Monday, March 21, 2011


This personal post is about my recent sojourn in feeding my soul a nutritious and happy pill. From workshops to simple dine out, finally, monotony has been fought, successfully! Read on, my dear readers! 


Last Saturday, I gave a workshop to the teachers of Seria Mulia Sarjana School here in Brunei. I shared my insights on developing strategies on effective and creative oral communication.

I enjoyed my workshop not only because I was able to utilize some video clips and visuals to spruce up my talk. The participants were also very active and participative to volunteering themselves on some activities and coming out of their comfort zones.

I loved the energy of many of the teachers. They’re not afraid to share their experiences and they were very creative in adopting with my activities. Some teachers were very articulate and some were just full of hype. Bottom line, the event was successful because of them, the teachers.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish the activities and some discussions I prepared. Time went by unnoticeable.

Nevertheless, I also learned a lot from the workshop I conducted. First, I have to be conscious with my time. Should I be given with 2 hours, I should adjust my discussions and end on time. Second, I have to check on the microphone if it’s on or off. Perhaps I was just so energetic that day that I didn’t notice how loud I talked. And lastly, I hope to conduct more workshops in the future. Talking to people and sharing my experiences are just priceless. 

This is more of a PROBONO. Meaning to say, I didn't get any fee. To me, to be invited to talk and share my knowledge is just a wonderful experience. 

Oh! Thanks for the school's gift. 


Saturday night, yours truly attended the UP Circle Brunei Induction of new officers and members. Yours truly is appointed as the Vice Chairman. It is also the 20th year celebration of UP Circle Brunei.

The organization was initiated in 1991 through the commitment and hardwork of 13 individuals, UP graduates. Committed in excellence and service to the people, the organization has delivered pioneering projects in Brunei ranging from the fields of the arts and science. From bringing the Madrigal Singers to perform in Brunei up to initiating a forum on Biotechnology and even putting up an annual scrabble competition, the members and officers of UP Circle Brunei have been always at par in delivering unique and insightful activities for the Filipino and Bruneian communities.

Induction of New Officers!

Induction of New Members!
 I hosted the event together with Ma’am Betsy, my former professor back in my UP Diliman days. We were hilarious and we bantered well on stage!

We had an interesting programme that night. We had special games like Tongue Twisters in Filipino and Bugtong. Plus, we had a funny UP Trivia game. And of course, there were some stunning performances ranging from “UBD Chorale and Dance Troop” (All performers are from UBD!) and a special performance by Hamdi, a Bruneian, who sang a tagalog song entitled “Para lang sa’yo.”
The 'UBD Chorale and Dance Troop'
Tongue Twister, Women's Category!

UBD Chorale!

Face-to-Face portion of Tongue Twister!

Ms. Lea in the Women's Category of Tongue Twister!

Me and Dra. Irma during the UP trivia game!

Hamdi singing a tagalog song!

I also sang during the event. I braved myself in singing “I don’t wanna miss a thing,” which I was able to pulled through even without practice. And yes oh yes, I did our AVP (to be uploaded, soon!). 

Yours truly is belting out a song "I don't wanna miss a thing!"

The programme ended at around 11 in the evening. It was well attended by new and old members. We all capped off the night with serious to half-serious to crazy photo ops!

And guess what, we are on today's newspaper!


If you are a UP graduate and you are here in Brunei Darussalam, please do join UP Circle Brunei. Please do email me at Let's all share our talents and serve our community. Mabuhay ang mga Iskolar ng Bayan!


Today, my officemates and I decided to sweeten our typical day. We all opted to go out for lunch and dine at Pastamania in Times Square.

I had the Creamy Chicken Penne and an Iced Lemon Tea.

Apart from the typical chit chat, the table was packed with photo ops. With left and right clicks, we all showed our biggest and craziest smiles and poses.

 That's all, bow!

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