Monday, March 28, 2011


Last Friday night, my officemates and I threw a BBQ Night. It had been a while since we planned to have a BBQ night out in the staff house. And with so much energy and availability, we all went out and bought some stuff to fulfill an exclusive gathering.
Alice and Celynn Preparing the grill!

Contemplating on the fire starter!

The grillers? LOL

 There was no deep reason for the BBQ night out. We all just wanted to relax and veer away from our daily office routine.

Everyone helped in the BBQ night out. We all prepared roasted chicken, fish, shrimp balls, hotdogs and corns. On the side, my officemate brought a home-made mee goring. Jomai cooked tuna carbonara for everyone. I also made a garden salad as appetizer while Soc prepared her best selling leche flan.

Despite the hardship in roasting the chicken because the fire didn’t work that fast with the charcoal and fire starter, we all enjoyed our scrumptious dinner.

Our guests were the family of our former officemate Nish and the friends of Troy. Good thing they came because there were just a lot of foooooood. We asked them to bring home some food!

We capped off the night at 1 am. Zzzzz.z….z.

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