Monday, March 21, 2011


I started singing when I was 7 years old. If I’m not mistaken, Michael Jackson’s “I’ll be there” was the first song I learned and sang in front of a crowd. It was in our town fiesta that I performed the song.

Years later, I honed my singing talent by joining the church and school choir. On the side, I joined some singing contests. I lose and won in some competitions. Apart from my exposure in the church and in my school, my neighborhood was my earliest witnesses on my attempt to master my songs using our microphone and karaoke. Sooner, that microphone was replaced with a magic sing.

Today, I will share to all of you the TOP 10 Tips on how to become a good singer/ performer. Let’s start the ball rolling.

1. IDENTIFY YOUR VOICE RANGE. The first step in becoming a good singer is to identify your voice range. This is the stage where you figure out how high and low your voice can go. You can also reflect on the thickness of your voice. By knowing all of these, you can know what type of songs you can sing as complemented with the image you can explore in becoming a star. Plus, this shall help you gauge the styling of your voice. Styling means the “kulot” or the “twists” which you can incorporate as you sing a song.

2. PICK A SONG THAT IS WITHIN YOUR VOICE RANGE. Believe it or not, song choice is very important if you want to become a good singer. After knowing your voice range, you can pick a song that’s within your voice’s reach. Be sure to get a song that will make you comfortable singing it. Be sure that the song is not that low and not that high from your reach. Bear in mind, you can “copy” your idol singer at some point in your voice training. However, just be sure to inject your originality once you start building your voice.

3. KNOW YOUR IMAGE. After all the song selections and the pulsing of your voice’s reach, you can also start building your image. An image is how you will project or sell yourself as a performer. Do you want to be a Diva, a rocker, an RnB artist, or a Balladeer? As you establish yourself, song choices and your voice range reflect you image. Just be sure to be original and not become a laughing stock with an image that doesn’t fit you at all.

4. PRACTICE, WHEREVER, WHENEVER. Whether you are in a toilet or in a studio, it is best to practice singing. However, be sensitive with your environment. Should you feel that most of your neighbors are already irked with your singing, I suggest, STOP. Better yet, you can leave the microphone and practice by listening first to the original singer of the song you’re trying to hit.

5. EXPOSE YOURSELF. One of the best practices to develop your singing skills is by exposing yourself to the real world. You can join a choir, compete in a singing contest, or even join a band. Should you want to become a celebrity, then join television singing contests. Through this, you get to develop your voice. Plus, performing in front of a crowd develops your confidence and presence of mind especially in technical glitches.

6. ENROLL IN A MUSIC SCHOOL. If you have some extra budget, you can enroll yourself in a music school. But before enrolling, identify if you want to do Opera or Pop Singing. Should you want imbibe that Luciano Pavarotti’s Performance, an Opera school is for you. However, if you want to venture in becoming a Pop Star or some Boy-next-door Singer, then go for Pop school. You can also go for threater schools that offer courses on acting paired with singing and dancing. In these music schools, they’ll harness your voice, provide you advices, train you on stage, and expose you through recitals.

7. MOVE ON STAGE. Blocking is very important on stage. When I enrolled in a pop school, one of the basic elements in stage performance that I learned was blocking. You move from the center, to the left, to the middle, then to the right, and back to the middle. By creating some movements or blocking on stage, you get to establish your confidence and appeal to your audience. Just make sure that you don’t shake as it will reflect on your knees.

8. CLOSE YOUR EYES ON HITTING HIGH NOTES. One of the techniques in singing is closing your eyes in hitting high notes. If you will observe it, most singers who hit high notes close their eyes on reaching high parts of a song. Why? When you reach a high key, the tendency is your eyes get big. Aesthetically, it is much better to see a person reaching a high note with an eyes closed rather than someone who has a soon-to-pop-out eyes. Plus, closing your eyes creates an impression to your audience that you wholeheartedly feel or enjoy the song.

9. USE HAND GESTURES. One of the keys in a good performance of a singer is incorporating hand gestures. Hand gestures including swaying to the left or right; pointing your fingers; putting your fist to your chest, and a lot more. Depending on the song, you can go for fast and slow ones. Another technique is transfer the microphone from one hand to another as you sing from one paragraph to another paragraph. This will create an impression to your audience that you are confident and you are well prepared.

10. BE CONFIDENT. Being confident starts from the moment you step on stage up to how you exit. The only way to be confident in any performance is to prepare accordingly. In my case, before I go on stage, I try to breathe in and out while repetitively listening to my song. I also drink warm water with ginger to relax my voice. Bear in mind, (although it is really a tough challenge), you have to relax before you go on stage and perform. Being too nervous will definitely ruin your performance; either you forget your lines, shake your hands while holding the microphone, and even go out of pitch during your moment. How do you handle nervousness? Psyche yourself that you will enjoy your performance. You have to convince yourself that you can bring out an original and an entertaining showmanship. Of course, you wouldn’t want to end up in shame with a chaotic performance, considering that you  rehearsed for a couple of weeks or even months.

Being a good singer takes times and hardwork. It’s not an overnight process. You have to be patient and practice more. However, with enough perseverance, you can find your uniqueness and even become the next singing sensation.

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