Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If you're asked with who is your favorite female celebrity in the Philippines, you may say that it's many to mention. However, if you're asked with who is the female celebrity you dislike, perhaps, you may stop and think a name out of the roster of glamorous names in the industry. 

Fret not for I have listed the TOP 10 Female Celebrities in the Philippines that you (possibly, take note!) LOVE to HATE. Take note that hating them doesn't only stand for "eternal" grudges.Some hatred are just temporal and may pass. 

Now, get ready for the parade of the drama and ferocious queens!

(1) Ethel Booba. Big Boobs but Small Brain; this is how Ethel Booba projects herself in television. Interestingly, her role in television sometimes transcend in real life. Remember the sex video with Alex Crisano? How about her recent pagsusunog ng condo when she found out her boyfriend was gay? With all the controversies and kagagahan in some of her affairs, Ethel Booba could definitely get a raise of eyebrows from some Filipinos. 

(2) Kim Chiu. A product of PBB Teens, Kim Chiu has always been adored by many teens. They love her smile. Girls would adore her fashion. And some guys would even die just to date her. Unfortunately, apart from her disturbing super patpat na braso, Kim Chiu could get some "ha?" or "Anu ba yun!" because of her acting skills. Thanks to Gerald Anderson, her soon-to-bloom (hopefully) acting skills is covered up.

(3) Cristy Permin.  The queen of all gossip in Philippine show business, that is Cristy Permin. With all her knowledge in sharing rumors from a “reliable source” that sometimes cause a lot of cat fight in television, Cristy is definitely a noisemaker in the industry. Because of her mouth and aggressiveness, she has been a stand out in libel cases.

(4) Annabelle Rama. A representation of being a talakera and palengkera, Annabelle Rama doesn’t only entertain every one with her “Dong” and “Dai” introductions. She is also a mouth to watch out in Philippines Television especially in lambasting other celebrities. This could be because of some Estafa accusations, someone debase her daughter Ruffa, and a lot more reasons. But of course, who wouldn’t recognize her jewelleries. Simply, adorable! 

(5) Ruffa Guitierrez. If there’s Annabelle then there’s Ruffa. Apart from being glamorous and divine, Ruffa captures the hearts of the Filipinos with her kaartehan. Despite her gay sounding and pina-sushal version of Inday Garutay’s voice, Ruffa stands up from all the controversies in her life.

(6) Kris Aquino. While a lot of people love her, some also love to hate her. From her fashion sense up to exposing her chaotic love life, Kris is an icon in Philippine show business. Apparently, first in the kaartehan circle, Kris sometimes become annoying in television especially whenever she cuts someone who is talking or she raises her voice in either excitement or to counter a fallacious remark. What’s more, her high pitch laughter could sometimes be irritating. 

(7) Gretchen Baretto. Remember the running joke about Gretche Barreto about asking an old man to leave the elevator? Well, that’s just one story (is it true?) as an evidence of Gretchen’s ferocious character. Over the past years, every one has become a witness to Gretchen’s pangaaway not only to her siblings but also to Angelica Panganiban. Remember the Derek Ramsey landian? Enuf said! 

(8) Regine Velasquez. Believe it or not, the Asia’s Song Bird got into the list. How come? No one could disagree how great Regine Velasquez in singing. Apparently, apart from Regine’s pinausong biritan sa kantahan, her masked personality sometimes shows in interviews especially when she’s asked about aspiring biriteras. Remember the “I’m freaking Regine Velasquez” (is this true?) as a response to Faith Cuneta’s blooming singing career. Or how about getting H1N1 during Charice’s first ever major concert in the Philippines? Yes, she has a golden voice. But what you could love to hate about her is the way she confronts the press and the way she speaks- parang nasa palengke lang. 

(9) Wendy. A product of PBB, Wendy is also one of those rising stars that you may love to hate. Apart from her “so-so” acting, her pagpapakatotoo character has become overrated. Now, how could she get an angelic role with what she did? 

(10) KC Concepcion. Yes. KC has started her career in show business in a good and smooth tone. Coming from her mother’s showbiz wings, KC has been topped with advantage. Apparently, as her career moves forward, a revelation of her relationship with Piolo Pascual has somewhat gave her a publicity that she might not expect. As most people question Piolo Pascual’s sexuality, she has become an celebrity that some could love to hate. As they say, paano nga ba siya na-convince ni Piolo na lalake ito?

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