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This is a continuation of my first post on Signs that it's Summer in the Philippines. For the first part, simply CLICK!
(11) Halo-Halo. Tasty and truly yummy, the presence of the halo-halo is one of the signs that summer has officially touched down in the Philippines. Made of different ingredients ranging from fruits, beans, leche flan and a lot more, the halo-halo is truly a must-taste to enjoy the summer heat.

(12) Ice Candy from the Neighborhood.  As they say, you can earn from the summer vacation. For most Filipinos, they sell home-made ice candy. Since it is easy to make for all you need is a blender and fruits, houses that sell ice candies are found everywhere.

(13) Ice cream for sale. From “dirty” ice cream to specially flavored ice cream in plastic cans, the ice cream is just irresistible during the Summer season. You will surely forget about your diet when you taste one. Imagine, flavors range from mango up to double dutch and cookies and cream!

(14) Station ID of ABS-CBN,GMA7 and TV5. With a celebrity-craze culture, Station ID of different television stations are also signs that officiate summer in the country. In these videos, celebrities depict the season with celebrities wearing summer-themed fashion paired with shoots at beaches.

(15) Reports on dry lands. News on drying farmlands are also part of the summer season. Because of this, price of some commodities increase.

(16) Mango. Yes, summer is equivalent to the boom of mangoes in the Philippines. Every stall sell mangoes ranging from the sweetest to the unripe ones. During this time, unripe mangoes with bagoong (fish sauce) is truly a must-experience.

(17) Reports on critical low water level. Because of intense heat, the water level at Philippine dams becomes low. For this, either we do cloud seeding if needed or the government advice everyone to save on water.

(18) Shout outs of ‘Ang init.’ From verbal to written forms, everyone can’t help but say ‘ANG INIT!’ Truth is, nakakalusaw ang init!

(19) Purchases of Sunscreen. As everyone heads to the beaches or pools, most groceries put out their sunscreens in bulks. Admit it or not, Filipinos are just skin-tone conscious. They don’t want to get dark. On the other hand, sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

(20) Floral. From clothes to home furniture, everything is just designed with flowers and other nature-inspired ornaments.Pastel colors are also in to attract fresh breeze.

(21) Baguio or Tagaytay. As the heat gets into everyone’s nerve, one of the actions to enjoy during summer is to go in Baguio or Tagaytay, the coolest places in the Philippines. Apparently, just be prepared with the traffic on these places. Seriously, it’s jampacked that you could even see some of your closest friends or even neighbors either shopping or eating around.

(22) Plastic Fans. Some Filipinos would also bring a rechargeable small fan as they travel. For those who doesn’t have a budget, using a folder or some carton could be handy to fight the heat. Especially in public vehicles that have busted airconditioning, some papers could do the wonders in warding off the extreme heat.

(23) Heat Stroke and Dehydration. Dangerous as it may sound, intense heat in the Filipinos is the culprit of heat stroke. For this matter, most doctors advise the people to drink more water. Also, dehydration is another problem that a person may encounter with the scorching heat of the surrounding.

(24) Bungang Araw and Bulutong Tubig. While summer could be enjoyable, it is also the season that brings sicknesses like bungang araw and bulutong tubig. From mild to worse conditions, these sicknesses come to the fore during the summer heat. To fight this, it is best to drink lots of water, vitamins and stay away from the sun.

(25) Frowning Faces. A frowning face is a normal sight during summer (even on ordinary days). That’s because the heat of the sun doesn’t only make you sweat like a melting ice. It also makes you grumpy especially on times that some undisciplined individuals cross your way.  Admit it or not, nakakainit ng ulo ang mainit na panahon!

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