Friday, April 8, 2011


After presenting the TOP 10 Female Celebrities in the Philippine that you (possibly) LOVE to HATE (CLICK), I now present to you their male counterparts.

While most female celebrities are "despised" because of their annoying kaartehan and lopsided acting abilities, male celebrities get "duh" feedback because of their too aggressive and displaced characters. From reel to real life, male celebrities are as controversial as female celebrities.

I won't keep you waiting. Let’s roll the HORROR roll. 

April Boy. Where is April Boy Regino? April Boy has not only popularized heart-warming songs like “Di ko Kayang tanggapin,” he also set the record in giving away perks to his fans. His signature move is throwing his cap to a sea of people. Actually, April Boy is lovable. Apparently, to a few mapagpanggap na sushal, his ways are just tooooo jologs.  

Tulfo. Caged in the public service arena, Tulfo could be suspected as someone who has anger management issues. He’s always vindictive and he possess a deep (angry) voice whenever he speaks or argues in the boob tube. Most of the time, he lambasts someone on air. Given this, some people may find his authoritative voice as somewhat OA and scary.  

Piolo Pascual. Apart from being a successful multimedia star (someone who can sing, act and deliver a stretch of endorsements), Piolo Pascual falls in the admiration (with hate) circle. As girls and gays drool over him, his sexuality has always been a center of attention among others. Remember the controversial video of him watching a Pacquiao fight? Forget it. I guess this shall be covered with his recent confession of his love to KC. Concepcion or Montero?  

Bayani Abayani. He used to be funny. But now, he’s just trying hard and corny. 

Vice Ganda.  Overflowing with sarcasm and energy, Vice Ganda rings the bell. He is loved by most Filipinos because of his antics. Yet he is also hated by many because, masyado siyang maganda at talentado. Meaning to say, he could be a threat to some aspiring Petrang Kabayo!  

Jobert Sucaldito. The male version of Cristy Permin, he lives in making intrigues into full blown controversies.

JoJo A.  A product of That’s Entertainment, Jojo A has definitely gone a long way in reviving his career. With his spontaneous and dynamic banters in his show, he could launch big laughs among audiences and sometimes utterances from annoyed viewers with his OA interaction with his guests. As they say, he mimics popular American hosts but with a Pinoy twist. And that sometimes send a "no no" signal among sosyals!

Ricky Lo. Ricky Lo is a good conversationalist. However, he’s just not aggressive enough to side-by-side interact with other co-hosts. Remember his The Buzz days, Kris Aquino cut him most of the time. And so, good for him in focusing his energy in another mass media format – print publication. 

Baron Geisler. Despite his superb acting prowess, Baron still gets smirks from viewers because of his sexual harassment cases. Moreover, people feels that he’s drug use could diminish his great acting potential.  

Willie Revillame. No Further Explanation.

That's all, bow!

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