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 Going back to the Philippines for either a short or long vacation is the much awaited moment or event in an OFWs life. Just like me, a vacation does not only cap off a year that passed. It is also a moment to once again bond with my dear family and friends.

Today, I have listed the TOP 10 Signs that an OFW is up for a Vacation. Seriously, the thought of being home after a year or more is just empowering and exciting. At this time of the year, I can just go absent minded with the nearing of a vacation.

 CAN’T SLEEP. One of the first signs that an OFW is now on Vacation Mode is having a hard time to sleep. An OFW thinks of what to buy as pasalubong, where to go for vacation, the happy times with the whole family, having fun with friends, and a lot more. Most of my OFW friends say that the excitement gets into their nerves. Their mind is just nowhere to be found.

 DREAMING OF PINAS. Being absent minded for some is another sign of an OFW who is excited for a much-awaited vacation. An OFW may be dreaming of what food to eat, what places to visit, who to meet, and a lot more. On top of that, an OFW may be thinking of an investment that he/she has been growing for the past year or even years. 

BUDGET. One of the most obvious signs that an OFW is going home for a vacation in the Philippines is the process of budgeting. For some, saving up for a vacation starts a few months back. However, for some, the salary on the month before the vacation is usually allotted for one’s vacation expenses in the Philippines. Given this, an OFW who will be going home tends to spend less as to save up. He/she brings “baon” for lunch and opts not to go out and spend.

 PASALUBONG. It is expected for an OFW to give pasalubong. The pasalubong syndrome does not only delve on the immediate family, even relatives, friends and strangers come to an OFW who just has arrived from the airport and ask for pasalubong. To cope up with this, an OFW either shops in Duty Free for chocolates or buy some chocolates in the host country. Take note that this is all on a budget roll.

 MESSAGING FRIENDS. Apart from thinking of family, an OFW also looks forward to meet up with friends. With this, messaging friends via online manifests as a sign of someone who will go for a vacation in the Philippines. Most of the time, you can see an OFW chatting with either his/her family or simply engrossed with friends invitation for a reunion or some coffee chit chat.

 HIDE. With budget constraints and the trauma that most OFWs experience when they go for a vacation in the Philippines, some tend to practice the strategy of hiding. Hiding as a sign shows through ignoring messages via online or sms. On one hand, some don’t announce or even talk about their upcoming vacation.

 UBER PERKY. Because of excitement, some OFWs become uber perky. They tend to be productive each day especially as the day of flight comes near. And for some, they spend most of their night not talking with their families or friends, but they go out and bond with friends overseas. Such chit chat over a coffee or food simply strengthens the reason for an OFW to go back in his/her country. That’s in consideration of a pseudo-family who adopts him/her, through thick or thin.

 HOT SPOT HUNTING. Enjoying a vacation in the Philippines for an OFW is not only synonymous with watching the now defunct Wowowee show or watching a live variety show in ABS-CBN or GMA7. A vacation is also enjoyable through tours and visits at some tourist attractions. With this, an OFW tends to look on hot spots that his/her family can enjoy for either a day or an overnight. From Palawan to Batangas, an OFW is ready to cash out money just to ensure that his/her stay will truly be unforgettable, apart from the fact of being with loved ones.

 CHEAPEST FLIGHT. One of the signs that shouldn’t be missed for an OFW who is going back to the Philippines is the hunt for a cheapest flight. An OFW checks on a booking agent or even airlines websites for the fare rates. Of course, the farther you book your ticket on the selected day of flight, the cheaper the fee that you could get.

 TO DO LIST. While some OFWs don’t plan on what they’re supposed to do for a vacation, some are just OC to plot out their to-do list ( I raise my hands!). In my case, I try to map out my schedule and squeeze in the family time, outing, shopping and meet up with friends. My priority is my medical, dental and eye-check up. Once I get these all clear, I can now proceed with my other to-do list.

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