to the left or right; pointing your fingers; putting your fist to your chest, and a lot more. Depending on the song, you can go for fast and slow ones. Another technique is transfer the microphone from one hand to another as you sing from one paragraph to another paragraph. This will create an impression to your audience that you are confident and you are well prepared.

10. BE CONFIDENT. Being confident starts from the moment you step on stage up to how you exit. The only way to be confident in any performance is to prepare accordingly. In my case, before I go on stage, I try to breathe in and out while repetitively listening to my song. I also drink warm water with ginger to relax my voice. Bear in mind, (although it is really a tough challenge), you have to relax before you go on stage and perform. Being too nervous will definitely ruin your performance; either you forget your lines, shake your hands while holding the microphone, and even go out of pitch during your moment. How do you handle nervousness? Psyche yourself that you will enjoy your performance. You have to convince yourself that you can bring out an original and an entertaining showmanship. Of course, you wouldn’t want to end up in shame with a chaotic performance, considering that you  rehearsed for a couple of weeks or even months.

Being a good singer takes times and hardwork. It’s not an overnight process. You have to be patient and practice more. However, with enough perseverance, you can find your uniqueness and even become the next singing sensation.


This personal post is about my recent sojourn in feeding my soul a nutritious and happy pill. From workshops to simple dine out, finally, monotony has been fought, successfully! Read on, my dear readers! 


Last Saturday, I gave a workshop to the teachers of Seria Mulia Sarjana School here in Brunei. I shared my insights on developing strategies on effective and creative oral communication.

I enjoyed my workshop not only because I was able to utilize some video clips and visuals to spruce up my talk. The participants were also very active and participative to volunteering themselves on some activities and coming out of their comfort zones.

I loved the energy of many of the teachers. They’re not afraid to share their experiences and they were very creative in adopting with my activities. Some teachers were very articulate and some were just full of hype. Bottom line, the event was successful because of them, the teachers.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish the activities and some discussions I prepared. Time went by unnoticeable.

Nevertheless, I also learned a lot from the workshop I conducted. First, I have to be conscious with my time. Should I be given with 2 hours, I should adjust my discussions and end on time. Second, I have to check on the microphone if it’s on or off. Perhaps I was just so energetic that day that I didn’t notice how loud I talked. And lastly, I hope to conduct more workshops in the future. Talking to people and sharing my experiences are just priceless. 

This is more of a PROBONO. Meaning to say, I didn't get any fee. To me, to be invited to talk and share my knowledge is just a wonderful experience. 

Oh! Thanks for the school's gift. 


Saturday night, yours truly attended the UP Circle Brunei Induction of new officers and members. Yours truly is appointed as the Vice Chairman. It is also the 20th year celebration of UP Circle Brunei.

The organization was initiated in 1991 through the commitment and hardwork of 13 individuals, UP graduates. Committed in excellence and service to the people, the organization has delivered pioneering projects in Brunei ranging from the fields of the arts and science. From bringing the Madrigal Singers to perform in Brunei up to initiating a forum on Biotechnology and even putting up an annual scrabble competition, the members and officers of UP Circle Brunei have been always at par in delivering unique and insightful activities for the Filipino and Bruneian communities.

Induction of New Officers!

Induction of New Members!
 I hosted the event together with Ma’am Betsy, my former professor back in my UP Diliman days. We were hilarious and we bantered well on stage!

We had an interesting programme that night. We had special games like Tongue Twisters in Filipino and Bugtong. Plus, we had a funny UP Trivia game. And of course, there were some stunning performances ranging from “UBD Chorale and Dance Troop” (All performers are from UBD!) and a special performance by Hamdi, a Bruneian, who sang a tagalog song entitled “Para lang sa’yo.”
The 'UBD Chorale and Dance Troop'
Tongue Twister, Women's Category!

UBD Chorale!

Face-to-Face portion of Tongue Twister!

Ms. Lea in the Women's Category of Tongue Twister!

Me and Dra. Irma during the UP trivia game!

Hamdi singing a tagalog song!

I also sang during the event. I braved myself in singing “I don’t wanna miss a thing,” which I was able to pulled through even without practice. And yes oh yes, I did our AVP (to be uploaded, soon!). 

Yours truly is belting out a song "I don't wanna miss a thing!"

The programme ended at around 11 in the evening. It was well attended by new and old members. We all capped off the night with serious to half-serious to crazy photo ops!

And guess what, we are on today's newspaper!


If you are a UP graduate and you are here in Brunei Darussalam, please do join UP Circle Brunei. Please do email me at Let's all share our talents and serve our community. Mabuhay ang mga Iskolar ng Bayan!


Today, my officemates and I decided to sweeten our typical day. We all opted to go out for lunch and dine at Pastamania in Times Square.

I had the Creamy Chicken Penne and an Iced Lemon Tea.

Apart from the typical chit chat, the table was packed with photo ops. With left and right clicks, we all showed our biggest and craziest smiles and poses.

 That's all, bow!