Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last Weekend, my housemates and I had our garage sale. Touted as Go Go Go Garage Sale, our garage sale was a success. Although there some unsold items, we had good profit. 
Me, Troy, Soc and Shiela!

At Simpang 179-16!

Sales Ladies? =)

After the garage sale, I had some realizations. And so I am sharing my TOP 10 Tips on those who would want to go and try garage sale in the future.

(1) Check your items. Before you start your garage sale, it is best to check on your times. Not only you have to count how many items will you be selling, but also check on defects. With that, you can remove those items that are of poor quality and highlight unused items. Plus, you can draw the pricing properly. 

(2) Pricing. Understand the people go to a garage sale because of cheap yet good finds. Given this, be considerate in pricing your items. As much as possible, give in to some haggling yet maintaining confidence on your product’s credibility as relative to prices.

Signage Design!

(3) Give your old stuff to charity. Some stuff may be too old and are not saleable. Given this, your best option is to just bring such items and donate to charity.

(4) Never let a stranger go inside your house. As you address each customer’s inquiry, do not forget to be lured with good and friendly buyers. You may not notice it, some may just be hypnotizing you as another person walks inside your house and steal some items. Actually, this tip was given by one of our customers. They had a garage sale before and a buyer went inside their house unnoticeable. They just found out soon that the buyer stole an appliance. 

(5) Be polite to customers. Greet everyone! Nothing is more effective than being polite to your customers. Whatever they ask or request for something, try to give in or answer back politely. Plus, never ever raise your voice to them even if they’re pestering you on a lower price.  

(6) Do not underestimate the power of smiles. Always smile. Seriously, it helps to increase your sales!  Why? People would love to shop if they're surrounded with good vibes and happy people. They feel welcome!
Big Smiles from Sheila and Soc!

(7) Peak and Off Hours. A business sometimes goes on high and off peak. Given this, it is best to innovate accordingly. It’s also a time to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of you garage sale. Do you need exposure? Do you need to SMS your friends? How about launching a promotional gimmick? There a lot of ways but you have to identify where to start based on pulsing your customer’s feedback as presented in your sales. 
My Friend Matet and Me!

Expression Gang with Hubog Queen Michelle!

(8) Business Side, unleashed. Doing a garage sale may unleash your business side. In our case, we just loveeeee it to bits. We didn’t only make money, we also practiced our PR and marketing skills. How about a bazaar for next year? Let’s see! At the moment, I'm thinking of another garage sale. I will call it, BIZARRE BAZAAR, TODO NA 2!

(9) Inventory 101. Before and after your sales, inventory is essential. This process will not only help you monitor your items, but you will also let you get a good control of your sales. At least, you can identify which items are saleable and which are not. So the next time you have a garage sale, you know what could be offered. 

On the side, doing business may let you know what your customers want. In our case, most people look for furniture or appliances. They just thought we're all moving out.

(10) Accounting and Profit! At the end of a garage sale, you do your accounting based on sales and profit. On the side, you check on items that are not sold. This process will enable you to practice not only your mathematical skills, but will also enhance your strength in making business. Who knows, you could the next business tycoon who will rock the world!

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