Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Kris Aquino, touted as the Queen of all Media, is an icon for Philippine Pop culture. Apart from being one of the highest paid celebrities and most sought after star in Philippine show business, she also carries the Aquino's political legacy.

Admit it or not, her presence has influenced you at different levels. From her fashion to her smirks on The Buzz and to her high pitched voice in hosting game shows, she surely has become part of our lives as Filipinos.

Today, I have listed the TOP 15 Elements how Kris Aquino affect our pagka-Filipino. Whether you are a guy, girl, gay, butiki or baboy, the Queen of all Media has a say in your private space, a reason why Kris Aquino could be considered as a bankable and powerful celebrity.

 (1) GAME SHOWS. When you think of game shows, you synonymously think of Kris Aquino. And by merely saying Game ka Na Ba, or The Price is Right, you embody Kris Aquino’s energy on stage. Of course, apart from mimicking Aquino’s energy on stage, you fantasize or aspire to become a contestant and walk away with the grand prize.  Because of Kris' presence on stage, some Filipinos have thought (especially those who are uneducated) that she is the one who gives away big cash prizes. Some people don't know that the money thrown in each episode is provided by sponsors and by the producers of the show such as the television network.

Whether you are a guy or girl, you somehow buy a corned beef endorsed by Kris Aquino. Why? Not only dahil sa komersyal na halos lumalabas na ang dila ni Kris Aquino at nakumbinse kang masarap ang corned beef, purchasing the brand makes you to identify yourself or align yourself with the Kris Aquino's superb taste on food. Products are all the same. But through positioning or branding the corned beef as Kris Aquino's choice, you are attracted to the idea.

 (3) SHAMPOO. You never aspire to posses a long and black shiny hair. But when Kris Aquino endorsed Pantene, you felt that it’s time to buy Pantene. You buy it not only because of a long and shiny black hair that you could achieve. You purchase one because you feel like a diva, just like Kris Aquino. 

(4) SMART. When Kris Aquino started endorsing SMART, you somehow feel that the product become appealing. By Kris Aquino's wit and spontaneity on television or wherever she may appear, you thought that such personality is relevant to the credibility of SMART communications. And so, you jump into the Kris mobile bandwagon and even subscribe to update from Kris Aquino! Gaaaaawd! I can't imagine why people would do that. Talk about, FANDOM! 

(5) HAHAHAHA. No one could ever beat Kris Aquino’s kolehiyalang pasosyal na tawa. Delivered in a high pitch and staccato tone, Kris Aquino’s hahahaha doesn’t only signify kaartehan, it also beats the hahahaha of a popular busina on Philippine road. With this, should you feel that you are kolehiyala and pasosyal, imitating Kris Aquino's laugh could come handy. Apparently, such laugh from trying hard beings is somehow irritating.

(6) BELO. Before the “Hope” controversy rattled the seemingly Kris-Aquino-craze culture, Kris Aquino was the flagship bearer of the Belo Medical group. Because of that, men and women are attracted to try whatever Kris Aquino says on national television. This ranges from liposuction to tummy tuck and a lot more. Surprisingly, despite the dropping off by Kris under Belo’s beauty regime, we can still associate Kris and science-project based beauty to Belo. And so the magic of science beauty continues and empowers those who aspire to look good or even BEST.

 (7) PLASTICITY. Showbizness is all about flaunting your assets and hiding your flaws. Kris Aquino has always been phenomenal in exposing both her assets and liabilities. From wrecked relationships to new found love and booming career, Kris Aquino has just opened her life to the public in an uncontrollable phase. Unfortunately, because of her transparency, some people have associated her smiles and blank reactions as somewhat Orocan. Remember Kris Aquino’s banter with Ruffa Gutierrez? Or by simply observing her gestures, indeed, actions speaks louder than words. And this plasticity somewhat transcends to the real lives of real people. In a more casual setting, plasticity goes well with showbusiness or denying accusations that are obvious.

 (8) WHITENING. In a country gifted with a tan or brown skin color, possessing a white skin is an advantage. Kris Aquino is one of those who are gifted with a natural white and healthy skin, which is even highlighted with some medical attention. And with Kris Aquino’s radiant white skin, everyone would just want to wear her skin.

(9) BIMBI. When Bimbi comes in the Aquino family and soon enters showbusiness, some mothers would think their young ones as a prototype of Kris Aquino’s Bimbi. And so, whatever Kris endorses for Bimbi, everyone would just buy that product. On the side, there’s another “B” in Kris’ Life. Guess who? It’s BAMBI Fuentes, her ever loyal make up artist.

(10) LOVE LIFE. No one could ever beat Kris Aquino’s love life battles and exposures. From showing her abandoned and super heartbroken self on national television up to crying in joy, Kris Aquino has just become an icon of Pinoy Relationship at its prime complexity. She even released an album to share her story of struggles and triumph in her love life. And with this, people can relate what she had and has undergone for the past years. Believe it or not, she is the only Filipino celebrity (not even associated with her family’s political background) who had once become a headline in print and broadcast media just because of a break-up. Powerful!!!! 

(11) A HOUSEHOLD NAME. From product endorsements, to hosting games shows and up to producing her own magazine named Kris, Kris Aquino could be considered a shadow on every Filipino’s private self. No one could escape her. Even if you ignore her, you can’t. That’s because her presence defines Philippine culture. In fact, she is an amalgamation of showbusiness, politics and even sports. And with all the intrigues or controversy that she has surpassed, she’s surely a persona to always watch out for. She just sizzling noticeable!

(12) TAGLISH. Remember PIDO-DIDA Days of Kris Aquino with the departed Rene Requiestas? Yes, those were the days when Kris Aquino started "Taglish," a combination of Tagalog and English. Pampered in a rich clan of the Aquinos, Kris Aquino has showcased and has contributed a new form of language in Philippine culture through Taglish. Her dialogues or lines during interviews are just natural. From banters like "You're so nakakatuwa" or up to "I think, you're bagay with him," Kris Aquino possesses the innate character to deliver the sometimes annoying statements paired with her naipit na dagang tono. 

(13) FASHION. Whatever Kris Aquino wears, it will surely be incorporated in Pinoy fashion. From her different hair styles up to overflowing dresses which she normally wears in her shows, Kris Aquino is one of the most influential celebrities in defying fashion. To date, Kris Aquino has even expanded her fashion line from perfumes to even household stuff.

(14) SPORTS. With Kris Aquino's relationship with James Yap, she has opened the doors to "much" popularity of Basketball in the Philippines. Given her unstable quest with Yap, people around her doesn't only connive with her emotions, but also watches basketball with a high and intense level of anticipation; it's as if James Yap would throw a three-pointer banters on all the intrigues that surround their chaotic relationship. 

(15) ELECTION. I'm not quite sure if how Kris Aquino has turned the wheel during Noynoy's campaign but her mere support has contributed (at least a fraction) to Pnoy's winning in the Presidential candidacy race. With all the drama and entertainment linked to Kris Aquino, an umbrella of representation for the Aquino has been established to articulate the real conditions of the Filipino. Just like every Filipino, Kris Aquino embodies a vocal, nagpapaka-totoo and courageous persona in every personal battles. For that, whatever she endorses, the people are influenced that what has been picked or chosen is a smart choice.

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