Sunday, March 6, 2011


How GAGA are you with fame monster LADY GAGA?  In this exclusive entry, I have listed the TOP 5 Videos that have been the talk in the World Wide Web. From parodies to jaw-dropping performance, these performers are just smitten by Lady Gaga's monstrous talent.

(1)  "JUST DANCE" Acapella version

The first video is an acapella version of the song "Just Dance," which was performed by Cantika, Audrey and Gamaliel Tapiheru. These kids (I suppose) are from Indonesia.

(2) "Poker Face"Acapella Version (Group)

The second video is an acapella version of "Poker Face" performed by UCB Noteworthy. The video featured Brian Wang and Joey Goodknight at the 9th Annual West Coast A Cappella Showcase at the University of California, Berkeley, on November 13, 2009. (Arranged by Spencer Yeh.)

(3) "Bad Romance" Acapella version (Group)

The third video is performed by a group named On the Rocks of the University of Oregon. Unimaginably, the guys were able to deliver a strong performance.

(4) "Telephone" A Parody by Lady Gagita featuring Haronce

The fourth video is a parody of the song "Telephone." Two Filipinos, named as Lady Gagita and Haronce, did the powerful performance.

(1) THE BEST SELLER: "Born This Way" by Maria Aragon

This video launched 10-year old Pinay Maria Aragon to Stardom. Because of the viral video, the grade 5 student from Winnipeg, Canado even got a chance to sing the song with Lady Gaga in a Live Concert 'Monster Ball,' which was held in Toronto.

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