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Despite our Filipino movie’s kakornihan, I still love watching Filipino flicks. Apart from its star studded cast, Filipino comedy movies complement my knack for the kababawan. Some are simply entertaining and can get me big laughs. But some are just offensive and discriminating if further analyzed.

Today, I have listed the TOP 15 Elements of Filipino Comedy Movies. From “Blonde” girls to a parade of encounters gone bad, Filipino comedy movies are just irresistible to bits. And just recently, a new trend of dialogue is emerging in these witty flicks; credit it to Vice Ganda who pull out sarcasm in comedy bars and put it in national television or in cinema.

  1. ‘BLONDE’ GIRLS. Filipino comedy flicks will never miss to have ‘blonde’ girls. They are sexy girls who are not gifted with brains. At times, they deliver the out-of-this-world dialogues which are definitely out in context and of unimaginable IQ. As you go along in watching the movie, these ‘blonde’ girls would just make a mark in a viewers mind as an icing on top of a cake. They are eye candies and are just present for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Imagine Ethel Booba, Keana, and even Ruffa Mae Quinto for this portrayal.

  1. ODD JOBS. We live in a culture that value corporate jobs. However, in some Filipino Flicks, odd jobs have been used as a source of entertainment. From embalsamadors to policemen and janitors or even traffic enforses, these odd jobs make the call to create the biggest laughs from the audience especially delivered in extreme banters.

  1. GAY CHARACTERS. Gay characters have always been used as an object of entertainment. They are represented to be loud and simply uncontrollable. And in some movies, showcasing their feelings to the same sex definitely becomes a laughable material (stereotyping-slash-homophobia). Gay characters also get the punches and all the physical abuse as to represent the “straightening’ of their acts as synonymous to disciplining (not good, right?). I guess, producers should evaluate how they really portray gay characters in Filipino comedy movies. Come to think of it, gay people share a portion of the industry and somehow contribute in bolstering the economy of the country.

  1. BUGBUGAN PORTION. Big fights are normally exaggerated in Filipino comedy flicks. The scene is shot in fast motion wherein you can see all punches and kicks go all over the place. Culturally speaking, big fights in movies represent the baranggay leveling of fights. From someone who want to fight back from being bullied up to someone who comes to claim a debt, big fights are incorporated in Filipino comedy flicks as a representation of a society that is drowned with different battles that are not even solved properly. So, through movies, problems are sugarcoated in a fast phase.

  1. POLITICIANS. Politicians in the Philippines have always been a central figure in most communication channels. In Filipino comedy flicks, these politicians are not represented in their true colors. They are portrayed through mimicry. With hot issues anchored to their names ranging from corruption to nepotism, Filipino comedy movies articulate “politics” into a spectacle of fun yet layered with in-depth and real insights.

  1. SARCASM. Sarcasm has becoming a prominent ingredient in Filipino comedy Film. To my understanding, Vice Ganda has started this irritating banter. Culturally, Filipinos love to kick off a conversation with saying what is obvious. Apparently, through Vice Ganda’s influence, conversations are turned upside down and are presented in a sarcastic tone. Then again, in a Filipino’s belief, ang pikon, siguradong talo. Through this paradigm, Filipino Comedy Flicks are now moving into a form of subtle bullying! (which is nooooot good)

  1. CHEESYNESS. Should you watch a Filipino Comedy Romantic movie, cheesyness is the number one ingredient to spice up your viewing pleasure. Have you watched the movie entitled “My Amnesia Girl?” That movie perfectly shows the concept of cheesyness which could somehow be associated with John Lloyd’s endorsement of Cheesy Pizza from Greenwich.

  1. PLAY WITH THE DEAD/SPIRITS. In some Filipino Comedy flicks, a character who plays with a dead or could be possessed is also an element that generate grins among viewers. Situated in Horror Comedy Films, a character may excite the viewers imagination through heart-stopping chases with a zombie or funny exorcism.

  1. PHYSICAL DEFORMITIES. Sad but very true, physical deformities have been the longest running element in any Filipino comedy flicks. We laugh with small and big sizes; speech problems; from dwarves to excesses in body. Perhaps, this is the reason why our industry has produced an Ai Ai delas Alas. She was made and packaged not as a convincing star or actress. But during his early years in showbusiness, all eyes are programmed to zoom into her pointed chin (not good). Perhaps, this could be patterned with the Perya’s concept of “Freak Shows.”

  1. TOO MUCH, TOO LESS. Filipino comedy flicks delve on exaggerations. For this matter, anything that is too much and too less could be packaged as funny. In most movies, fewer teeth are funny. More body fats are witty. Grandiose clothes worn in simple gatherings are definitely entertaining. Sadly, a viewer’s eye is being trained with exaggerations that sometimes border on stereotyping and subtle discrimination.

  1. STUPIDITY (KATANGAHAN). In real life, we are taught not to laugh when someone slipped on the floor. Unfortunately, in some movies, accidents are articulated into ‘katangahan,’ hence, the laughter is provoked from the viewers. In some Filipino flicks, when someone accidentally set the house on fire or someone hit an ailing patient during a chase in a hospital, everything is treated as an entertaining stupidity (which by the way teaches a subtle reinforcement of negligence without proper accountability).

  1. DESPERATION. Desperation is a powerful emotion. And in some Filipino comedy flicks, desperation is portrayed by weird characters such as gays, ugly people, and a lot more (too bad, right?). In the plot, that character may be desperate to love or get someone. With that, he/she will desperately make ways to find love in an unrequited setting. Too bad, in some flicks, the build up of desperation from the character somehow creates spectacle to the viewing public who always believe that ang maganda ay para sa maganda.

  1. MALFUNCTION. Apart from accidents inflicted by the characters, there are situational malfunctions that are incorporated to enliven Filipino comedy flicks. Either a wardrobe malfunction, electricity failure or as simple as some coffee spilled on an important document, these scenarios are peppered on the movie’s entertaining appeal.

  1. IRONY. There are a lot of ironies in life. And in Filipino comedy flicks, ironies are interplayed to articulate extreme fun and idiosyncrasy. Take for example, a blind character that does photography. How about a handicapped who can dance. Or how about a promdi who has to live inside a mansion. Sadly, though ironies may empower others by showcasing unique talents, the scenario is framed in a humorous and annoying taste.

  1.   DANCING. Nothing could ever beat Regal Films’ dance productions that are added in most of its movies. Seriously, the rowdy dance routines paired with colorful outfits simply define a whole new setting for comedy and entertainment. What’s more, the character’s who are mostly delivered as love teams give the viewers more cheesyness and cap off the movie with a fairy tale kiss.
Call it part of irony or oddity, one of the entertaining moments in Philippine movie is pairing a closet male actor with a beautiful actress. As these "love teams" kiss, questions run in your head; "WTH!" or "Are they serious?" What's more, when they appear in press launches and these characters get cheesy and touchy, then the real comedy unfolds! Obviously, this is not fun, this is craziness for the sake of fame and fortune for the producers and the cast!

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