Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Apart from Christmas, summer is one of the much-awaited seasonw in the Philippines. It’s the time of the year where students in all levels take a vacation. It’s the moment where everyone can go out of town and bask under the sun in a white-sand beach. It’s the season to showcase a body that you’ve sculpted in the gym paired with extreme diet in the past months. Yes, summer is the perfect season to enjoy a getaway with your loved ones.

In this entry, I have listed some of the signs to know if summer has officially started in the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines.

(1) Blazing Billboard. Along EDSA, your eyes won’t just popped out because of violent bus drivers and undisciplined people crossing the road, you will also be surprised to see big bulges, six packs, coca-cola shaped, and wet bodies on billboards. Dressed in skimpy and tight bathing suits that are designed with summer patterns, the presence of gym-enriched models on the billboard are definitely the first signs that the “heat” is on.

(2) Jam-packed beaches and resorts. Whenever summer hits the Philippines, you would desire to go in a beach or pool and wet yourself until the heat of the surrounding subsides. For this reason, every Filipino prefers to enjoy the summer in the beach. End up, most resorts – pool or beach- are packed with families. Because of this, you may literally can’t swim because there’s just a lot of people around.

(3) Temperature Rising. In the Philippines, summer won’t be called the hottest season of the year without the evidence or reports on how crazy the temperature is. Seriously, it’s really hot, as in HELLISH HOT! As I remember, last year’s temperature even hit at 40 plus degrees Celsius. With this, you will literally perspire even you’re just waiting for a public transportation. As in, tagaktak pawis!

(4) More than 5 times Bath Sessions. Because of the heat of the sun paired with pollution, most Filipinos would go for not just one time or two time bathing; some would even go for 5 times just to refresh and escape the scorching heat. Of course, with the Filipinos vanity and cleanliness, you (foreigner or local) wouldn’t want to attract deadly stares from others who are irked with a bad and “amoy-araw” smell.

(5) Busted Appliances. During summer, electric fans, computers and airconditions are the type of appliances that get easily busted. With an intense heat, most appliances that are overused simply give up.

(6) Less Clothing. Wherever you look, people are just dressed with less clothing – from sleeveless to tube dresses. And yes, there is the surfacing of mini and micro-mini clothing that complement the heat of the summer. Kung puede nga lang maghubad sa kalsada, bakit hindi!

(7) Slippers and Swimsuits in Fashion. Well, slippers (branded, not or fake) have part of the Filipino fashion since Havaianas popularized it. And with the onset of summer, there could be doubling of sales of slippers and crocs among Filipinos. Wearing slippers is just comfortable. It relaxes the toes of your fingers without wearing socks and shoes. On the other hand, people go gaga in purchasing swimming outfits that they can flaunt on their summer swimming adventure.

(8) Shades. Be it the branded or the cheapest one, wearing shades is one of the signs that summer is in the country.  Seriously, everyone is wearing shades in different shapes and sizes. With or without a pointed nose, you have the right to wear one!

 (9) Buy a Fan or Aircon. To fight the heat of the surrounding, most Filipinos would go buy a new electric fan or an aircon. Seriously, if you visit the major malls, electric fans and aircons are displayed everywhere. Apparently, summer is the time of the year where there's an increase on pricing of fans and aircons. It's the basic rule of demand and supply.

(10) Water Dispenser and Fridge. As everyone wants to enjoy a cold water to quench a very dry day, water dispensers and fridge become saleable. 

To be continued...

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