Tuesday, April 5, 2011


  Last Wednesday, I went out with Lisa, Kuya Rhenee and Elna for a dinner/chikahan. We stayed at Hot Point Restaurant in The Mall, Gadong. The next day, Lisa and Kuya Rhenee took their flight for a two-week vacation in the Philippines.
Kuya Rhenee and Lisa

Elna and Me!

Elna, Me and Kuya Rhenee

Elna, me and Lisa! We miss you Faith!!!!!!

I ordered Iced Longan and buttermilk chicken.
Iced Longan

Buttermilk Chicken!

The group ordered Tom Yam, garden salad, and the yummylicious spring chicken. It was my first time to try the Tom Yam Soup. I liked it despite its spicy kick. Plus, I love the shrimps!

An affordable spring chicken which is good for 4 persons!

I like this salad. Crunchy and Yummy!
 Right after our two-hour chikahan, we all went for a walk in the mall and took Blizzard for dessert. I had Blizzard’s strawberry cheese cake.

Baka matunaw na!

Big Tummy ako rito. Dahil sa jacket!

It was an exciting night. Lisa shared her insights on Financial Literacy. Elna shared her blooming love life. And I talked about my plans for 2012.

Over a cup of Ice cream, we continued talking about taking risk on getting what you want in life. Plus, we also discussed some of our opinion in the Reproductive Health Bill.

We all capped off the night with big laughs. Needless to say, I enjooooyed our chikahan!

Today, I am sharing some TOP 10 Concerns (GONE WEIRD) of Single Peeps.  This is base on some of the insights that my friends and I shared. I have listed a few questions to ponder on. Here it goes!
  1. Sana Alkansya na lang ako. At least, makakaipon ako.
  2. Buti pa ang iPad, na-to-touch. Ako, walang tumo-touch!
  3. May expiry date ba ang pagiging single? Expiry date na lebel sana ng Alak. Mas tumatagal, mas sumasarap.
  4. Taon-Taon, ang daming kinakasal. Taun-taon, ang dami ring nagiging single.
  5. Saan ba magandang magtravel? Calling Cebu Pacific!
  6. Kotse o Condo? Sana SUSHAL ang impact ng Pedicap at Bungalow para di masakit sa bangs!
  7. Nakakapagod magtrabaho. Nakaka-tanda. Mas nagagapagod ang walang ginagawa.
  8. May pag-asa pa ba ang Pilipinas?
  9. Sa sunod-sunod na kalamidad sa mundo, totoo ba ang End of the world? 
  10. Sino pang International celebrity ang mag-co-concert sa Pilipinas at dapat mapanuod?

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