Sunday, March 27, 2011


 Last Saturday, the world observed Earth Hour. Everyone was encouraged to switch off their lights from 8:30 to 9:30. Yours truly observed Earth Hour last Saturday. 

Oddly, while waiting for the clock to hit 9:30, I fell asleep and woke up the next day. With that, my Earth hour turned into Earth HOURS. The lights in our staff house were out from 8:30 until morning.

Prior to Earth Hour, my officemates and I went out to buy some grocery items for our planned BBQ Night in the staff house. Believe it or not, we brought our own eco bags in shopping.

As we were paying, I felt good as the girl behind the counter packed our grocery items. The cashier even commended our deed in showing to others the initiative to use an eco bag.

Shopping at SKH with our HSBC Eco Bag!
On one hand, on the day of observing Earth Hour, I passed by in a nearby grocery store. As the people queue to pay their groceries, I observed that most people brought their own eco bags. In Brunei, there’s an initiative to practice using eco bags in shopping especially on weekends. To my surprise, those shoppers who forgot to bring their eco bags were either asked to carry their items without plastic or were asked to purchase an eco bag. Most of the shoppers opted to purchase instant eco bags.

If there’s anything that we can learn about the practice of Earth Hour, it is about the divide interest and participation among people. During the moment of Earth Hour, here in our neighborhood, most of the houses didn’t switch off their lights. And as I follow some tweets from my friends in the Philippines, I observed that few houses participated in the advocacy.

Saving the Earth is a matter of compassion and decision. Anyone can take action. But anyone can be pathetic as well. But the truth is, the Earth is here to stay. We, humans, should make ways to save our existence. The phenomenon that are happening around us do not only articulate the big changes that the Earth could be heading to. It may also threaten humanity. Just look at the consecutive natural disasters that have hit different countries across the globe.

Can you imagine the Earth for the next 100 years? What if 2012 is real? Have you weighed natural disasters in a scientific approach?

Let us turn EARTH hour practices into a daily routine. Use eco bags. Try to recycle. Save electricity. Conserve water. There are a lot of ways and it doesn't have to be boxed in an hour. 

Love the Earth, Save Humanity. It all begins within ourselves.

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