Monday, April 4, 2011


 Last week, I had a chance to assist a photo shoot. We had the photo shoot at UBD Library. The photo shoot was great. Why? Yes, oh, yes. It reminded me of my life behind the camera when I was a segment producer in ABS-CBN.Nakakamiss na hindi! 

Goofing around as the shoot rolls!

Checking some shots!
Briefing the Talents!              

 Today, let me share to you the TOP 10 Behind-the-Scene Reality during Corporate Photo Shoots.

1. Tardiness should be avoided in photo shoots. In our case, thanks to our early and on-time shoot, we were able to catch the dancing sun.

2. Should you do some outdoor shoot, bring tissue paper. It's better to keep the face of your models as always fresh and not oily. Of course, a handy make could help during rough times as to preserve the beauty of the models.

3. For outdoor shoot especially in grassy areas, better bring off lotion to ward off mosquitoes and other insects. You won't be pleased to see red spots on the skin of you models as you click your camera.

4. Secure a permit. Showing a permit led us to delay our photo shoot. Thta's because our coordinator didn't provide a black and white of our permit. And so, I conversed with the head of the library just to allow us to conduct our shoot. Thank God, they allowed us. Just to let you know, our coordinator had a "go signal" from UBD's head for our photo shoot.

5. Bring Clothing Options. To add variety in shoots, always ask you talents/models to bring extra outfits. At least, you select and combine pieces to avoid repetition of clothing.

6. Brief your models. Always advice your models what the shoot is all about.By doing so, they will know their character to project on camera, the clothes they have to bring and wear, and even the type of make-up that they need to add on.

7. Let the photographer do his craft. Never ever interrupt the photographer. Not only you can show respect by doing so, you can always save time as no disturbance shall occur as the photographer point and shoot.

8. Do a check list. Never ever go out for a photo shoot unprepared. Apart from being the right tool and proper coordination among models and staff, always do a check list. This shall refrain you from forgetting essential tool for the shoot.

9. Prioritize based on Time line. Always set a time line from brainstorming up to actual photo shoots. Given a time line and requirements, you can account on which photo shoots you have to prioritize and deliver. Having a time line can also save you from unexpected events.

10. Bring bigger memory cards! Never underestimate memory cards. The bigger the size, the more photos you can shoot. At least, it is best to have more options.

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