Monday, March 28, 2011


We threw an intimate despedida lunch out for Eleven yesterday. Eleven is bound to leave Brunei on 1 April. He will come back to the Philippines (for good?) after 8 years of stay in Brunei.
Eleven and Me!
 Our lunch out was held in Misato, Kiulap. Present were the expressive and loud peeps of Expression Music School namely Matet, Regie, Michelle, Franz, Chin, and Sheila. Dan and Mark of Studio Scene also joined the long stretch of laughters and pictorial.
Salmon Bento! My Faaaaaave!

The gang!

More photo op!

Eleven is the author behind the ever popular blog named Meditation of an Asian Bimbo (CLICK). His blog primarily talks about his ala-reality TV documentation of his fashion frills, inspiration of the day and a treasure trove of entertainingly personal experiences in the Abode of Peace.

How did I meet Eleven? I first saw him and was amazed with his fashion entourage during Daniel’s 30th Birthday Celebration. Eleven was just perky yet very composed in bantering with his friend from Expressions. And because he just loves posing for the camera and the camera definitely loves his aura, he’s just natural in giving that stellar projection. As I told him yesterday, he better audition for Pinoy Big Brother Philippines. As a former producer and writer in a television network, I am confident that he can make it and he’ll even make the loudest impression among his housemates! Naks!

Anyways, Eleven, I wish you all the best. We’ve never had much time to bond in Brunei but our little chit chats and encounters will surely be treasured. I am fortunate to meet a person like you. You best represent GRACE under PRESSURE (as in!!!)! Plus, you are the only person I know who can wear pants in high waist and still can deliver beauty and define fashion at its best! Again, thank you very much and gooooodluck! 
Rock the Philippines, by STORM! =)

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